help celebrate SDF32 now just 9 days away. what will you do to promote SDF on its 32nd birthday?

Ok, I'm creating a SDF account. .... Not sure what I'll be doing with it Claudio. It'll be like going back to the days of the BBS. - I might enjoy some of this old tech goodness, once I get the hang of it.

@randynose Nice! Your account is limited until you get it validated. You'll see all about it once you have the account created. I have to send for the ARPA membership.

I'm usually on bboard though I sometimes go on commode to chat.


@claudiom @SDF
I think I fucked up. - I tried creating an account via the Web version, and didn't see an email in 5 mins or so, and noted that I could try it from my terminal... and tried that. With the same username, so I might have botched up the system.

@claudiom @SDF

Yea, that's what I did the 2nd time, but it's the same username. - Not sure if I want to try it again with an altered username.

@claudiom @SDF

Later? ⌛

Like Later in 5 min, hours, days? Weeks? I hate that term. - It's like saying something is "Over Yonder".
Over yonder where? The next valley? The next Sate? A Mile a way?
Alpha Centauri is also "Over Yonder".
😡 🎇


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