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Need more proof trump is a moron and a shitty business man? He paid $70,000 for that hair.

As seen on the birdsite/Trump 

"An entire voting base that believes people shouldn’t get something for nothing are going to vote for a man who paid nothing and got everything he ever wanted."

This is cool footage. If you've ever wondered how Rick Allen plays drums after his accident. You can see it here.

OK, now there are two reasons to watch Perifractic.

(an addendum to my last toot)

Wait. You're still shocked rich people don't pay taxes??

No wonder we don't relate on politics. This is the system Dems helped perpetuate after Reagan.

Wait. You're still shocked rich people don't pay taxes??

Today, I realized I forgot to upload a page from the ComputAbility catalog, yesterday. My apologies for the error and I am correcting it by giving you pages 12 and 13 today.

I am absolutely blown away by how much attention the mangled IBM video is getting. A lot of the famous geeks I follow on the birdsite have commented on it.

Who's next? Woz?

OMFG. I've never said this out loud, but I always found the 8-Bit-Guy to be a bit of an annoying hack, but today's video just proved it outright.

I literally cringed during the entire video.

Fox news viewers/Louisville 

I just witnessed what I have to assume is a normal Fox News viewer's interaction with their television. They were showing a black speaker, speaking in Louisville Kentucky, and it was obvious that seeing a black person riled this viewer up. He then went on to accuse them (whoever THEY are) of "flying someone in for a photo op" and then started screaming UNCLE TOM at the television as loudly as they could.

Because that's all perfectly normal behaviour....

Did I just hear that Discovery is moving from CBS All Access (streaming) to the network?

I haven't watched the Federated Timeline in months. I think I will for a few mins.

Youtube Originals made a movie about Paris Hilton. Why would anyone watch that? I hadn't heard her name in ages, and I was OK with that.

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