Is that my new hdd you've balanced precariously on the banister, dad? Oh my yes, yes it is. 😮

Breakdown by month:

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Hacker Public Radio announcer lady always sounds drunk to me.

Totted up the 2019 numbers: 1987 miles ran.


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I guess the modern day equivalent to be kind rewind is be kind seed long time?

First person to get both stars took 5 mins this morning, this just blows my mind. Whereas I read the thing, went back to sleep for a few hours, hacked away on part 1 for a hour making stupid mistakes. Now I'm just contemplating part 2 while I watch some on my .

My Hacktoberfest t-shirt arrived today along with some stickers. Pretty sweet shirt in return for a handful of pull requests.

#ukpol #election 

This weeks Weekly Challenge has a task regarding vehicle identification numbers (VIN). I have typed 'vim' so many times in my script I'm considering just going with it.

For future reference, I hold it with my left.


Amy Poehler as Andy's little sister on Conan is fantastic. Same joke over and over but she does it brilliantly. Once more down the rabbit hole ➡️

80 GBP for 2 technical books or free on ... I'd like to be able to support the writers but I can't afford even half that.

This weeks Weekly Challenge looks straight forward. I think I'll try out for the first time with these tasks.

/me adds lerp as an alias for perl

can my typing get any worse?

My left/right printed socks fit better if I wear them on the wrong feet.

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