Here's a screenshot of the raw tracklist file I was working from tonight. (Edited to reflect what was played during the show).

I'll have a proper list written up for and tomorrow.

@cev I just wanted to say how awesome your show was last nite. Just finished listening to it from the archives. The last 10 minutes was the best. I wonder what yr that Atomic Playboy was produced. I play another version on my show and I thght that was orig haha. That mix must have required a lot of work. Thank u for your hard work 👏👏👏

@snowdusk_ That Atomic Playboy song is from a famous demo, "Second Reality" by Future Crew. It was first released in 1993 at the assembly demo party. The song itself is by Purple Motion and is usually credited as "Second Reality II".

The song starts at 1:48 in this youtube video version of the demo:

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