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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

Bought Prunus spinosa seeds, let's see how good this thing is as a fence.

Side effect: happily uses the long wire system for VCC. This makes no sense since VCC is in every cell and I could easily fix it, but I won't for now --- the point is that one of the test examples doesn't work in this mode and needs to be dealt with:)

"The UN chief also said that Russian food and fertilizers must have full and unrestricted access to world markets."
For free? Honey, what were you thinking when you imposed sanctions? Your ass?

Trying long lines on a large chip with 4 quadrants. Long wires lead to each LED, all work normally.
I think it's time to do some PR.
Of course there are still funny unrealized things like automatic assignment of long wires, and the problem of long input routing is not solved, but maybe someone will be interested to deal with them😜

And how many additional jobs does this minister have? Or does this minister get paid so much for this idiotic advice that prices don't matter?

Long wires in all their glory: 3 exit points in diff places on the chip with a min of transitions.
How cool works : connects the spines in the left and right quadrants, and the funny thing --- uses the part of the bus that is most suitable (usually spine #4 does not use LBO0 because it is more for #0-3, but in this case it was more advantageous).

"And as usual TV fails to convey the thrill of watching a fat rat trying to predict the weather" (c) Groundhog Day🤣

There is still the problem of routing: You see, these long wires wrap around the entire chip and are very fast, but if the entry point to this system has to be reached in such a nightmarish way, it kind of loses all meaning.
How would I teach to place the two cells close together...🤔


Yes, I found the reason for the inoperability of long wires and pretty quickly, my hunch was right:)

"Red Dwarf US". Hmm, I wonder why the Americans would want to remake a British series? It's not like there was a need to translate it from Chinese, let's say.🤔

No idea why the long wires on the chip don't work properly, but I have a feeling I'll be solving this problem very soon.
It is a strange feeling, reminiscent of the situation with those fantastic trees that grew backwards in time: today we gather their fruit, but we must not forget to plant them in the future. All in all, nonsense🤣

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Hi everyone! 👋 Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk. will be streaming on in about 15 minutes! 📻 🎶 Please tune in if your ears are free! 🎤 2300-2400 UTC

I love this kind of thing when a complicated thing doesn't work, and when you simplify it to find a mistake, it all works. In other words, the minimum program in which the error is observed is so large that it is impossible to call it minimal.
I need a distraction. I can't dig --- the winds are hurricaneous, I'll fly in the Outer Wids instead.

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

The first test of the long wires didn't burn the chip, but it didn't light up in the right way either. Great! 🙂

Oops, the payment for electricity was not reflected in the personal account.
I'll dig up a few square meters of land for and deal with the officials.

I can't stand them, only "effective managers" are worse.

Hmm... The solution is not elegant, I will rewrite everything from scratch.😜

Found all the bad pips in the long wire routes, now it's a matter of generating the bitstream, you see, there are a couple dozen pips that are encoded exactly the opposite to all the others: instead of setting the fuse they have to be reset.
But that's after I dig the rain gutter - summer is coming. 😜

Hmm, does not find routing for one piece of long wire😞
But I have to start planting potatoes so we'll put off finding all the intermediate pips for now 😜

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This is impressive! Segmented display design!
Segmented Displays

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