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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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aNONradio is streaming again!!! Thanks to the quick action of @SDF admin @iczer !!! THANK YOU!!

Now tune in to DJ G.Love @MG 's ORGANIZED CHAOS LIVE from 00:00-01:00 UTC/8-9PM EDT... and then Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me as your host from 01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT (tonite is synth and new wave!)

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Glamour shot of my Carnhill DI. I'm using different color boxes and panels for fun. Blue and gold happens to be my high-school colors.

`` memory technology, new multimedia IP [intellectual property]...''

And why does it seem to me that this is the shit of MPEG-2 license keys all over again?😕

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After getting my PiDP-11 set up and working, I'm now very disappointed that my (modern) computer doesn't have any blinkenlights to tell me what it's doing. Since we've done away with mechanical HDDs and their associated noises as feedback, I want some clues as to what's going on in there.

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I think I am all ready to livestream the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on aNONradio tonite -- from the cottage country 242 KM north from home... but the Internet connection here sucks so IDK... I will still try tho 😅 01:00-02:00 UTC

Today I remembered taking a picture before I ate it😅
Surprised that the has grown at all: this is the second day without rain this summer.

Nope😕 And I didn’t even have to run any heavy operation like the FreeCAD compilation - I only managed to open two terminals.

`` drm/radeon: Upgrade to Linux 3.19.8

* Various bug fixes and hardware bug workarounds''

Well, see if I can no longer use the March kernel or the old bug with a random rewriting of memory still in place.😀

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When the number of keys processed has exceeded about a hundred, I can no longer allow regression. So I will make a large file to automatically check the transcoding.
This is actually easy: this is the nature of the - you can always slip test parameters onto the stack😜

Some success: I managed to find the firmware and flash one of the chips and then contact it via Wifi.

I was able to communicate with another intact chip: as it turned out, it doesn’t understand 'AT'or 'AT+', but it responds to 'AT+GMR' 🤣

The possibility remains that I'm missing some obvious solution🤣

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I will be livestreaming on aNONradio in about 10 minutes... just right after DJ G.Love's Organized Chaos!

Tonite is synth & new wave!

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Live Mix by snowdusk
01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT

Here's how to listen 👉👉

With this chip, I'm closer than ever to the giving up. These things (I bought two) do not respond to AT commands right out of the box. That is, they respond ERR = -3 to everything I send there.
On one chip I tried the firmware from the manufacturer's page.下载成功, but after that I don’t even see the ERR.😕

It is unlikely that this is a fake, it is too unpopular.

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After fixing the "memory write" timing violation, my breadboard #Z80 completed the π calculation program flawlessly, and was able to calculate π to 500+ digits.

In the troubleshooting process, boards were rewired based on a "bus-centric" approach - always use a row of rightmost boards as the system bus, so new modules can be daisy-chained, and the bus can be probed easily.

The Arduino board is only used as a PSU & USB serial, no cheating here.

TODO: in-system EEPROM programmer, video.


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DIY Electronics, bloopers 

Discovered the folding. zf, zc, zo, zj, zk are pretty useful in 🙂

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