Landlady comes back tomorrow for a week or so. It's like a sorority house when she's here, and I mean that in a good way.

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Organized Chaos starts now! Join us as I crank the show during the kids tournament! Nothing like pure insanity to go with 7 hours of football!

Then Inner Sanctum on at the top of the hour! METAL!!!

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I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet

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What was Ferris Bueller?

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Tonight it's no nonsense. We Grind! We kick it off with some crazy industrial brutality leading up to a DK grindcore tribute! Closing as we started, sheer brutality! This episode is not for the faint of heart! 💀

Join us 01:00 on!
#anonradio #grindcore #industrial

...a G.Love puti post!

I farted so loud that I scared the cat and she clawed me.

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Hey I found an open source menstrual cycle tracking app called Drip that doesn't call home to anyone and encrypts your data on your device. It's gender inclusive and it has a prebuilt version Android that you can get either on F-Droid or on their site here:

They have an iOS version but it's not pre compiled. I'll be working on that today so you can get loaded onto your Apple devices, along with the instructions to install it on said Apple device.

Please boost so others can see this!

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anyone got a lead on a nice cube computer case? I need at least one 3.5 and one 5.25 drive bay and preferably a window and nothing too tacky, let me know if you have any in mind

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A reminder for those of you who happen to be unlucky enough to live in the US right now with #RoeVsWade overturned:

Uninstall any proprietary period tracking apps you might have – they *will* snitch on you.

Use drip instead, its fully open source and doesn't include trackers[1].

From Playstore:

From @fdroidorg:


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#Abortion #Privacy

Abortion Privacy.

This guide is rather basic, and is clearly aimed towards normies, but it’s a good starting-point for folks who might not already be privacy aficionados. Merely researching reproductive care could soon be a crime in your area, and basic digital opsec will help you stay safer.

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:boost_requested: PLEASE BOOST :boost_requested:

Even though this poll isn't official, it's a great way to gauge the general public's opinion on something like this. Do you think that
#Misskey should switch from GitHub to ? Please boost for the largest sample size possible.

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uspol, psa 

please do not post about crimes you are thinking about committing even if you are joking

i am not trying to be the fun police, people in places like FL have been arrested for social media posts in the past, please stay safe

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abortion help organization info 

National Abortion Federation provides abortion training to doctors and nurses, including midwives.

They also have a hotline to help individuals access funding for abortions.

They're actively working on being trans-inclusive, training clinic escorts and security, and getting shuttered clinics re-opened.

They have some information for Central and South America clinics, too.

I worked there while in DC. They're an amazing group, even if my boss was a terror. :)

Boosts ok.

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USPol A modest proposal 

- Simple: send me a Paypal and I'll express mail morning after pills straight from Europe. No questions asked.

- More elaborate: sign up for a secure web site and I will pair you with a person willing to the same.

- Perfect: use Tor to connect to a hidden service and we will do the same.

They can't open every single mail, right?

Who is with me?

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uspol, privacy, cops, doctors, roe v. wade 


Roe v. Wade is just the target of opportunity - the current PTBs have a long list of things they want to destroy. One of the biggest is privacy for anyone they disagree with. With that in mind:

It's illegal to lie to cops. If in doubt, STFU. Restricting yourself to "I decline." and "Not without a lawyer." is safer than speaking freely.
Cops can lie to you for any reason or no reason at all, with impunity.
Anything you say to a medical professional is now fair game for any LEO who wants it.
Long term, don't expect any legal protection of your privacy except in cases where it doesn't matter. Technology can help protect privacy; start learning now if you haven't already.

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Hello my fellow USians:

#Briar is a phone app that lets you send secure messages via a mesh network, including via bluetooth.

#Manyverse is a social networking phone app that lets you write posts which are cryptographically signed and which can propagate via a mesh network including bluetooth.

#Ripple is a "panic" app that can hide or delete data. It can be used with f-droid to remove entire apps.

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix live mix by snowdusk - 2015/11/01

From 7 yrs ago! The second episode where I started talking on the show —- my voice sounds very nervous and faint I can hardly hear it 🙉 at that time my I used to do episodes where I played what my generation used to call or As usual I had a theme — angels, heaven, sleep, and names 😇 mostly music.

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Anyone know of a self hosted solution for health data tracking.

I've got WearOS, Android and plenty of back end compute.

I'm willing to sort shit out so you don't have to. I just need to be aimed in the appropriate directions.

(public / please boost / for examples on my write ups)

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Corporations funding anti-abortion campaigns:

Archer Daniels Midland
Bris­tol-Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly
United­Health Group
Amer­ican Elec­tric
South­w­est Airlines
Capital One Finan­cial

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