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I have half a tired mind to make a machine called "godot" and make its network access reeeeeeally sloooooow...

so when I hit it with a web browser, the status bar can read "Waiting for godot..."

Oh... that Apacer CF card is the only card over 128MB which works on an unmodified CFFA (of which I have two).

I wonder if I can get these 3-jumper-fixed properly now that I have CFFA3000s... (I could never reprogram the CPLD properly.)

I guess when it comes to old flash formats, I have more choice than I think. (I can't even read the Smartmedia cards anymore unless I use them in my old Handspring Visor.)

That JumpDrive can take SD, full-size memory stick, and xD.

STILL the best mechanical pencil a mere mortal can buy.

New CFFA3000 card for my IIgs. The remote switch even has a case this time!

I wonder if this will work on my LASER 128EX, like the CFFA does (I just enable external slot 7 and plug it into expansion header component side up)

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Pretty sure my phone's doing fine avoiding 100% of the apps I don't download.

and oh... the built-in diagnostics are speed-sensitive. It only gives me "System Good" at 2.8MHz (I run it at 8MHz usually)

An early IIgs Finder's idea of a user-defined type vs. GS/OS 6.0.4

(also note the earlier Finder isn't Y2k compliant and can't see all my drives. That second one is because ProDOS on that disk had the old DEVSRCH routine that didn't remap devices)

they should take the stupid spalled approach while they're at it

send me your bill

There must be a hidden law that obligates corporations to organize events in the most ham-fisted ways

Handle event registration through a third party... with no option to say you can't go... and then the head shed wonders why response rates are low.

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Not sure I trust MS to do the right thing with any of these (if indeed they BOUGHT all of these)

I never thought relying on the likes of github when installing "trusted" software from scratch was a good idea. Now I know for sure.

Oh... fun fact for those of you with cars that have variable valve timing: if it ever starts making weird noise on you, MAKE SURE the oil is topped up.

It didn't help me that traces of oil get on the dipstick and make it look like the oil level's OK. I actually was low and didn't realize it. After putting the 1/2 quart I had into there, the VVT death rattle was greatly reduced.

We'll see how it goes. Just got an oil change today.

Here's why it's tough for me to recommend Sprint in public.

Not only was my signal terrible in the car dealership, I didn't even have "3G".

I had to use Hendrick's guest wi-fi and then login to Whatbox to get my OpenVPN conf so I could usr a VPN.

Oh... I found this phone in the recycle bin at work.

The touch screen doesn't work, but cosmetically, it's perfect, which is more than I can say about the Pre I had, which had cracks around the charging port, cracks near the power switch, it had been dropped when I fell on a patch of ice...

Watching a video on the Apple IIe.

"OK, now I just want to show you a couple of programs really to illustrate the capability of the Apple IIe over and above the Apple II and Apple II+ in terms of graphics and the various things it can do."

*boots CRACKED VERSION OF CALIFORNIA GAMES, because booting an original wouldn't be period-correct*


Ah, Apple DOS 3.1... such a fickle pile of bugs to trust your data to...

(No idea what caused DOS to think a BASIC program was running... I clearly issued the CATALOG from direct mode.)


Even shortened URLs are further truncated (the cursed "..."), making it impossible to just type it into an actual browser. And they're in sans-serif font, the worst kind of font because "IlllllllIIIIIIIlllllll O0O0O0" and I'm surprised they don't also throw in crap-ass keming too

So my only option is to hold and hope "Copy URL" is an option, then paste into DroidEdit, THEN type it into a real computer.

EMC Unisphere requires running a Java app... just to close the browser window.

This is why people scream "JAVA SUCKS!"

It has nothing to do with Java as a language, or a runtime. It has everything to do with piss-poor implementation by third parties.