MetaArray IV is coming to the Tukwila datacenter with a dual 48TB (mirrored) raid - but what host OS would you prefer for SDF?

The current MetaArray, primary cluster fileserver and the minecraft server

@SDF , are you really considering Debian GNU/Linux? on guys, it has to be a BSD. OpenBSD would be awesome but if it wakes up too many trolls please please please keep runing NetBSD. Have fun with the new gear and keep up the good work !

Wow, that was close! This means I should probably give netbsd a look in again - it's been a few years.
Is that headed up by the somewhat prickly calgarian? Is it the one with matt dillon from my amiga days?
There are a few flavours of bsd and I mix them up, because of my disuse of them. I have a spare box for playing - I'll d/l a copy when I get back home or at the weekend.

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