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Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-02-23:

and at :

Direct link to the recording:

An hour of Elektrolux & Mikrolux.

I can't take credit for the arrangement (or idea) of this one - I copied about half the tracklist from DJ Xed's "Elektrolux & Mikrolux Mixxed".

I did still have to mix it myself, of course. With tracks this good it's a pleasure.

I'm DJing on in 30 minutes.

Tonight I'm going to play tracks from the Elektrolux and Mikrolux labels. Electro from the late '90s and early 2000s.

Listen at anonradio.net/listen .

It's time to decide If I want (or need) more caffeine.

I'll probably give in.

Sometimes you just need to hear Stairway. If I knew the emoji for sighing I'd use it.

"Incredible - come in three dimensions - parallel with the funky extensions. I'm Kool Keith runnin' rap conventions on time - now give the drummer some"


"One more time I wanna give the drummer some of this funky solo we got here. You don't have to do no soloin' brother just keep what you got. But turn it loose! 'Cause it's a mother."


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It's going to take me all day to tag, rename, and otherwise process this:


The complete "Dr. Futurist" and "Tactical Systems" releases by Kurt Baggaley.

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-02-16:

and at :

Direct link to the recording:

A lot of four-on-the-floor stuff this week. Kinda messy. Messy but fun.

I'm DJing on in 30 minutes.

Some electro, some techno. Tired tonight, so this will be a bit lazy.

Listen at anonradio.net/listen .

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holy crap, there's a big log that's been floating in Crater Lake since *1896* and it's history is *amazing*: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_

I might have fixed my sleep schedule. Here's hoping it lasts this time.

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-02-09:

and at :

Direct link to the recording:

Noisy 2000s / 2010s electro. Good tracks, so-so arrangement. Was very busy rocking out while mixing this one.

I'm DJing on in 30 minutes.

A lot of electro, a little breaks. I've got some of the glitchy / noisy releases from Touchin' Bass lined up, not sure if I'll play them or not.

Listen at anonradio.net/listen .

I just finished re-reading Frederik Pohl's "Gateway". This was my second time reading it. I think I like it more now than I did the first time.

It might be time to renew my library card, see if I can get the sequels.

There's a Magic: The Gathering pro tour on right now. They're in the top 8, playing modern. Entertaining stuff.

The event itself is in Spain. Time differences and a messed-up sleep schedule work in my favor for once.


Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-02-02:

and at aNONradio:

Direct link to the recording:

A mash of tracker mods, downtempo stuff and old IDM. I tried to relax but I ended up rocking out to Brothomstates instead.

I'm DJing on in 30 minutes.

Doing some kind of ambient or IDM or downtempo thing tonight. I need to relax.

Listen at anonradio.net/listen .

Back from the arcade. Was a good show, good sets from both me and Megaphysics.

Put some time into Strikers 1945. Two attempts made it to Stage 6 (1-6, specifically). I need to study the enemy and shot patterns in stage 5 and stage 6.

I'm playing music at Ground Kontrol in Portland, Oregon tonight. It's me and my friend Megaphysics from 9PM 'till close.

The games are set to free play tonight, so there's a $5 cover.

Looking forward to a more mellow set than usual.