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Ricardus @Ricardus@mastodon.sdf.org

I think I need some vodka.

Until we have true AI, you can not argue a Bot has a right to free speech.

So, like, when did the olympics switch to amateurs again (like in hockey)? And does this apply to the summer games as well, for things like basketball?

I think Skechers has a marketing opportunity here with Tyler George and his shoes. Maybe hook him up with his own model and make an actual curling shoe in that style. Also introduce a whole new crowd to curling! WIN WIN!!

I am honestly stunned that the Cheeto on Chief hasn't blocked me on twitter yet. Also Tomi Lahrem and Dana Loesch. I remind them daily they got pwned by high school kids and they should be flipping burgers.

Wow. Our local Curling Club had 390 people through the door, today, to try curling at their Olympic Open House.

Did our local newswoman just say "Team Shuster shocked a TON of people at the Olympics..." ??

The US usually gets excited about curling during the Olympics, and the gold should help even more. But maybe the most important reason, was Mr T's live tweeting all of the games, and starting the viral hashtag .

Live curling men's gold medal match!

Looks like Mannafort should have been using Open/Libre Office. It has a PDF buttton right on the toolbar.

I just realized the Three Billboards person is GUY FLEEGMAN!!!!

This is interesting. Attempting to detect moderately advanced civilizations on exo-planets by looking for objects in geosynchronous and geostationary orbits. arxiv.org/pdf/1802.07723.pdf

I'm thinking it's bedtime.

Who wants to binge all 4 seasons of Halt and Catch Fire with me?

I'm getting an assortment of Zip Tie Mounts in the mail, tomorrow. Multiple colors. Multiple sizes. I'm super excited about the mauve and electric salmon.

Watching The Martian. Solid film.