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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

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Here's something slightly further retro than my usual #retrocomputing output. This is an ethernet card for a PDP-11. A nice feature is the big Motorola ceramic and gold 68000 CPU in the middle of it.

This is the only PDP-11 thing I have, I don't have parts to build up a whole on kicking around in boxes anywhere or anything.

Great, it looks like today's git version of does what I need without stuttering: it shows the video both in the browser and in mpv on a full screen of another 1920x1080 monitor without hardware acceleration. Of course, this is partly due to Rysen 3100.
I will work on binary packages for a bit, and if there are no problems, I will move on to self-built packages.

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@yrabbit I note with interest that despite the flying car, they still have a push mower.

Looks like the terror that flaps in the night, but works like 100MB full duplex.
Someday I'll redo everything right: two sockets, two patchcords.

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The PCIe WiFi adapter refused to be friends with the new motherboard completely so I'll pull the wire. I don't have a special crimping tool, so I'll have a hardcore with a screwdriver🤣

Since the motherboard needed to be changed, at the same time I laid all the cables to the back cover of the case according to 风水. Bottom line: now there is a lot of space above the motherboard for air flows, which is good, but at the same time, a nice resonator was formed for the side panel of the case, which is bad😕
This low-frequency hum got me so bad that I just removed the side panel of the case. But I need to somehow solve the problem of this hum.

``Hey there guys, I'm an aerospace engineer who happens to enjoy building PCs... Myself, I never realized that there were two types of optimized fans. Again, aerospace engineer that I am, all I care about was...''
I still read the article to the end, but I wondered if aerospace engineers weren't taught turbines and so on?🤣

A small dose of adrenaline while flashing the BIOS of the motherboard. But everything went well (be sure to have a new and current BIOS firmware on one flash drive!).

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Tonight I’m making a little Arduino mains relay timer. It’s for the box fan in my room. The timer built into the fan broke years ago but even before it did, the ticking noise was distracting when trying to go to sleep! But leaving it on all night means I wake up extra dehydrated. Hence, an electronic 2-hour timer for my fan.
#tinkering #making

The clock that I soldered with the gun does not start, although the LEDs on the board are blinking very, very quickly. I asked the seller for a circuit diagram, though I don't have much hope😕
In any case, I trained and gained some skill!

Well, at least my new motherboard is not castrated and the compatibility mode is recommended by the manufacturer😜 From the manual:
``CSM --- Enable to launch the Compatibility Support Module. Please do not disable unless you’re running a WHCK test''

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UEFI or not UEFI? When I was going to change the processor to Ryzen and of course the motherboard, I thought about changing the BIOS/UEFI mode.
The current motherboard has worked flawlessly in Legacy mode for more than a decade, and if the whole advantage of UEFI is to reduce the boot time from 25 seconds to 20, then I don't see much sense🤣
Oh yes, I have not seen Windows10 and I do not plan to.
But maybe these processors have some kind of built-in devices which are activated only in UEFI mode?

Almost finished, but I already feel that I will not immediately connect this thing to USB🤣

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It does, IIRC, tell you how to get back out, which puts lsedit a step above a lot of unixy editors. :-)

And it could have been so much worse... consider: edt/teco

Of course, the watts that are written on the processor is a completely different story. Some of the guys from ADM have already gone crazy enough to invent their own ``thermal'' watts, which are supposedly not at all the same as electric watts (probably the work of efficient managers)🤣

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The number of heat pipes, their diameter, the number of bends and their angle are all you need to know in order to roughly estimate the maximum heat dissipation.

This little guy will be dissipating 108 watts while the fan is running👍

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