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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

Apparently, my provider removed the pterodactyl nest on their tower and again I receive a signal at a frequency of 2600 MHz. 🍾
I was already thinking about creating a new antenna for the 1800 MHz range.

Great, I've tried and run pretty much everything except passing the ip 6 through the ip 4 tunnel. 🙂
I even learned about DNSKEY, RRSIG, NSEC3 and DS records, generated keys and signed my zone. And then I discovered that my dns provider does not support DNSSEC🤣
There is no point in buying a dns hosting for a training server, let it work for a couple of months, I will look at its reliability.

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It's fun and educational because:
1) vpn
2) ipv4 + ipv6 (WIP)
3) encrypted root partition
4) a mail server with all the whistles and fakes (spf, dkim, dmarc ...)
5) secure dns, well, this is at the very beginning of the process, I have no idea about dns management.

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I got myself a VPS just in case. Setting up the mail server turned out to be very fun and exciting :)

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My winter is coming along fine. Well what passes for winter here in Bakersfield anyways.


Life Magazine. March 6, 1939:

“Do you think we will ever have Fascism in America?”
“Sure, only we’ll call it anti-Fascism.”

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A while ago I saw this video about #EGA / #CGA decoding with an #EPROM, so I decided to implement a variant adding a buffer on the output and writing my own map generator to build the EPROM image (I did not like the Google sheet based tool and I wanted the ability to customize the color maps). Surprisingly it worked on the first try. I might just release the tools and PCB after some testing.


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It’s CNC time! Today I’m trying to make a brass brand with an embossed design for my brother’s woodworking. I got the shape done but the CamBam laptop needs a long time to think about toolpaths. #tinkering

avrdude: Device signature = 0x535353

This means that lines MOSI and MISO are short-circuited. Just a note🤣

US-UK pol 

In both of these countries, the most difficult situation with a pandemic in the world is now, the health care systems have shown themselves from the lousy side, and all she can say is: "China and Russia must not emerge as the winners from the coronavirus pandemic".
Where are these idiots raised?

``Another client of mine also had too many unit tests. I pointed out to them that this would decrease their velocity, because every change to a function should require a coordinated change to the test. They informed me that they had written their tests in such a way that they didn't have to change the tests when the functionality changed. That of course means that the tests weren't testing the functionality, so whatever they were testing was of little value. ''

``TDD, Feedback Loop, Exploratory Testing, Regression Tests, XP, Continuous Integration, Lean, “Fail Fast”, Scrum, Product Owner'' all this is said in this publication, but to my surprise, few of my colleagues, adherents of unit tests, read it😉

Ha! And another implementation of the hierarchical copes with the same calculator without duplicating the code (more precisely, it's still there, but on a smaller scale and is localized).
The thing is that in the former machine, the in_enter() mechanism was implemented through a simple ON_ENTER event, which automatically destroyed all traces of the event that led to this very enter😉

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You need to read the FSM diagrams very carefully🙂 Suppose you can get to the int1 state by the DIGIT_1_9 event from three states, you need to keep in mind that by the time you find yourself in the int1 state, the actual digit is gone, so you must repeat what is being done inside int1 exactly three times in three different places, which can be seen in the source text of the FSM.

What if I have 20 transitions from different locations... something is wrong🤔

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12.2-RELEASE r366954 GENERIC
It started quite simply and after a little tweaking I can forget about it, but of course I still need to find the box🙂
The guys did a great job, but this stage spoils everything when, instead of just writing the single image to the SD card, I have to look for a way to extract the piece I need from the ports tree without installing the itself 🙂

Again I fell into this trap: in order to install FreeBSD, you first need to have FreeBSD installed.

``Some precompiled u-boot are available via ports and packages. For instance, you can simply enter pkg install u-boot-cubieboard...''

Citizens, does anyone have a file from the sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-zero package? 🤣

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