and here's the tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-02-15:

and at :

the recording:

Mix is OK; good tracks. "Mind Travel Method" and "Out Of Bounds" are two favorites of mine, worth calling out. A solid hour of in any case.

"Trouble leaned against the heavy display top, watched the menu flashing under her elbows. This is what she hated most about the on-line world, the shadows as much as the bright lights of the legal nets: too many men assumed that the nets were exclusively their province, and were startled and angry to find out that it wasn't."

Melissa Scott, Trouble And Her Friends, page 120 of the Tor hardcover.

I plan to follow up and read Scott's "Dreamships" and "Dreaming Metal" at some point, hopefully this year. Neither are connected to "Trouble", but seem to have a similar attitude.

I read the first ~50 pages of "Dreamships" in a bookstore and liked it well enough.

I finished Melissa Scott's "Trouble And Her Friends" a few days ago. My first time through the book. It's very '90s cyberpunk. First publication 1994, my copy says. So a few years after Cadigan's Synners.

I liked it and would recommend it if you're interested in the style. Worth reading, for sure.

Movement Through Thought starts in 30 minutes. The program airs every Friday 6:30 to 7:30 UTC on .

I'll be playing ~130 BPM electro tonight. Tracks by Dynarec, Elecktroids, Gosub, Scape One, etc. A bit predictable, maybe, but that's what I'm feeling.

Listen at .

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ok i finally did a remix of "palle's theme2.mod"

(original by jester/sanity)

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-02-08:

and at :

mp3 is here:

Very Detroit this week. Fast . UR, Electrofunk, Twilight 76, IT, V-Max, Clone, etc. A little sloppy, but rocks anyway.

Snow has arrived in Forest Grove. I'm skeptical it'll stick past morning.

It does look nice outside, though.

Movement Through Thought on is coming up in 30 minutes. The show airs every Friday 6:30 to 7:30 UTC.

I'll be jamming some fast electro tonight. Detroit, dutch, etc. Expect aggressive, loose, sloppy mixing.

Listen at .

"Have you left the stove on while cooking? Or are you simply dressed too warmly for this kind of weather?"

Drome / Hinterland, Kassler Kessel

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-02-01:

and at :

the recording is here:

Loosely mixed ambient & downtempo. This one was programmed around playing "Moca" by So Takahashi. (All 18 minutes of it).

My show on , Movement Through Thought, starts in 30 minutes.

I'm too tired to do anything serious tonight. So: ambient, downtempo, idm, and weirdness. Might get a bit creepy.

Listen at .

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There's a nice crescent moon out this morning. Easy to see, too: clear skies from Beaverton to Forest Grove. Was a happy surprise walking home from the bus.

It's last Wednesday which means my friend Megaphysics and I are playing music down at Ground Kontrol arcade tonight. Music starts at 9:00 PM, games are set to free play, $5 cover, 21 and over.

I've got a stack of electro, IDM, and techno to play. I'm excited to play tracks from that recent Reedale Rise archivist release. And some D.I.E.. And...

Reedale Rise has a new free Archivist release out. 14 tracks of electro, house, techno, etc. Great stuff.

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-01-25:

and at :

get the mp3 here:

An hour of d&b, drumfunk, breakbeat music. 10 tracks from the label Subtle Audio, two from Digibeat Music, and a couple neat one-off pieces from Chikyu-u and Outsider.

Thinkin' bout drum & bass.

Paradox / Aries Maze

The "video" is terrible, but that's the best sounding version of the song I could find on youtube. There used to be an upload of this song with footage from Contact (1997), that was pretty cool...

Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. The program airs every Friday 06:30 to 07:30 UTC.

I'm playing drum & bass tonight, highlighting the Irish label Subtle Audio. Tracks by ASC, Equinox, Fracture, Nebula, Parallel.

Listen at .

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new music release! A new EP inspired by solarpunk called ASTRAL.

All tracks were made using 100% FOSS. All tracks are CC. If you have a cool project and don't want to attribute me just ask me and I'll probably OK it. Everything is pay what you want with no DRM. πŸ’–


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