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Dear Universe,

Please tell me Hollywood was smart enough to put James Whitemore and Burgess Meredith in a film together at some point in time.


RE my last toot, I kinda have a love/hate relationship with Beato and his videos. He definitely knows more about music theory than any human I know, but when he talks about recording, it just makes me want to punch myself in the head with neutromium boxing gloves.

And just when I'm back in a love mode, like in his video about Kurt Rosenwinkel, he has to leave the part in the video where Kurt fanbois his (Beato's) guitar playing. So insecure. The video is about Kurt, so make it about Kurt. Oy.

I feel like going off on white liberals, but I need to compose my thoughts.

The best TV Spinoff?


The establishment got their sacrificial lamb, so they can pretend everything is alright now. Expect nothing to change.

Take note of the people complaining on your timeline right now. File them into the appropriate box.


Hopefully this puts all pigs on notice.

I see lots of people complaining that we don't have jetpacks and flying cars, but I'm okay with that. I'm still waiting for Fizzy Lifting Drinks and Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Shootings and chevrolet 

Chevy needs to recut its ads. It's now:

"Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, SHOOTINGS, and Chevrolet."

Get Don Draper on that.


Pandemic denier Ted Nugent tests positive for covid. Seriously folks, this is real. Don't find out the hard way.


Aaaaand another shooting. So every day, if I don't post about another shooting in America, just assume there was one, because that seems to be the pattern.

Since I've started working on discrete op amps my desoldering skills have gotten much better. I pulled this transistor out of the middle of this board no problems. Got the solder out of the holes really easily with no damage to the PCB.

Someone please tell me that the book Contact was better than the movie...

I want to sell some stuff on fleabay, but I don't have a history as a seller, so will people even consider buying from me?

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Favorite Batman (60s TV) villain?

Favorite Batman (60s TV) villain?

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