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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

There’s even a ``Choose Your Own Adventure'' book here! It's madness.😜

The direction of the port switches just for the period when the SCL singal is high. It will be possible to read the answer of the slave. It remains to implement STOP condition.

But there are a couple more unread books in 🤣

I2C display.
Open drain, open drain, open drain, do not forget to switch the pins to open drain otherwise silicon heaven will receive new citizens.🙂

I move on. The start is checked, as well as every bit of the input address of the slave device.
The verification code is already significantly larger than the actual working code.
What is left... the R/W bit, the STOP condition and I need to come up with something with the processing of ACK.

During the reset, a mess was going on with the signals, so I now brought them to a more or less acceptable form: if the front of the SDA overtakes SCL, this will be a STOP condition, which is permissible. If on the contrary, it’s just a crazy data bit that is completely different from the START condition, which is permissible too.

- what the heck is glamor ?
- opengl 2d acceleration. It calls GL functions to render to the texture directly. It's somehow hardware independent.
- I love that. 'somehow'

I did maybe one and a half quests and learned only one spell, to use which I don't have magical energy anyway, but I feel like I'm more familiar with the local mythology and history than even the NPCs themselves.🙂

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Well, these books are literally everywhere in , not only in houses, shops, inns, lighthouses, watchtowers and palaces, but even in some lost icy dungeon in the middle of nowhere!🙂

Excellent! It still crumbles somewhere outside of one package, but now SDA changes exactly in the middle of the SCL.😉

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I forgot to write posedge in the
alwas @(i_clk)
and went crazy for half a day trying to find where I suddenly formed a logical cycle.😂

from irc🤣
< zach> I don't buy government toilet paper, it's like Chuck Norris, it won't take shit from anyone.

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sda is changing only when scl=0
if (o_scl && $stable(o_scl)) begin
it kind of goes through formal verification, but now I have a different problem: I do not believe this verification🙂
What bothers me is that the sda changes along the front when scl goes from 0 to 1. Maybe this is wrong.

I found a stack of books on the shelves in a drugstore and got stuck --- for two and a half hours I just read volume after volume in the game, nonsense!🙂

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@alcinnz if there's anything I've learned implementing my own forth, more people should try weird, out-there languages they've never tried before

It is not very pleasant that it is silent and the HDD led doesn't blink.

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Excellent! This time it worked, the last time I had a chip that understood only the SATA .😉

Do you consider yourself easy learner and quick to adapt? Try this: 😜

P.S. Ok, vimers out there may not be worried

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@yrabbit Yeah, I'm in the camp of "If your langauge requires braces around multi-statement blocks, then braces should always be required." and then pretend that's true when I'm writing my code.

Although, I admit to eliding begin/end off of some of my verilog code. :/

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