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"Under Kennedy we went to the moon, under trump we can't even go to Europe."

CBS All Access put together one more episode of Ready Room for all of us still social distancing.

So, I live in a relatively small city by city standards, and I know people who know people who have covid, but I didn't know someone personally, until today. They have been working, and their jobs are being as safe as they can in those environs, but they still got it, despite being very careful.

So wear your damn masks when you go out, and don't go out unless you absolutely fucking have to.

So Sarah Silverman sings songs to trash talk her friend while they play video games. Ben Folds put music to this one, and it's kind of incredible.

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How long before they wack out Ghislaine Maxwell?

No idea what to do about dinner. Massive anxiety and stress about a family thing.

This Elektric Band record is like that cheesy lounge-lizard record you hoped he'd never make.

"America has once again proven that a pile of dead bodies is no cause for change and the fact that you’re not sure which issue I’m talking about speaks to the depth of that problem."

-Mikel on twitter

I don't wanna brag, but I'm playing an online Scrabble game and I just dropped all 7 tiles. Haven't done that in YEARS.

One of my favorite twitter people seems to have disappeared. I see no reason why they would have blocked me, so I wonder what's up.

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