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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

Where am I going with this?
"Corruption only in other countries, we have lobbyism" :))

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Even Beria is said to have loved some animals, not to mention Hitler...

The Council of the District Commissioners is considering a draft resolution "On the regularization of the situation created by the presence of large concentrations of dog-headed monkeys in the city limits..." It is proposed that all monkeys be registered, provided with metal collars and plaques with their own names, and then assigned to institutions and private individuals, who will henceforth be responsible for them!"

But that, unfortunately, is also impossible. There are too many of them, and our government is still so disgustingly democratic. And here comes a brilliant idea, brilliant in its simplicity: to regulate the presence of baboons! To legitimize the chaos, the outrage, and thus make it an element of the order inherent in the government of our good mayor! Instead of beggarly and bullying herds and gangs, nice pets. We all love animals! Queen Victoria loved animals. Darwin loved animals.

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Baboons are begging in the streets - a blatant disorder: we don't have and can't have beggars! Baboons shit, they don't clean up after themselves, and no one is going to clean up after them. What conclusions can we draw from this?

That's right! The first business conclusion to be drawn is to conceal the existence of the baboons. To pretend that they don't exist at all.

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"Monkeys were already in town. They were scurrying along the eaves, hanging from lampposts in clusters, dancing in creepy, shaggy crowds at intersections, clinging to windows, hurling boulders uprooted from the sidewalk, chasing mad people who had jumped out into the street in their underwear.

Now imagine that countless herds of baboons appear in the city you are in charge of. You don't have the guts to expel them. You can't feed them centrally either - you don't have enough food or reserves.

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In the morning I sent another three hundred IP morons who picked up passwords to my mail server to the eternal ban. The usual.

First run of all parts of the free toolchain for with ALU support. There were changes in (formal:) ), , .
My favorite example (shift) works on hw, I don't attach video, you've seen it a hundred times already.
But it's not worth releasing it into the wild while I see its weaknesses:)

Progress! I learned how to detect the setting the carry to one.

I decode binary images for and it's kind of a big deal because there is no CIN port and you can't just connect a fast carry line to VCC. So there's a whole machine involved that needs to be recognized :)

Morning. So one of these wires is extra, the task is to find it😜

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note to self, kids: keep your self hosted software up to date. sometimes it actually improves a lot!

"`protobuf-c` requires a C compiler, a C++ compiler, and ... to be installed."
I have very mixed feelings about these requirements for a C library :)

I switched to as my primary search engine a long time ago and it's quite good. But there is one thing that pisses me off: it calls up different search engines to search, but as soon as one of them doesn't respond, nothing comes back AT ALL!
And for some fucking reason they don't fix the fucking thing. A conspiracy, no otherwise.

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It's funny to see a man talking on the phone and gesticulating frantically. I've always wondered if these people realize that the person on the other side of the radio wave can't see them🙂

According to the doctor, the mere fact that she is imaginary is already pulling on a full-fledged diagnosis🙂

I figured out the cause of my SATA timeouts and it wasn't the cables, or rather it was the cables, but the power cables: two HDDs on the same power cable stuttered. Separating them to different ones eliminated the problem.

Gee! These zeros and ones:) After a long look, I finally figured out what was inside that circle:)

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