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Go to the red line, past the red line, to the lake. It happens so fast. The lake.

Not a great day today. My twisted brain has caused me to miss a rather important appointment today (I was supposed to guest lecture at USC). And tomorrow I'll be signing medical power of attorney to someone who can take better care of me. Crazy sucks.

So, new psychiatrist tried to change today's appointment yesterday. We finally agreed that I could come in today. She called earlier to say she was cancelling today's appointment anyway, and would I like to schedule a new appointment. Does the mental health system actually MAKE people crazy?

So, some guy at Walmart thought it would be a good idea to sell giant tubs of Asparagus cake icing. And the tubs sit in the bargain section... mastodon.sdf.org/media/bXEpYFr

Seeing a new psych this Wednesday. Hopefully, things go well.

Reformatting my 5TB backup drive (for reasons I'd rather not go into). Gnu Disks says it will take slightly over one month (!). Gparted says it will take 2 minutes. So... what the hell?

Dead rat in the pool. Lovely.

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I'm ridiculously thrilled that I just wrote shakuhachi music notation on my gopher hole (in UTF8) intended for a Buddhist monk. No, really.


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Doesn't "Marcador Permanente" sound like a cool spy name?

So, one of our customers sent some product back, and I got the box. His mailing label is actually a folded up piece of paper. I unfolded it to discover is bank statement, complete with account number. *sigh*. Some people deserve to get hacked.

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So, &*^%ing medical people here assigned me to a pediatrician instead of a regular doctor. And now, to fix the mistake will take a month. So, in the meantime, I'm buying my meds from India. Anyone know of a good source over there?

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Hawaiian Officials Issue False "Inbound Ballistic Missile Threat" Emergency Alert https://quitter.im/url/860876
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"Let me take a moment to speak up for the word “shithole” which is seeing its reputation damaged by association with Donald Trump." talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/t via @TPM

Why do I have a bill validator pen on my desk? Why is it so hard for me to pronounce "Bill Validator?"

Gravity causes concave things on the bathroom counter to collect moisture, which places "concave things on the bathroom counter" squarely into the genus of "icky things."

I have two keys in my office on my desk that were here when I got here. They say "167" on them. I have no idea what they go to.

Got some juicy kernel updates coming my way... :)

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