@giammi reminded me that I used to micro blog on Identica quite a lot. Somehow I eventually stopped. Maybe I should take this up again... Not that anyone would care ;-)

@beni @giammi It's good to hear your voice in the streams!

@boneidol @giammi not that there is anything to hear - unless you use a screen reader programmed to sound like me..

@theru @giammi I really should give hosting a pleroma instance. I might even resurrect my old nick ;)

@theru @giammi that's basically my plan, too. Are you using nginx or some reverse proxy as SSL endpoint?

@beni @giammi 80 +443 to haproxy jail I do sni in there and forward to the jail and to tls termination there on nginx.

@theru @giammi I'm starting to believe that you have a lot mor free time at hand than I do...

Yes, and I sleep longer and procrastinate more than you.

@giammi I'm sure about the part about the sleep... Not so much when it comes to procrastination...

@beni maybe if I can get my ass in gear I do a blog post about it :)

@beni @giammi worked well. It was an excellent ghost town.

@mjjzf @giammi I liked talking to the ghosts back then, they were very friendly and some even real...

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