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I remember discovering Larry King in the early '80s on his late night radio talk show which went from midnight to 4:00 a.m. He always had amazing guests and did amazing interviews.


Greta Thunberg on MSDNC. She's pretty much always the smartest person in the room

Today I will find out if the discount 10-pack of soldering sponges for $15 is as good as the single Hakko original equipment sponge which costs $8.

"Transition is usually the passing of a baton. In this case it doesn't look like there was a baton."


I'm SHOCKED to learn that after assessment, the previous admin left Biden a mess far worse than they could have imagined.

SHOCKED I tell you...

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What is this THING happening at the White House Press Room?

Stop the fucking insanity/USPOL/MAGA 

I just saw a video of a woman crying, imploring Trump to have a plan and fix this, and save us from the satan Biden.

There is no other way to say this, but a significant part of the MAGA heads and GOP need cult deprogramming. There is no way these people are going to be able to have productive lives without it.

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Having a nice glass of tea in my Deathwish Coffee mug.

I don't drink coffee but I had to have the mug.

Today is the first day of winter that actually feels like winter. It's colder and really windy.

Qanon assures me this is the moment when the Cheetoh starts arresting the Democrats...


OK, so what I learned today is, it's NOT OK to threaten to pepper-spray a co-worker, even if that co-worker had been ignoring company mask wearing rules for months, in addition to your requests for them to wear one, as they routinely come over to your workstation, breathing on you.


is it possible that in a short outage last night @SDF lost one of my status updates?

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