When will I learn not to look at news sites before watching the Formula 1 race. πŸ€” 🀑 😜 😩

I just learned tree will output directory listings as json.

I think the Icelandic volcano has stopped erupting for good, yo. πŸ’”

About to lift heavy* weights and then watch the latest Cold War Motors episode with a glass of red wine to relax.

Are any of these new Trek series going the full 22 episodes or are they all 8 to 10?

Lol, just got a 'WKRP in Cincinnati' question in a trivia quiz but I spelt Cincinnati wrong.

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Are people who exalt Discord being ironic? It's hard to tell sometimes.

Interesting list, I've read three: The Hobbit, The Little Prince and Norwegian Wood.

Downloaded 4 hours of F1 coverage yesterday and only got 4 laps behind a safety car in the rain. Thankfully I could just fast forward through it, would have been a bummer to watch it live.

The Weather Channel has too many adverts. Looking for a better news network for the storm.

Something Perl jam blahblahblah syntactic sugar?

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@wlsn Thanks for asking. This article explains it as part of the milk crate challenge thing, but I have seen plenty of posts of still photos single milk crates, just sitting there, no action. I don't know if it's related or not, perhaps a snarky take-down of sorts. cnet.com/how-to/tiktok-milk-cr

Flaked out and missed tonight's diamond league. Now I've got to avoid all results until I have time to watch it.

With all these sporting events being shifted around in the calendar I almost missed the Le Mans 24 hour race, which starts today apparently. And Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc week is next week.

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"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.

Drove crazy by the flies on my run today, I was followed by a cloud of them for over half of it.

Icelandic volcano is lit right now. As good as it gets these days.

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