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Worked a bit on my CAPI 500 series rack build today. I need this for all those modules you've been seeing me build lately. They have no power or I/O connectors. This rack provides power and I/O. This is just channels 9-11. 1-8 isn't done yet.

I'm in the car on the way home from a haircut, and the news is on the radio. I'm not paying attention, but then I hear, "... but the 18 carat gold toilet is still missing..."

I built up one of the DIY Recording CP5 preamps with a 15 IPS Colour module as well. This barely took 2 hours. Can't wait to test this, but I need to build my 500 series rack first which hasn't arrived yet.

Both boards are now done on the SSL 9000 Preamp build. Here you can see the daughter board as well, which is for the LED VU meter. I can't solder the LEDs until I get the front panel in and I can measure things.

Was workin, then soldering, now workin again.

Finished one of those CP5 Preamps. Will document the build of the 2nd one better.

Very close to done now on this build. All I need to do is solder the replacement capacitors that are on order, install some LEDs on this board, and on the daughter board (not shown) that contains the LED VU meter.

Even more progress on the SSL 9K board. Ordered some wrong caps. No idea how that happened, but correct ones are on the way.

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Margaret Hamilton reviewing the upgrade procedure of VMware vSphere

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Who wants to co-found a professional org for trans people in tech?

This is not a joke by the way, I want to do this.


This ad is like a goddamn action movie. People are going to eat it up.

The project marks my foray into 500 series racks and modules.

This will not end well! 🙂

Circuit board from Denmark finally arrived for my SSL 9000 preamp build.

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Our disaster recovery requires even more disks!

3 days left. Get your hoodie before you regret it when it gets cold!

Remember that preamp I mentioned the other day with analog "COLOUR" modules you could plug in to give you some nice harmonic distortion? I ordered two. And since I need a 500 series rack to plug them into, I'll be ordering that tomorrow.

So my next two builds will be:

-and -

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