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smj is talking about the computers at the Living Computer Museum on

The computers on this site πŸ‘‡

to listen:

Remember Vintage COMP! is also participatory, you can dial in and talk on (929)299-1269

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If you'd like to follow along with the tour on your own computer while you listen, just visit this URL for more information:

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Join us at 0200 UTC for Vintage COMP! Tonight we'll talk about the remote systems available on the Living Computer Museum!

Listen live at 0200 UTC / 0600 PST


One week remains in the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Fall 2021! The challenges are still open until December 10th and must be submitted by the end of the day to be considered. for the challenges!

Will you will the Lenovo ThinkPad T500? Probably.

Drive emulation isn't a recent innovation. Emulex was making lots of cool devices like this ESDI to SCSI adapter which supports 4:1 devices allowing for 4 times the drives on a single SCSI bus.

Some of the oldest SDF hardware. This 3b2/310 was a secondary host to the main SDF 3b2/500 in the 1990s


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Coleco Vision / Adam cartridge games. @robert588 care to make a donation to SDF for these?

Did SDF run analog and ISDN dialup service in the 1990s? Yeah, we did. We have a past.

SDF's original "root" / disk from when we ran Kodak Interactive SVR3 in 1990.

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Hello Fediverse! 🌎✨ I am livestreaming on in about 2 minutes ! β˜„οΈ Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2300-2400 UTC πŸ‘Ύ Let's enjoy some awesome tunez! πŸ₯πŸŽΆ

To tune in go to:

Coming up in an hour at 0200 UTC on is Vintage COMP! Looking forward to your stories and tales in vintage computing.

(929)299-1269 to join the conversation

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