Interview Friday as a repair tech. My background is engineering, so we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed...

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The Dubious Goals Committee with tob is coming up next on in 1 minute!

1930-2000 UTC

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**Facebook apologizes after vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name**

"Facebook Inc said on Saturday it was working to find out how Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appeared as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologizing for any offense …"

#news #bot

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Coming up next on aNONradio!

All times in UTC!

0100-0200 Loopy Engagement w/ Hoary Marmot @smj * LIVESTREAMING IN 21 MIN! *

0200-0300 OpenVoIP call 929-299-1269 to voice chat

0300-0600 OpenMic ANYONE CAN STREAM!

1300-1400 Organized Chaos w/ DJ G.Love @MG

18:00-18:30 The Server Room w/ @viktormadarasz

1930-2000 Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob

2000-2100 The Sound Show w/ mjt

2200-0100+1 @hardmous


To tune in:

Does anybody know how to remove the AnySearch virus removed from a Mac? Asking for a friend.

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we need help - still? - again? i've lost count tbh
we lost our food stamps last month
the power fucked us out of 6 months of welfare power credit
we STILL have being throw out of our home looming over us and having to pay movers and deposits and shit

we don't have money for rent or bills or anything and the wife is supposed to be back in school next week

🖤 😫 🖤

i'm so sick of losing so hard just from trying exist$luxotek

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Eviction, asking for money for a friend, abuse mention 

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This is an emergency. South Dakota is pushing to pass a law that would make affirming trans youth a crime. It is extreme and dangerous. If they succeed, it could start a tidal wave of these horrendous bills. We have already lost trans advocates in South Dakota and we need to lift up our people. Mobilize to oppose HB1057.

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Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

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what TIME is it now?

is it TIME for with DJ Daniel on .net's ?

to listen to 60s/70s songs with TIME in the titles, click below:

... i.e. if no one is streaming. Otherwise we will listen to TIMEless tunes tomorrow

no biggie

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We'll be on the air tonight at 19:00 EST. Listen live on 99.5 FM in New York or at

So very sad to report the passing of "CatWithNoStripe." :( I wept.

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I crushed a couple bounties in this past week and gained more reputation than answering a LOT of questions would have provided. By targeting older bounties I'm also lowering my chances of competition and providing a service to those desperate folks.

It's fun to try and help on bounties for things I've never heard of or used before. Here's my latest:

If you are a stackoverflow user, I'd appreciate any upvotes you can spare. :)

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A couple hours ago, I hit the button and launched #MyTransHealth V2.

This site is a long-time labor of love for us. I hope to keep improving it for years to come. All my thanks to everyone who has been part of the project the past 5+ years.

Watching Poltergeist. That's good, clean fun right there.

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