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Coming up on aNONradio.net for next week's episode of VINTAGE COMPUTERS! w/ jasmaz on SDF OpenVoIP we have a very special guest TAMIKO THIEL who will discuss the Thinking Machines CM-1, industrial design and the world of DX art.

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Snack: Stove-top popcorn + Cheerios + butter + Old Bay Seasoning, FTW!

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Cafe 80's with @tbn97
If, unlike me, you can work and enjoy music at the same time, check out the archive of yesterday's anonradio show. So good!
The only thing better would be if you were in interactive chat with the rest of the live audience and the dj at the same time! :-)
Hint, clue:
sdf.org/ Sign up - sdf is one of those rare ACTUALLY free things. No ads, no tracking. Free shell accounts.
Then join us in 'com', anonradio room

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PSA :boosts_ok:

My rock show will be unavailable at August until I got a fast and stable internet connection again. My current living situation is getting worse and I'm trying to find a way out of this so next week's rock show will be the last and afterwards we'll have to see until I can go back streaming again. The rock show will be up and running again once I got enough time and perfect internet access. My parents are just assholes so hope y'all have a good time while I'm away. Might be a few weeks...or even months, I'm not sure, but I will come back, I promise.

~DJ koyu chan

cc @snowdusk @buttstuf @claudiom @claudiom @koenig

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I can’t believe I didn’t catch that😅

In the same vein, I preordered oxidizer directly from their site and nabbed an autographed copy. There was a super long delay on the shipment. They let me know they were sorry and it would ship soon.

Any who, when it arrived, there was a letter from jarred that was similar to his spoken word work and a lopped off blue dreadlock🤣😂

Ended up seeing them on that tour in Chicago in a tiny venue and we talked about the blue hair and he apologized again

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I asked on sdf.org in the anonradio room of com while listening to dj @tbn97 what I should post next on Mastodon. Answers were ham radio, computers and Clar. Quick trip to the basement and this was the resulting photo.

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Just getting these photos ready to show my listeners later 😅💦💦👍 #80sSynth #NewWave nite #IGWH #Tilderadio Let me know if u have any 80s requests ❤️

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@xiled you are the only one with that color: cranberry

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You might be an Internet Ancient if you: 

• remember Netscape Navigator

• ever used any modem with a bandwidth of 28,8 or lower

• had an Early Adopter account on Livejournal

• witnessed the rise and fall of PhPBB

• witnessed the rise and fall of Napster

• used the web before Google existed

• ever used a dialup BBS site

• remember Gopher

• ever downloaded music as .mod files

• remember when about 90% of the web was made up of personal sites which were "under construction" and had pictures of people's cats on them

• remember when Yahoo was literally just a big list of websites

• know IRC commands

• have heard anyone unironically use the phrase "information superhighway"

• can recognise different bandwidth modems by what bleepy handshake sound they make

• have ever received one of those chain e-mails where you have to scroll through about a kilometre of forwarded headers only to find a "hilarious" vaguely lewd image and/or a banal list like this one

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To the French fedi-folk, Bonne Fete Nationale! :D

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