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-40, a return from interrupt instruction. This is the way it should be: restore the PC and restore the flags.
Unfortunately, I caught glitches with my timer program for quite a long time due to the fact that the does not restore the flags.

I do not know, guys, I have a feeling that the PDP11 had a smart and thoughtful system of commands, whereas the guys from Atmel...😉

I must admit that Qwant is searching good enough for me. Of course, not functioning in lynx and the absence of a dark theme in the light version spoils the whole impression.

As a rule, the same idiots who forbid vaccinating their children, meticulously vaccinate their dogs and cats.

I watched the first 45 minutes of the film ``The Dark Tower''. Disappointed. This is some kind of mixture of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Not even close to the book of Stephen King.

And why every time I hardly remember how to digitize a picture? Maybe because I rarely do it🙂


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Trying to figure out the timer again got into thinking in terms of ``data == code'': it didn’t even occur to me that changing the interrupt vector on the fly is not so easy. A lot can be said about the Harvard architecture, and it must be said because it cannot be printed.

The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time. (Tom Cargill)

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I woke from a dream where coders had to deal with a world where there were a finite number of operators and reserved words in the world and people had to take apart old programs and save them in files for later use - like you'd save screws and nuts and things in baby food jars to use on future projects.

Them: Why are you using a in this decade?

Me: I don't think we can be friends.


Added a 200 millisecond delay after executing the page write command. This helped --- the temporary page buffer stopped spoiling. I don’t like this solution at all, and if the modern chips behave in the same way, then I'll return in search of a mistake, but so far they are not at hand.

Partial success. In brief: in the reference example of the program for writing to flash (p. 212 of the datasheet) there is a line: ``sbci ZH, high(PAGESIZEB) ; not required for PAGESIZEB<=256'' That's a bullshit🤨
This instruction is needed regardless of page size. How scary to live if you can not believe the datasheets.

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profile selector I just wrote to use with :

grep ^Name= ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini | cut -d= -f2 | dmenu -p 'Select Firefox profile:' | xargs -r firefox -P

Put it in a shell script and bind that to a key in i3 config. Should've thought of this many months ago...

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