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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post:

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a journey of a thousand miles begins with 500 miles and then you walk 500 more...

Sound device not recognized, wifi adapter not recognized. I think that will not work for me.
I still managed to run , but it crashes when I try to get the address.

It remains to try .

From boot log on zero:
com0 at simplebus0: ns16550, no working fifo
This cannot be true: I think no one has produced 16550 without A since the 90s😉
I’m glad that it booted at all, now let's see what one can do with it. Although I am somewhat bothered that the logs have nothing about the presence of four cores.🤔

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Backplane for my #Z80 computer is fully routed.

Drilling those 300 holes one-by-one by hand without a CNC is not the fun thing do to though. :doge:

#retrocomputing #electronics

INSTALL.armv7: ``To do so first install the u-boot-arm and dtb packages.''
Are you kidding me?!

Another 6 years have passed and if you think that from the main page of the NetBSD the menu item ``Developers-> Browse Sources '' points to the git repository, then ...🤣

``(Have you tried telling anyone in person that still uses CVS? No? Try it and observe their faces.) So here we have the dichotomy: we either change to a different system acknowledging a few deficiencies and explicitly annoy a few people along the way, or we change nothing and we silently shoo existing and new developers away. Guess which one will always win.''

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Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.

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U-Boot builds and runs fine on zero but itself not.
It looks like I have to install in a virtual machine and learn how to compile the whole system.
After that, you should not be surprised that Linux is more popular, you know: ``Copy the image to the card and boot. That's all.''

Beautiful, clean, thin and unusable😀 I seem to have slightly shifted the board when I turned it over😕

Well, yes, this is software rendering and I have little idea why tablets are needed in principle, never the less it's and and cool🤣 👏

``Install a board-specific U-Boot (2018.05 or later) from pkgsrc to the SD card (the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin-s are provided by sysutils/u-boot-<boardname> packages)''

Guys, this is not cool at all --- what if I don't have NetBSD installed and, therefore, no pkgsrc?! 🤪

It just occurred to me that I'm so used to the fact that does not support other architectures besides x86, that I did not even consider installing on an .
I must try to put on it! 🤣

I put the first heat sinks that came to hand, in the future I will replace them with large ones, if it does not burn.

Bloody picture🤣 Of course, in fact, everything is neat there, it's just copper shavings floating in oil.

Well it was fast and kind of ... boring: wrote SDcard, connected Ethernet and power and... that's all.


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