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An hour of oldschool electro and modern throwbacks. Dr. Dre, EPG, Herbie Hancock, Hashim, Kraftwerk, Paul Hardcastle, Twilight 22, and so on. Some pretty loose mixing, but a good time nonetheless.

It was good to see Akira again, I think I last watched it over 10 years ago. Was especially fun to follow the tag and share the experience with people who had never seen it before.

@ella_kane I've got my VHS tape paused and ready. Dubbed, 4:3, the Streamline Pictures Akira release from the '90s.

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:WeAreNameless: Dear #WeAreNameless, do not forget that we have our monthly movie watching together here on Fedi TODAY, Saturday the 15th of June!

:WeAreNameless: We'll watch Akira (1988) at 18:00 UTC! :ameowbongo:

Don't know what's this about? :fingerguns:

Alright, it's that time again. Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes; it's live every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

Electro tonight, ~125. Featuring tracks from DMX Krew, EPG, Kraftwerk, Professor X, and The Egyptian Lover.

Listen at .

I'm trying to remember how to write. By which I mean compose an essay, or short blog post. It's hard. Writing frightens me.

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Oh hey, there's some Quake on.

125fps Timelimit duel cup, and casting by Zoot

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Hey everyone, here's the

Deviant Funk's DEMIFLUX PASS 1 mix of bass dancefloor music. This is an intro, kinda laying low and atmospheric.

It's the first part from a 5h+ DJ mix I recorded live in April. It's now free on Patreon, on my home page and also uploaded to Mixcloud if you like.

There are free downloads + tipping is available via a Gumroad.




(boosts appreciated 🙇 )

Had to chase a moth out of my room just now. I've been finding lots of spiders lately, too. Maybe I should have cleaned this spring.

Tracklist for MTT 119, this week's show:

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More ambient & downtempo this week. Tracks by Gary Numan, Massive Attack, Neotropic, etc.. Inspired by a recent sick day.

I'm still a bit sick, but 's Movement Through Thought will go on tonight anyway. My show will be live in about 30 minutes, 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

Ambient, downtempo, trip-hop stuff tonight. I'll try to take it easy, but I know I'm going to forget that immediately.

Listen at .

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Turns out I have some kind of sinus and/or throat infection. I usually go out to the arcade on first Wednesdays, but I'm home recovering instead. No fun.

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Hey, so I'm finally open for commissions and will stay open until i hopefully find some kind of stable gig! but in the meantime rent still needs paying so if anyone wanted a profile pic or their favourite character or anything else, hit me up :)

Dreamhack Summer 2012 duel, Calipt vs. Hypnotic, Map 2: Furious Heights

Casted by Disrepute & NVC.

A very fun and wonky game, submitted for the approval of @QuakeRanger .

Either I'm having a very bad allergy week or I've caught a weird cold. Not sure which.

The perfect time to upgrade the installed software on my computer. Go go portmaster -a.

Tracklist for MTT on 2019-05-31:

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Winding down after playing the arcade. Tracks from Autechre, Newcleus, Orbital, and The War Against The Sun. Managed to play a track off "In Sides", which I've wanted to do for two years.

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