Kinda tempted to start a week-long survey on yes or no pineapples on pizza, just to see what happens...

If I could let it run for months or even years on end I kinda think I would, too...

For over 4 years my Web site #techrights has been banned in the #epo (blocked) for merely transmitting accurate information about the EPO, based on insiders. No side covers EPO affairs more than mine. #censorship of this kind a warning about "filters".

@snowdusk_ yo check this girl out and im like gone for twenty twamp days left a voice mail on 1797 trying to get caught up on my dues at the fort and guess ill see you tomorrow night tonight im working on html

Concluding our Tribute to the FL Death Metal Scene. Listen to the albums of Scott Burns. The producer that inspired a generation.

Wed @ 00:00 UTC


Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-03-15:

and at :

Dub techno, ~125 BPM. There's a neat snare-on-3 middle section in this with tracks by Dimomib, Rhythm & Sound, Deadbeat, and Fenin. I'm glad I finally played a track by Deadbeat.

I just got a weird robocall. It consisted for four tones progressing as 1 3 2 4 and then a gravelly male voice saying the word "Mindcrime".

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