about 6 weeks using DuckDuckGo exclusively.

I've had to cheat and use !g like 5 times in this entire time.

No, I'm not going back to Google to search. DDG is definitely good enough now.

btw it still cracks me up that Chemical Plant's end boss is a game of Puyo Puyo. That never gets old.

Playing Sonic Mania Plus Encore Mode

Coming to the conclusion that Ray is this game's Cape Mario: all I can manage to do is make him dive. I'm clearly deficient since I see others make them fly up.

Just get Tails and Mighty and swap between those. For a game named "SONIC Mania," I play as any other char ;o)

good lord it appears that some automaton spewed all over local

I didn't realize how relatively inexpensive Uthernet II was, so I'm ordering 2 of them. One's going into the Power Tower Platinum IIe (in place of the Grappler with no printer attached), and the other in the Eastern Ass-Kicker IIgs

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Diablo Immoral Show more

My "new" Dell Inspiron 13 has a plastic finish, so I saw fit to give it the sticker treatment. The Krusty Brand Seal of Approval says it all about the final product ;o)

Ironically, I had to remove the usual branding stickers from the palmrest. :oP

I think the lid came out pretty good. Almost no overlap, and room for smaller stickers.

really.. it's the culinary equivalent of ProDOS using blocks, but BASIC.SYSTEM reporting all volume sizes in sectors. :oP

LOOK, you stupid bastards... NO ONE ever splits the ramen block in half!

At least this is on the less-egregious end of piss-taking nutritional labels...

I've migrated:


So if you see some weirdo trying to follow you from there and it looks like me, it is! ;o)

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Computer, switch search engines. Show more

Computer, switch search engines. Show more

Computer, switch search engines. Show more

Hmm... it may be time to go instance shopping. Where to start?

Boo, my previous keyboard (Corsair Vengeance K65) doesn't work in PS/2 mode. It's USB ONLY. This means I can't hook it up to the Unisys.

Hopefully the Leopold doesn't decide to return to being bouncy, though at least now I do have the ZDS keyboard that'll work...

8 hours, 5 days per week. NOT ONE SECOND MORE. Show more

God. YouTube is the worst. I'd had comments pending approval for YEARS on this video, and they couldn't even be bothered to tell me.

It sucks that basically all I can do is just sit here and be amazed at how Google can't get a notification system right.

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