@cev@mastodon.social I hope migrating accounts works and isn't rude. I'm not so sure it's a good idea now that I've spent a few minutes reading about it. I guess I'll try it anyway.

Before I go, thank you to the SDF mastodon mods for your work. I imagine it's a difficult job.

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I'm moving to a new mastodon account, going to try out the big instance. You can find me at @cev@mastodon.social . I'll do the account migration in a minute.

This was my last broadcast on . I am moving on. I'd like to find another radio station but for now I'll try uploading weekly shows to mixcloud. See if I can keep up the pace.

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Tracklist for MTT 187 "I Came Here To Tell You":

and at :

An hour of music, inexpertly mixed, though heartfelt. Tracks by Access To Arasaka, Robert Rich & Lustmord, Xela, and more.

Sorry to the folks who tuned in live last week, there were some technical difficulties that made the show unlistenable.

There's a speedrun marathon of the Ar Tonelico / Atelier / Mana Khemia games happening now at the RPG LImit Break twitch channel:


"Real Time Alchemy". It's really cute and relaxing and exactly what I needed today.

Really liking cpm15 for stress relief lately.

I'll be DJing live on in 30 minutes playing ambient music and other beatless pieces. My show is called "Movement Through Thought" and it's live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 11 PM pacific time).

I don't know a lot about ambient - I'm no expert - but I feel like doing something different tonight. I'll be featuring tracks by Access To Arasaka, Galcid, Robert Rich & Lustmord, and Xela. It'll be sleepy and kind of sad.

Listen at anonradio.net/ .

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That feeling when Rachel's Song comes on and you could almost cry.

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thirtythree is now online playing If tilderadio is gonna ignore my sexy metadata I'm just gonna write you all secret notes here! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

Exorcism seems to have been taken down from soundcloud and from the sendspace link in the blogpost above, but it's up on youtube:

track 1 charm: youtube.com/watch?v=DVCS_-4CMi
track 2 recitation: youtube.com/watch?v=YZzdXl2JAP
track 3 potion: youtube.com/watch?v=snnR-OHaao

I thought archive.org had it too but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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I'm thinking about ambient music today, not sure why. Currently listening to Xela's album Exorcism:


Tracklist for MTT 186 "Breathe Life":

and at :

A varied set of music at around 120 BPM - ambient, electro, IDM, even an old tracker mod. Features new tracks by Pearson Sound and Scape One, as well as old favorites by Dark Vektor, Midnight Star (by way of Boards Of Canada), and Voigt Kampff.

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dokuja is now online playing AUDIONAUTIX - RUBIX CUBE! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My show is live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 11 PM pacific time).

I'm feeling a little down today so I've put together my usual assortment of electro and IDM, all at ~120. I'll be playing tracks by Dark Vektor, DMX Krew, Midnight Star, Pearson Sound, and more.

The power has already gone out once here due to some weather. Let's hope the storm king doesn't interrupt the show.

You can listen at anonradio.net .

Very happy to see rain tonight in Forest Grove.

The lightning and thunder startled me though.

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thirtythree is now online playing Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew ! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

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