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MAGA morons must be so confused when they've learned that there's a guy named "Barrack" in legal trouble.

Food/Gluten Free 

I tried this new Udi's Margherita for the first time. Very tasty thin crust. A nice alternative to the Against the Grain Three Cheese pizza, which has a LOT of cheese on it. This new one is nice for when you don't want that dairy hangover. I consider them both very good and will consider either whenever I want a GF pizza.

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

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Let's play a friday game, fedi.

Suggest an action movie that you like that meets these two criteria:

1. Makes you think
2. Does not have one single car chase.*

Boosts appreciated.


Instead, I'll just use the jumpers as intended with the design, and since it will be a 4 channel preamp, I'll set channels 1-3 to 1 meg, and I'll set channel 4 to 10 meg in the off chance I will ever need it.

This will actually save cost (fewer parts), even though I've already bought the extra stuff. It will also make the panel layout simpler and less costly (fewer holes).

I'll be able to use the extra parts for other projects in the future, and this will just be less hassle.


I think I've decided not to make the DI impedance switchable on the front panel on the ML12 build. The DI boards right now have a jumper where you can set it to 1 meg or 10 meg. I was going to put a connector there where the jumper block normally would have been, and run leads to switches on the front panel. This also would have meant relocating parts to the underside of the PCB to make room for the connector. Not worth it for the once every 2 years I will need a 10 meg DI.


Mouser's quick turnaround time seems to be back.

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You want to get me to never EVER watch your youtube channel or listen to your podcast? Call it something like "Professor of Rock" or "Production Expert."

Because I don't even have to watch to know you're not.

This is interesting. If you're old enough to remember this song when it came out, and the movie, you of course knew the BeeGees were white, but apparently, lots of young people of color had no idea!

Man, is a THANK YOU too much to ask when you did an international favor for someone?

Is the groove really in the heart, and why did it take 6:38 to convey this six-word message?

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Tonight on Star Trek: Discovery Doctor Culber gets caught running a tardigrade fighting ring but really discovers why the spice must flow.


Oh my god. What will I ever do. A virgin fascist is happy because he thinks he pissed me off and "owned me."

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Your favorite sports position?

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2492. Commonly Mispronounced Equations 

title text: "Epsihootamoo doopsiquorps" --the Schrödinger equation for the hydrogen atom


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