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Wait... why does Dropbox need to care about what filesystem I use again?

Not that I use Dropbox anymore, but that restriction seems artificially arbitrary. In Linux, I am more likely to use XFS or ZFS these days, or even an encrypted filesystem.

I'd still like to know how having multiple accounts works, though.

nevermind, I stupidly deleted the local timeline

and the federated timeline's the usual firehose (at least it EXISTS! Twitter's disappeared ages ago.)

Is there a way to post "pre-formatted" text as a toot?

What if I want to share bits ot source code, for example? It needs proper spacing.

do I have to join multiple instances to get a competent timeline? How would Subway handle this?

(isn't that what federation was supposed to have done?)

Mastodon doesn't have a CEO or institutional investors.

I'm very glad for that, especially in light of the past week of Jack making excuses for keeping all the trash on Twitter

Just used perl and hexcurse to recover a private SSL key from a corrupt filesystem. (It was a RHN entitlement.)


(hey look... I had to redeem myself for forgetting to guestunmount before firing up the VM...)

So of course I was forced to do what everyone else on a time constraint does: rather than take the weeks/months to properly learn SELinux, I just disable it system-wide.

Systems like SELinux and systemd are terrible in this respect. They assume you have time (and, if it's for an employer, that means money) to do it their way. There will always be "time-saving hacks" that just treat the symptom as a result of this.

So... I alter the shipped RHEL7 KVM image so I can make a VM. I configure the hostname, I enable root account (no cloud, thanks), I configure the console...

I fire it up and can't login as root. Not even if I blank the password field.

I get led on some PAM goose chase (the UID restriction only comes in if root's password is "incorrect")

Somehow I get a reboot to tell me the real cause: SELinux.

My changes made it to where SELinux was denying access to the files I changed.

Mainly for my later reference (and for anyone who wants to use Yubikey as a smartcard):


I got all the way to section 4.5, where I hook it up to ssh. I'll need to do a bit more work on a few other systems first.

Why do YOU think sysadmins hate systemd? This is just the tip of the giant poo.

sysadmin rage fueled by systemd's fucking bullshit again, btw

Any questions on sites like serverfault which don't get any answers after a week should be deleted.

It would come third in line for making the internet better behind externinating Facebook and Twotter

They always say "Don't play with fire," but that's impossible when I have tools like this arc lighter to start fires.

Restoring 332GB of PS4 data. Only 4 hours left...

Sony didn't hire author of Windows File Copy dialog, either; it tends to be an accurate statement.

I really wish solid-state storage would come down in price enough to justify a 2TB SSD on my PS4, but I had to make do with 2TB hard drive because I need the space and don't want it to cost more than the PS4 cost

I actually played a cassette tape for the first time in awhile.

"Shut Up" by RUN-DMC is a timeless song that transcends generations, btw ;o)