cisco's licensing is bullshit Show more

cisco's licensing is bullshit Show more

>New password cannot exceed 8 characters
>New password must have characters within A-Z, a-z, 0-9, .


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I've been slimed by Dropbox.

So a vendor puts 3GB of code onto Dropbox because it's not available through their download section.

Dropbox insists I create an account, so I do. After verifying my email, Dropbox says "yourcoworker@crapco was given access, but you logged in as you@crapco, add it to Dropbox", so I do that.

Dropbox then tells me there's "not enough space" because of course there isn't.

What year is this again?

And another thing: Amazon should just suck it up and go to Google for search. Searching for "Athlon 200GE" should not yield "0 results"

If people aren't busy trying to scalp stuff on Amazon, they'll try to get you with ridiculous shipping charges.

Some asshole's neighbor spoofing robocalling equipment is hard at work. Third call I've received from my own NPA-NXX this morning.

They obviously bank on numbers not ever being ported or otherwise made geographically separate from their original exchange.

>Apple IIe: Does it work?

They're like Western Electric phones, of which is said (with good reason) "It's a Western Electric phone. They always work."

Of course, the Apple IIe has some logic that's prone to getting zapped by careless people, but on the whole, "It's an Apple II. They always work" applies.

I sometimes like to take libiberty with the image descriptions I use. The trick here (sometimes) is to inject just enough snark without making it useless in terms of accessibility.

might want to pick up 6502 computer again Show more

>Response of "Mine's stuck at 100%"
>Response from help desk of "wait it out; you lose your drive if you power off"

I'd wondered why Windows showed this apparent homage to Homestar Runner. Maybe they know something we don't.

>My laptop updates got stuck at 35%

Windows 10: causing random work stoppages for business as well as consumer

other side note: Epic Pinball theme music is still awesome

No wonder I don't recall "Pangaea" being in Epic Pinball. It's not only on the later "Epic Pinball 3" pack, but I never bothered to give it a shot! :o(

(and you can tell it's stock because I hadn't even added the extra ball.)

Side note: Enigma is the craziest table ever.

I've been using and repairing PCs for 30 years, and there are several things I've never done:

- owned any mainboard that used a "Slot" CPU (e.g., Slot 1, Slot A). I used Super Socket 7/Socket 462 instead because I also used AMD.

- water cooling (intensely dislike the idea of liquid ingress to my valuable hardware)

- overclocking

Yes, that's right: I've always (intentionally) run all my equipment at the rated speed. (Though I've unwittingly overvolted that poor C64; it miraculously survived)

roses are red
violets are red
red video cable only shoots red

Great... I upgraded my keyboard, and my network started flaking out.

Turns out the two were related.

I had thought things were slow as balls on the internet. Turns out that the link to my computer had been downgraded to 10Mbps.

The USB port I plug the keyboard into is right below the network connector. The network cable won't latch into the network jack. In upgrading the keyboard, I inadvertently downgraded my network by moving the cable ever so slightly. :oP

new keyboard tuned to a nice blue color because it's RGB

(and no stupid Windows-only software that hooks your keyboard to the cloud required to adjust it, either)

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