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The Enterprise D had more than one Dr. So why does DS9, which is many times bigger than a Galaxy class starship, only have one?

I still don't get why in the Martian they had to blow the hatch to vent the air to slow them down. Why not just open the hatch?

B&N has a decent geek section. I love the fact that Circuit Cellar is still around.

Hive mind. Markertek sent me some swag with my recent order. What the fuck is this?

Proposed changes for Major League Baseball.

1) If a batter can get to first before his fly ball is caught, he is safe.

2) If the defense has two outs, and there is a runner on base, and the defense can turn a double play, they are credited with one out the next time they take the field.

John Voight must be some kind of narcissistic fool to think anyone other than the extreme right cares about what he thinks or says. I hope he gets the help he needs.

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Favorite ABBA member.

Today I was called "delightfully out of touch."

A first for me. Not sure what it means, but a first nonetheless.

I forgot Monday was a holiday. This explains why so many packages I was expecting are coming a day later than normal.

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