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OK, maybe people today are snowflakes. They were bothered by the original cut of the Cats movie trailer because they were scared by the cats or something? Criminy. They look EXACTLY like they did in the musical, and I don't remember any panic attacks back then.

A friend flew to San Fran yesterday. He stopped by Plexicorp to look at their manufacturing techniques. Apparently they're still working with polymers.

Should I do a poll or not?

There really needs to be an impeachment hearing drinking game. Every time they bring up Hunter Biden you have to take a drink.

This boggles my mind. Hunter Biden has as little bearing on whether or not Trump committed an impeachable offense, as I do.

I am currently waiting on one PCB to come in that I already paid for. The other SSL 9000 preamp board. But I will have to slow down on other builds for a little while because I'm helping dad out with some bills due to recent events.

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my bedside table has a record of 4 scrunchies on it. epic win!

The Home Depot app that lets you photograph something and it tells you where to find it in the store isn't cool as much as it is necessary. Every time I go into their stores I can never find an employee.

To all U87 mic clone builders. Good news. Central Semiconductor is offering the 2N3819 again. In stock at Mouser.

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in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts.

Funeral today. It feels like Sunday to me.

I've watched most of the Floppotron videos, but check this one out just for the guitar solo.

Mind blown.

"Caring is cool.

"Lending your platform to others is cool.

"Sharing your knowledge and your success and your influence and your power is cool.

"Giving all the fucks is cool. Doing more is cool."

--Megan Rapinoe

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