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If you aren't watching Lee Sklar play along with all of the Phil Collins tracks he played live on, you should be. He's an amazing musician and a fine citizen.

So that guy from where I work who got sick 3 weeks ago, and I had to self-quarantine until they determined he didn't have Covid-19? His aunt died from it yesterday. She's in FL. It's unrelated to our having to self-quarantine, but it's tragic. She was 77.

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Little known fact: When you sneeze, a cloud of droplets will spray out of your airways at speeds greater than a bullet, enter low Earth orbit, descend back to Earth, and infect a goat farmer in Uzbekistan.

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Oh great. A lot of the ventilators in the national strategic reserve are broken.

I need to do a better job taking more pics, and I keep saying I will try, and I keep forgetting, but I will try.

The directions want you to build up the power supply section of the main boards, along with two supporting boards for the IEC inlet and mains voltage switch, to make sure that's working 100% before you finish populating the PCB.

Turns out my voltages weren't what they were supposed to be. Then I noticed the power transformer getting really hot. Swapped it out with the one from the other kit and voltages were fine. Bad transformer.

Here it is mocked up for the PSU test.

So I started my 1176 build as promised. This is what she looks like when I open the box.


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