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The light works. The gravity works. Anything else we have to take our chances with.

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``Lost forgotten technologies,'' Donovan said. He sighed and tossed the cassettes to his bed. ``Our remote ancestors poked reeds into mud and baked mud into brick. We can still read those ancient thoughts, millennia later. But it seems that the greater the technology, the more ephemeral it becomes.''

"Why do you have so many of the same birds?"
That's the thing, they're not the same: this convex eagle gives a huge number of 90-degree angles, which is a nightmare for 3D printing. These eagles are different settings:)

For me, this was one of the necessary steps to switch to a direct extruder. Next: a double Z, with a belt and one motor.

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After soldering nothing exploded or smoked, the extruder with the stock (almost) firmware is just as quiet and functional.
Replacing the fw with the version with active LINEAR ADVANCE changed the sound of the extruder motor to funny, but everything still printed as before at K==0.
Using the other K did not improve the printing, but that is to be expected - as the author himself says this thing is useless with the bowden tube.

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Shouldn't we solder a couple of wires to activate the UART on the extruder controller?
Come on, nobody buys an Ender3 clone to dust it off like a thousand-dollar Prusa or something😜

Oh, come on, dude! Winter's coming and you're still messing around!

I almost choked.
I swear to God, I was only looking for boards!

And it's not that I'm being picky, it's just that with a drying time of 4 to 8 hours you won't be sitting next to that box all the time, and what if the fan dies? There is no temperature control and the probability of fire is not zero.

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Bottom line: it's a nice and handy box, three filament exit holes for printing "from the wheels" and... that's it. There is no temperature feedback, this knob only regulates the power supplied to the heater. This is not serious, I will have to calibrate the scale with test heating, and ideally, when I have time and desire, replace the control board with a homemade one with feedback.

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Went. The local selection wasn't much: one model, hopefully not the lousiest design in the world.😉

After hundreds of test prints, I picked up the parameters so that the plastic would not clog the nozzle. I need to tighten the belts, reduce the height of the layers, maybe calibrate the extruder, dry the plastic, and I think I can use the black one.
The white one, on the other hand, is hopeless - it has different thicknesses along the length. It's a clear defect, will go on the visually uncritical parts.

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"Bi-Metal Heat Break Review - No More Clogs!"

well, in real life, setting this heatbreak without fine-tuning immediately leads to permanent clogs - the temperature drops so sharply at such a short length that the printer pulls the molten plastic into the cold zone, where it happily solidifies and forms a clog😜

The heroine contracted an extraterrestrial parasite, acquired super skin, and set off to save the galaxy. That's crazy. No interesting development is expected, but it's late and I don't have another book to listen to before going to bed, so I have to listen to this crap.

The new packages work fine: does not swear, loads the STEP file and can use "lightning-fill".

I am happy with the result, but the adaptation to --- as usual I send my best to the fans of cmake🙂

Well, let's see how bad the transition to the new Prusa Slicer is. It adds a dependency on OpenCASCADE version 6.7.2, this version is not only not in the ports, but also in upstream FreeBSD. Perhaps a couple of dozen patches and I can adapt it to .
While I look at the code that finds the right version of this thing in Prusa Slicer, hmmm. it's grim here, I'll have to fiddle around with it. In principle, half a day should be enough.🤔

I think there are too many birds: is starting to think. Maybe the machine is weak (Ryzen3 3100), or memory is low (24G), or the OpenCASCADE version is old (7.5.0).
Basically it's acceptable - I have 12 holes and chamfers to do.

Sometimes I wonder how people with a different temperament and reserve of patience behave - for example if I now press "Close" to close the sketch the screen is redrawn only after 3mins23s:)

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Turns out you just open it with paraview AND CLICK THE LITTLE EYE TO MAKE IT VISIBLE OBVIOUSLY. Ok I think this is a good basis to start working on my own patch antenna.

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How it has grown since spring! Still not a fully grown wild cherry. Getting ready for the first winter:)

UFOs again... give me a break
How many seconds does it take you to turn on the camera on your phone? How many passersby on the street don't have their phone with them?
So now every UFO would have been captured in excellent HD quality from hundreds of angles at once and published on a million blogs on the web, and I don't think we need to get hysterical about some blurry single shot.

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