Amy Poehler as Andy's little sister on Conan is fantastic. Same joke over and over but she does it brilliantly. Once more down the rabbit hole ➡️

80 GBP for 2 technical books or free on ... I'd like to be able to support the writers but I can't afford even half that.

This weeks Weekly Challenge looks straight forward. I think I'll try out for the first time with these tasks.

/me adds lerp as an alias for perl

can my typing get any worse?

My left/right printed socks fit better if I wear them on the wrong feet.

Currently running sysupgrade. Should have plugged an ethernet cable in, I forgot how much slower this wifi is.

Almost got a buzz cut from a Hercules on low flying training this morning. 100 ft right over my head. 🛬 💇‍♂️

All of a sudden yt won't let me drag sort my watch list if my language isn't English (US).

Letterkenny cursing 

weird I just received gmail email for user foobar* however my username is in the form No (b)cc field evident in the headers.

*not my real username

Listening to Jenny Hval all afternoon tyvm.

Started watching series 1 of Kim's Convenience. Would recommend, it's cute and funny.

pdfgrep running over 4 GB of files isn't quick.

week didn't disappoint. As usual I'm inspired to change and be the type of person who would enter such a race.

Went for a walk along the river and saw my first Treecreeper. Also of note a Goldcrest and a 30 second glimpse of a Dipper.

Now I'm actively avoiding F1 results. I haven't even finished watching the quali session yet.

Ultra Trail du Mount Blanc week has begun and I'll be falling asleep to UTMB TV for the next few days. It's incredible how enthralling ultra marathons can be.

Hmmm, I wonder if these 7800 crash reports might contain a hint as to why I haven't downloaded anything from dimeadozen since February.

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