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Brought a few things from the office over to the apartment. Tomorrow is the big move day.

OK, power switched over to my name, and internet acquired. Just gotta switch over the water bill.

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I now haz keys to new apartment. And if I was thinking I could have actually brought a bad or two over when I went to get the keys, but I wasn't thinking!

So this week will be kinda stressful for me. Gotta get a bunch of utilities put into my name for the new apartment. I know this is probably not stressful for most people but it is for me.

Came up with 2 good band names today. Can't share them though. They're too good.

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I'm going to have to update a lot of services and web sites with my new permanent address. That's always fun.

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Working on some projects. One interesting one is using the bodies from MXL 603 SDCs, and swapping out the PCB for an exact replica of a Neumann KM84, and upgrading the capsule. They should be pretty amazing when they're done. Not that it'll be cheap...

Buying the MXLs *JUST* for the bodies cost a bit. The transformers will be $150 a pop, and the new capsules will be about $90 each.

The cheapest part of the build are the Neumann style PCBs, and the parts from Mouser.

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I'm going to get a PreSonus FaderPort one of these days, because it has a transport like a proper tape machine. A big red button for record. Keyboard surfing just doesn't do it for me when in the studio.

A retelling of a story from A New Hope. Drunk and disorderly version.

Luke and Ben approach the bar at the Mos Eisley cantina. Luke is accosted by a hostile alien, accompanied by Dr. Evazan:

Dr. Evazan: He doesn't like you.

Luke Skywalker: Sorry.

Dr. Evazan: I don't like you either! You just watch yourself... We're wanted men. I have DWIs on twelve systems.

Luke Skywalker: I'll be careful.

Dr. Evazan: I'LL RUN YOU OVER!!!!!!

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Best mustache?

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