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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

``It is relatively easy to design for the situation where everything
goes well, where people use the device in the way that was intended, and no unforeseen events occur. The tricky part is to design for when things go wrong.''

For now, I am just looking through the driver text to determine if there is anything eye-catching.
Like this piece: never forget that in the general case we have not only a lot of processor cores, but also a lot of processors, so without disabling interrupts while modifying the device registers we are asking for random glitches.😜

The situation itself surprises me. The processor is fast, I/O is slow, if the device does not have time to process the data before the next portion arrives, then you either wait or return an error code.
You can add a software queue, then if there is no memory in the queue for the next piece of data for the device, then you are either wait or return an error code.
You do not shoot yourself in the head with a cry of ``We all gona die!'' (the equivalent of a crash dump and shutdown of the system).

I connected the USB hard drive to pi 3b and tried to copy a 56G directory there. It ended quickly and badly.
ERROR::dwc_otg_hcd_urb_enqueue:507: DWC OTG HCD URB Enqueue failed
and pi no longer responded over the network 😕
Searching for such a problem on the web gave two types of answers: increase the memory for the queue (vm.min_free_kbytes) or reduce the size of the queue to 32 elements (edit the kernel sources).
The first didn't help, I think about the second.

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The Cutest Oscilloscope Ever Made

If you thought your handheld digital oscilloscope was the most transportable of your signal analyzing tools, then you’re in for a surprise. This oscilloscope made by [Mark Omo] measures only one square inch, with the ma…

Original tweet :

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Please stay tuned for the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix -- on, just right after DJ G.Love's most extraordinary ORGANIZED CHAOS!! 01:00-02:00 UTC/6-7PM PDT As usual every Tuesday nite is & nite!!

... but why not just hit PLAY on your player now and enjoy the last 11 minutes of very Organized Chaos! 👍👍👍

here's how to tune in:


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Only on the Fediverse can I receive quality tutorials on how to restore malfunctioning radiators, then learn about the Enochian language.

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Just spent a bit of time scratching my head and reading NFS man pages to see if there'd been major changes that I'd missed, when it turned out I'd just typed in the wrong IP address. #sysadmin

Fine. This frame has a flaw: in some places, the cutter went 0.1mm deeper. This is my mistake not the , going to fix it in the next piece.

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It totally figures that my Bluetooth headphones would decide to die during a 20-minute long Emerson, Lake, and Palmer song. ;)

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Oh hell yes! Devuan has Raspberry Pi 3b arm64 images @ I use Devuan on my Thinkpad, and like it quite a bit.

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October update time! Maybe not as upbeat as previous updates, but there's a lot of needed explanations in here. Also, PineTime. :)

Dark matter, dark periodic table, dark life forms.

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