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We definitely lost the moon for a brief period, because Astronaut Jim Lovell wrote a book called Lost Moon. But clearly they found where they put it, because it's back.

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I would like to congratulate everyone on the 50th anniversary of the moon. It is difficult to imagine a world before the moon. We should feel blessed that we have it and hopeful that it remains.

Someone help me. I'm building 2 more DI boxes. I think there's a cure for this.

The media, and even more progressive media is reporting on Trump's racist tweets by referring to the people he's attacking as the "Four progressive women of color."

No, how about the "Four women of color." Their politics are irrelevant. He's threatened by their gender and ethnicity.

Even though this conversation took place in England, it's a perfect example of the typical conversation I have with "conservatives."

They fear socialism (and brown people, and just about every fucking thing else) but can't even define it.

At one point the caller said socialism was an "incestuous relationship between big business and government."

Wait, WHAT? That's what we have now, and it's call capitalism.

If you search progress egress on youtube you can see all of the makers making their parts.

Power outage fried our cable box. When it went out it tried to come back on 6 or 7 times. Everything else seems to be fine.

Did my first chest and bicep workout since I returned from vacation. Felt pretty good. I didn't go crazy. I was at about 90%.


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On thing I apparently forgot to post about in this build thread was the output balancing transformers I used. The preamp designer didn't balance the output for whatever reason, and just recommended using a 600:600 balancing traffo, so I went with Sowter 3603s. At first Sowter shipped me the wrong model. Had to ship them back (to the UK!) and wait for the correct ones, but they made it worth my while. A friend 3D printed me some custom holders/brackets too which worked perfectly.

I was listening to the PMillet tube pre with my better condenser mics. Sounds pretty damn huge to me. Killer. Definitely have to build another one of these in the future.

The new dice I got when I was out of town.

A full set made of metal. A big D20, and a D120.

I was joking about Saturday Night Fever last night. It's on again. It's been 42 years and I still don't think I've seen it all the way through.

When disco lovers were watching this, I was watching Star Wars.

I was doing some listening through an old Masterlink I have kicking around. Can't wait to record with it.

The two channel version of this pre is officially finished, unless I buy the FPE custom panel I designed for it.

After talking to the designer in email, he was confident with an off the shelf switching PSU that has a proper ground, I could get away with putting that in the case because of all the filtering he designed into the circuit.

Outputs are balanced with Sowters.

Sounds amazing. Might build another in a few months.

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