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Someone like this post a few times so the top posts in my Notifications column scroll!

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I've been spending a lot of time today seeing on Google Maps how long it would take to walk across tiny countries.

For example, it takes about 2 hours to walk across Liechtenstein if you start in Buchs, Switzerland and end in Feldkirch, Austria. (You want to end in Austria because there's a Chinese restaurant right on the border. Or a place called "Snackman" if you're not feeling up for that.)

RE my last Toot:

He apologized first thing this AM in a text, but for me this is bad. This was a huge breach of trust just so he could angrily lash out at his friend.

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LMFAO and LMAO are for 2 very seperate types of laughter

My Masto console got wider. I don't like it.

A "friend" threw me under the bus yesterday. I shared some info with him about a local business (hint, I'm not impressed with them), and another friend of his who was going to do business with him decided to do business with the one I'm not impressed with. So my friend blurts out "Well Ricardus says they SUCK!"

What I told him in confidence wasn't a personal comment or that "they suck" it was just an evaluation of their service. Now it's going to get back to them and I'm gonna be the bad guy.

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the internet was invented by cowboys.

how can i tell ?? every website starts with www -- Wild Wild West

At the show I mixed the other night, someone noticed I was recording it and mentioned they'd like to have a copy. I told him I had no idea what the director's intentions were for the recording. He showed more interest in having a copy, so I jokingly rubbed my fingers together with that money expression and said, "A greased palm would go a long way here." He walked away. I thought I offended him. Moments later he came back with a $20 wrapped around his business card and asked if that was enough.

Mic bodies for my U87 build officially ordered.

Does anyone in my feed like The Band? As in The Last Waltz, The Band?

OK, mastered the live recording from Saturday night's The Last Waltz tribute.

The brushes are too far forward for me in those old Vince Guaraldi recordings.

OK. Got paid for yesterday's incredibly long live sound adventure. Tomorrow I order the bodies for my mic build.


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This time Michael accidentally gets really high on mycelium spores but the crypto market crashes and isolinear GPU prices return to normal

I have the perfect solution. Why don't we keep the melody and rename it HOLY FUCK IT'S COLD OUTSIDE and rewrite the lyrics appropriately? Done.

This 12 hour day reminded me why I do NOT miss being on the road with a band.

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