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Ricardus @Ricardus@mastodon.sdf.org

I didn't know who Jeff Ross was until these Comedy Central Roasts started airing, but I gotta say, across the years, he's the most consistently funny roaster there is. He writes funny shit.

Who is doing the August 17th twitter walkout? (if you still use the bird site).

So in case you didn't see my posts, or get the reference I made to The Orange Menace, yesterday, Trump was in town to stump for our reprehensible representative yesterday afternoon. The protest turnout was fantastic. Getting anywhere near ground zero was super difficult, so kudos to the protesters. I was thinking about going, but getting to the farmer's market 2 miles from my house was nearly impossible. It's weird having my tiny home town be in the national news for the entire day.

OK, the good news is Trump's visit to my city didn't end up ruining my evening. I was able to see the Galactic Cowboy Orchesta because the roads opened up in the nick of time. But still. FUCK THAT GUY.

Man. My twitter feed is exploding. Not sure if it's because Trump is in town, or not.


I was hoping to go see a cool band at the museum where I work, but the Orange Menace is in town today to stump for our reprehensible representative, which means the town is shut down. I suspect there will be no one at the gig since it's about 3/4 of a mile from the hotel where the event is.

Are all Nausicaans surly, or is that just a hurtful stereotype?

The PCB for that vacuum tube mic preamp came in the mail today. Nice board. Clearly this guy isn't getting rich off of his little mail order business, but his designs are cool, and he sure didn't skimp on the quality of the board.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. There's a woman I've been chatting up at a local farmer's market. She seems into me, but I suck at those signals. Not sure if I should continue talking to her.

New shorts. Cargo. Not my first choice, but it's all they had left mixed in with the winter coats on display. Had to get something, ripped my favorite pair the other day.

I'm shocked that so many people are shocked at how easy it is to "hack" an electronic voting machine. I spoke out against them 20-something years ago when they were installing them, and knew they would be easy to hack. There is no doubt in my mind voter tallies have been changed in previous elections due to their insecurity.

I bought some new underwear at Old Navy. I'm OK with the solid grey ones they used to have. Now, they have these patterns of blue and grey on them kind of like Dazzle Paint. It's good that Old Navy recognizes the importance of camouflaging your penis with vintage techniques.

I ripped a pair of summer shorts, and need a new pair for the rest of summer. But I wonder if stores will have any left, among their winter coat displays.

Seinfeld was fine back in the day, but now when I'm channel surfing, and I hear the iconic theme music, I can't change the channel fast enough. His shtick just got old for me.