This Sonic Youth flood on dimeadozen is something else. I thought I had a large collection but 300+ shows and most are new to me. I've been downloading for over a day and I'm not half way through yet and still they keep coming. 😍

fuckety fuck. flexget's download plugin has been crashing on me for about 2 months and I've missed about 70 dime torrents. Now I need to add them manually. 😖

Trying to read the Rust book but sleepy so sleepy. Maybe I'll have a nap first and try again later.

My soulseek wish list search for "sebadoh peel flac 1993" just return something but it turned out to be some hole with nonsense file naming 😣

Initial observations are fan speed is much reduced and temps a bit lower when it's just idling. Number 4 key is working OK again.

That was actually fun. Now I'll probably have a go at reapplying thermal paste to all my computers.

Next upgrade for this T420 is an SSD in 3 weeks hopefully.

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Heatsink is off. Not as hard to do as I imagined. Looks like far too much thermal paste was used when it was last renewed.

I should probably get a before temperature to see how much of a difference it makes.

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Doubled the RAM, now to apply some new thermal paste. T420. I've watched a bunch of youtube videos and I'm a little nervous about this.

Installing Instagram for the Lou Barlow show tonight.

What's the collective term for a group of laptops?

Besides whisky and condoms, I'm out of ideas for what to use a £25 Amazon voucher for.

Is that my new hdd you've balanced precariously on the banister, dad? Oh my yes, yes it is. 😮

Breakdown by month:

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Hacker Public Radio announcer lady always sounds drunk to me.

Totted up the 2019 numbers: 1987 miles ran.


update: got part 1 down from 30 mins to 25 seconds. 🤡

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Note to self: it helps if you read in all of the input file. Also, holly crap my part 1 solution takes at least 30 mins to run. For loop inside for loop inside for......
day 6.

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