There are a lot of artists on the SDF network @SDF You just need to find them 🌈🍎🔥

NB. "obscure" to me is a very attractive and positive term 🍣✨

@SDF I appreciate that but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art.

So hey, is anyone starting any art-specific servers? The "I am an artist" category on only lists 2 that are actually themed around art (one if you discount photography), and is invite-only so there is definitely a need here

This is my first toot. Well, this is awkward.

SDF disk array 2002-2010. DEC/Compaq/HP StorageWorks brick modules started out as 4.3GB then 8GB, then 36GB, then 72GB and finally 137GB SCA SCSI before they were retired in 2010.

Nice explanation of how a post reaches one of your timelines.

Happy to report that I am completely free of Google and Twitter. Working on that other thing. Friends and family need to move! ☝️

Here's the playlist for the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show earlier!

includes link to the audio recording of the live show. Have a listen!👍

As always, Wednesdays on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix is always & . I played songs by:

Depeche Mode
Cyndi Lauper
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark
Modern Talking
Culture Club
Harold Faltermeyer
Bronski Beat
Joy Division
Clan of Xymox
Sad Lovers & Giants


SDF's Seattle DC back in 2012 .. we will decommission the last of the SuperMicro very soon. Each 1U now features a server 4 to 6 times the speed/storage of the in these pictures.

When you're too busy listening to @snowdusk_'s awesome Intergalactic Wasabi Mix that you forget to text your girlfriend good night like you do every night.

The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, will be livestreaming on in 25 minutes! Please tune in! 01:00-02:00 UTC 👾🎶

Tonite is & Nite!

Here's how to tune in 👉

Is there any way to easily tell when you first joined ? I found my oldest file not dated 1970 is from a .history file dated 22 Jun 2005 with an entry within it from 17 Jun 2005.

Hoo boy, another instance to try to remember :)

... and last but not the least, the playlist for earlier's live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show on ! 😅💦

audio recording can be downloaded by visiting the link above 🎧

Sonic Youth
Eric’s Trip
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Rose Chronicles
C’est La Mort
Eric’s Trip
Rollins Band
Nada Surf
Red Martian (follow them! 👉 @SDF @smj )
Temple of the Dog
The High Dials
The Strokes
The White Stripes

pheeew!!! 😅💦

Thank U 4 tuning in! ✌️

@snowdusk_ @SDF @smj wow, so 90s. should put some tracks from the No Alternative CD on your next list, there was some good stuff on that.

'sed' has yet again saved the day! 👏👏👏

haha! tooting this from my he330 (not the one I bought today, the other one), from pvterm via telnet to a raspberry pi, using a compact lash 812.11b card. :^)

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