Let's try 6mm plastic. I specify the feeds at random, since the forums devoted specifically to 3018 are full of people who share knowledge about working on large industrial machines. What a pleasure they find in this, I do not know.
In any case, my first attempt will probably fail.🤣

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There's already a functional chip out for only $8. I'm surprised by how rapidly it's advancing. Here's hoping we'll get a desktop/laptop in only a decade. 🙏


I took a good woven mouse pad as a gift to my father, the design for which I formed from photos of his SQL cards (QSO? Sorry I'm not so in ham radio🙂 ). I like it.🤣

Do not repeat at home! This machine is not designed for metal processing!

I already played with cardboard and wood, and to figure out the limits I decided to try with aluminum.I managed to cut the depth with a diameter of 5mm and a depth of 3mm successfully.

Parameters: corn cutter 2mm, horizontal feed 24mm/min, vertical feed 12mm/min, height step 0.2mm.
This is quite cool😉

The electronics in this PS burned down long ago, so I use it as a case for the controller board.

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Today I almost wrote :x to try and close a chat with my co-worker. If only everything had vim-bindings.

I swear I knew this! Somebody told me about this land of dreams not so long ago. I just need to recall🤔

Here is the final result of the modification of the old PC power supply, which will serve as the power source for the car vacuum cleaner. It's nothing to do with a cars: I use it as cleaning tool for my 🙂
I have to say that this is not how I envisioned it. Still let's give it a chance.

This old fellow is going to become a car vacuum cleaner power supply I'll use for my . I'm worrying a little about an inductive character of the load. May be I need to add a protection diode?🤔

Something like that. Look at the page anonradio.net/ , there is current UTC time.

Or in another way: in an hour and eight minutes.🤣

A complete failure: too few steps, the cutter goes down by as much as 0.3mm. I think I need to meditate and improve my -fu🤔

Building is a very fun, and I, of course, will improve the machine along the way, but this is a tool, so let's do some stuff.
The first time I used , it turned out to be quite convenient. Of course the way of moving/scaling with the mouse kills me, or rather how it differs from or .

Here we go, after I broke the tip of the drill during the automatic height measurement (!) due to poor contact, I added this reliable terminal to connect the probe.

I spent four hours cleaning out the lead screw because I dropped superglue on it by accident☹️

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This is so freaking hilarious...

YouTube, main video : "The tragedy of systemd".

YouTube suggestions: fascist "thinker", tragedies, death and resurrection, heaven and hell, prophecies of doom, etc...

And yet, all of these suggesions are strangely relevant to systemd, the very definition of a terrible fascist software that will take you to hell and back and dooms your servers... 🤣

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