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I was just watching DS9, and I noticed that the actor who played Tuco from Breaking Bad was in this episode.

The gang at the Burlington Bar is going to go batshit crazy over at least four scenes in tonight's episode.

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Just an FYI... exiting and exciting mean two entirely different things.

Hopefully I'll be ordering the 2U rack box tomorrow.

I think a worthwhile goal for a man my age would be to recreate Ferris Bueller's bedroom in exquisite detail, and live in it.

Incidentally, the answer to my TV conundrum from two posts ago is WATCH TRADING SPACES.

LOVE me some Paige.

So what's going to happen with the religio-fascist motherfuckers in this administration start coming to take away the adopted kids from gay couples? Is that when we start bashing heads? Because that is coming.

OMG. Conundrum.

Ferris Bueller is on, and so is Bill & Ted...

What's a guy to do?

and then we'd photocopy that?


It literally looks like a 2 year old made it.

In an age when nearly anyone can go go the library and create a decent looking flyer in Google Docs, download a PDF and go to Kinkos... they're mailing out these ugly pieces of crap, and apparently expecting people to respond to them.

It boggles my mind.


For about the third month in a row I've gotten this cheesy flyer in the mail telling me I could win a free Jeep if I (I think) get into some pyramid scheme sales thing for a magic pill that cures everything (I say I think because I didn't even give it enough of my attention to know). When I say cheesy I mean it. Remember when we were kids in the 80s and we wanted to make a flyer, we'd kind of collage it with cutouts from magazines taped on, and hand-written lettering,


A friend took a bunch of stuff from maker's space that was closing a couple years ago, and decided I would be a better home for it. He just dropped the stuff off.

Wow. In this time of sequels and reboots, looks like Eddie Murphy will be making another Beverly Hills Cop film. Yeah. I'd pay to see that.

So I have been re-watching some DS9 eps on H&I and they showed the one with the 4 genetically engineered people who couldn't function in the real world, and I looked up who the silent woman was, and the actress was Faith Salie... and I was like... well that's the name of a panelist on Wait Wait Don't tell me.

Same person.

Wow. I had no idea.


OK. 1 watt 500 volt replacement resistors in the board. So what I have left is actually getting the tubes (6922's x4), getting the rack box, and some wire I need to run jumpers to the switches (probably 22 gauge in 6 colors), wire to hookup the XLRs (Belden 8451), and wire the for AC mains. Probaby 18 or 20 gauge since this should never draw more than 2 amps, and when warm, should only draw 750 milliwatts total.

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