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Remember that episode where Sheldon revealed to Amy his storage unit where he had saved everything he ever owned, meticulously packed and stored? He was ashamed of that. I thought it was awesome. There are so many things from my past I wish I had kept.

Saw a Trump 2020 hat on a guy at my favorite natural foods story today. He didn't look the part at all. NOPE.

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Pls check out the tracklist and audio recording of the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ me, snowdusk, last night on!

it was EXCLUSIVE @Ricardus DEDICATION SPECIAL!! What's so special about this? The playlist was carefully selected by the "Dedication" of the night ( @Ricardus )... sounds like an offering to King Kong or a Mayan god LOL 🤪

I am also very happy to see former aNONradio DJs, cat & eggster, on IRC! I haven't seen them for a long time (1/2)

Vulcan woman are hot. Where's THAT dating site?

Oh good. The case I ordered for the amp finally turned up in NY.

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black mirror episode thats an hour of someone trying to plug in their phone charger in the dark.

Oh wow. Patrick Stewart was on The View today and personally invited Whoopi to be in season 2. I'm cool with that. No matter what they're doing in Picard, it should be easy to work Guinan in because we know so little about her character. Lots of room to explore there.

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The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, will be livestreaming on in abouy 6 minutes! Please tune in! 🙏


of course it is also etc NITE!!

0100-0200 UTC/5-6PM EST


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Coming up next on!

all times in UTC

0100-0200 Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ @snowdusk_ ** LIVESTREAMING IN 65 MINS! ** @Ricardus DEDICATION SPECIAL!! **

0200-0300 OpenVoIP call 929-299-1269 to join/start a conversation using your organic vocal parts and ☎️

0300-0600 OpenMic ANYONE CAN STREAM!

1930-2000 Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob

2000-2300 WORLD'S GREATEST HACKER ZEPTAR w/ @zeptar_

To tune in:


It's been more than 40 years and I'm still wondering why in that Supertramp song they sing "Chicken gumbo across the water..." ?

You know what's cool? When all you hear for months is "PARTY UNITY!!!" and the you check the headlines and you see complete, utter hypocrisy. Yeah. You know.... I LOVE THAT.

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