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It's illegal to enter buildings in the zone as most of them are completely unstable, and due to a new zone administration there's typically no bribing your way out of a situation. Sometimes in the most unsuspecting places you may find street art left behind by a Stalker who risked arrest for something many will never see. Somewhat of a real life Easter egg, or a subtle nod to defiance: "You're not suppose to be here."

Location: Chernobyl Exclusion-zone, Ukraine. 2019.


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As promised I am delivering the proof of my poor fishing performance. However, it was great day for it, wind was low-ish and slacked to nothing late in the afternoon and it felt warm.
Despite being a metre away (see foto proof!) using the same hook, same bait and casting to the same spot... buddy caught 6 and I caught, yeah, none. A stick fish, an ice fish and a bark fish were all I hooked. Ah well. Great day anyhow. Here are some fotos of the north end of google.com/maps/place/Kalum+La

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Got some VictorMaxx StuntMaster headsets from the '90s and they're fairly easy to hook up to power, composite video, and audio when you don't have original cables. They are definitely just cheap HMDs, but they have novelty.

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"The works of William Gibson, games like Deus Ex were the building blocks that create the world of Neofeud... A dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced." --Hyper Light Up
hyperlightup.com/neofeud-revie #indiedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #top100 #indiegames #cyberpunk

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🎶 Music Creation: UNLOCKED!
Wrote my first song (if you want to call it that.) Details here:


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Chrome don't make it go.
But it helps with reception 🤔

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February is all about ! Because to hell with romantic love!
1. Share your favourite or most effective or hack(s)

2. Do you have a preferred O'Reilly Books 'Hacks' guide? ine is _Mind Performance Hacks_ by Ron Hale-Evans

3. What hacks do you recommend for the barely computer-proficient who are keen?

4. What hack(s) do you have (e.g. method)?

5. Are you a ? Do you know one? What have you tried?

Kinda late, but GMA released another trailer for Legacy. This was my favorite show growing up, as well as other Japanese super robot cartoons.. Totally stoked, man, I can't wait!


Here's a link to the combined trailer:

@snowdusk @luckyduck@bananachips.club

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Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:


Please circulate.

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Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.


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Do you know anyone browsing web with unusual hardware and/or operating system? Out of the usual Windows/Linux/Android/iOS scope? Please point them here:


Explanation here: gopher://i-logout.cz/1/phlog/p

If you don't speak gopher: hracka.org/~logout/phlog/2021-

"Making of" screenshot attached.

(Boosting the post will help.)

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Even though the Raspberry Pi is a low cost single board computer I refused to support it in #Freedombone for years, mainly because of its proprietary boot OS. But actually the situation is worse than I thought.


OK, the fediverse has spoken! Lights up it is! Thank you for your participation!🙏

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❓ Tomorrow is February...should I take down the xmas lights yet?🎄

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My first post? I suppose it should be for the #introductions!

Hey there! This is my first time on the Fediverse and, while I wasn't an extreme user of social media, I wanted to try something different from the popular centralized services that I have grown to dislike. I'm interested in privacy and tech; I dabble in the hobby of mechanical keyboards; I buy and collect cassettes - both albums I already love and the ones that catch my eye on Bandcamp - oh, and I recently reached the 365 day streak milestone on Duolingo (I'm slowly learning German)!

I find it hard to say a lot about myself - you'll probably learn more about me over time if we talk or follow one another. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to seeing what this place has to offer!

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Finally found my gateway into gemini:// space: The smartphone.

Browsing gemini sites here feels like I always wanted the web experience on smartphones to be. Fast pageloads, no popups, no broken features like images that fail to load or unclickable buttons. Just uniformly rendered beautiful text. I'm using Ariane as a browser app and it looks just georgous.


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