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You know you're getting old when you have to ice your feet.

Watching Better Call Saul this season is super stressful. I feel like some bad shit is going to happen.

OK, who out there has a sheet metal break and wants to make me an RF shield?

Who is your favorite guitarist and why is it Esteban?

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So how did David Morse, who played such an understated and restrained character on St. Elsewhere get typecast into playing a lot of tough guys and military types later in his career?

I just did something game-changing to my ML12 build. I changed the IEC inlet mounting screws to #6, from #4. It looks better now.

Some of my favorite youtube content creators have fallen into the "gotta get my numbers up" trap and are basically trying to clone their most popular videos, but trying to disguise them as something new.

Yeah no. I see you.

They're also using those ridiculous thumbnails where they have a weird look on their faces.

Creativity is dead.

Ah well. It had a good run, brief as it was.

RE my last toot. The large format consoles at big recording studios almost never get turned off.

I just watched a video of a guy who bought an SSL 6000 console. Kinda vintage. Almost 40 years old now.

He had a center section fault and he couldn't hear anything. Next he said he wasn't able to repair it for 5 weeks, but he finally got to it.

I dunno. If you can turn off a console for 5 weeks and not miss it, I'm thinking you didn't need it in the first place.

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The moon is even more moonalicious than it was 20 minutes ago.

Wow. The new trailer for The Orville is action packed.

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