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CNN talking to idiots at Trump rally in MT.

ACTUALLY have a duo tonight at the barn. 3 inputs needed. Almost a night off. One of my favs.

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Went through the Dunkin drive-thru this morning and in the car behind me was a dude in his mid-40s, with green spiky hair, a distressed leather jacket, a life-sized skull on the dashboard, and The Clash blaring out of his stereo.
I said to the clerk,"Hey, can you do me a favor? Lemme pay for that guys order, and please tell him that he's rad as hell!"

I hope you have a fuckin rad-ass day, wherever you are, punk rocker dude!

This is the most honest and devastating obituary you will ever read about a person who died from opioid addiction. Show more

Looks like mom is gonna need 2 or 3 more weeks of physical therapy before they'll release her.

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We need to make "SPITTIER" a metric for evaluating mics.

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How about if we just stop selling murder tools to murder regimes, and stop rewarding companies that make murder tools?

@tascampro Is it normal for the CF card in the DA3000 to take so much longer to format than the SD?

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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.

I sliced my finner cutting broccoli earlier.

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I posted about my friend's situation in PA but it's become much more dire. Anyone in the harrisburg pa area that can help a trans girl find a place to live please contact me.

boosts mean more than anything

@djsundog Be sure to listen to in 8 mins. the 80s show is tonight

The data transfer rate is similar to SD I mean (re my last toot)


Formatting the SD card and CF card in my new recorder. CF formats much slower, yet the data transfer rate is similar to the CF card. Why is that? @thorthenorseman

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