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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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Update for the default #PinebookPro Debian MATE build: updated uboot + kernel; newest Firefox + sound fix; BT audio output fix; improved USB-C dock support; NVMe is bootable now; added community made wallpapers. Details here:

``Every layout change alternates ~/.config/dconf/user file. Layout change is slow when disk is busy. If you use SSD or your disk is idle, change happens very fast.''

One of the most insane decisions. Those who use only one single language are simply not able to understand the degree of irritation from the delay of two seconds when typing.

``If you need encrypted-swap, just add the 'crypt' option to the swap line in /etc/fstab, and no need to configure it in /etc/crypttab. That will use a random passphrase to encrypt swap for every boot''😉

``It is unclear whether the microcode + mitigation completely protects the machine. The attack is supposedly a sibling hyper-thread attack and it may be that the only way to completely protect your machine is to disable hyper-threading entirely. Or buy AMD.'' 🤣

So, Moore FSM vs Mealy FSM. Today I'm about to grok the difference🙂

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Yes, definitely the driver is now in fair condition. No failures for a very long time with very intensive operation of both 3D and video playback (VDPAU).

There is one more place left, the very place where I had to stupidly insert a delay.

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What a curious find at the #fleamarket : a 1888 copy of the A1 Commercial #telegraph code. You can see how complex messages were translated to simpler words, faster and easier to transmit. #ancientbooks #oldtech #books

Formal Verification is a process to prove your design ``works''.
In my case, this is a process of proof that my design of FSM contains errors😉

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This is the original SoundTracker module composed by Jogeir Liljedahl, with its incredible sound using only 8-bit samples on 4 tracks of polyphony.
#amiga #chiptune #demoscene

I cut off any garbage for convenience. I don’t understand why they placed their emblems here in the first place: if I have the , then I know exactly who produced it, and if I do not have it, then I hardly need its pinout.

``Euclid’s algorithm discovered by Euclid a very long time ago, way back when computers still used core memory''. Michael Abrash 🤣

I checked the voice recognition module from Geeetech. Programming and recognition are normal. I’ll send my brother --- let him play on.😉

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After downloading and first launching the Volumio player, the first thing to do is apt-get install . Because otherwise I feel blind, deaf and paralyzed.😜

After the François Tigeot's commit (drm / radeon: Use pci_alloc_consistent), the system stopped going crazy after the start of the swap. Hurrah!

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