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The three levels of Frankenstein understanding:

1) Frankenstein is the Doctor, not the monster.
2) Dr. Frankenstein IS the monster.
3) Not only is Dr. Frankenstein the monster, but since the Creature could be considered the Doctor's son, it's perfectly reasonable to call him "Frankenstein".

Totally not playing the which of my filters is generating all of these content filtered notices game.

Nice little film in which Ricky Gates runs every street in San Francisco.


YouTube algorithm started auto playing This Old House which is just fine by me. How this came to be I have no idea though.

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Properly researched comparison of a few password managers: 1Password 7, 1Password 4, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPass.

#keepass #infosec #security

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Top ds9 memes:

5. Self-sealing stembolts
4. Root beer
3. Cardassian Voles
2. Raktajino
1. Yamok Sauce

Series 2 of Icelandic drama Trapped has just dropped on BBC iPlayer. 3 year wait will hopefully be worth it.

LineageOS installed...achievement unlocked.

hmm, all the domains I had hidden have been cleared. Gonna have to do it all over again.

Listening to some John Prine and reading a comic.

Early Sunday morning is some of the best WFMU rn tbh.

Feels like -9° you say. Yeah, I might just lay here a while longer.

I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

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Or maybe it's boosts, I don't have enough examples yet. It's a bit nuts opening Tusky every 1/2 hour to investigate what's being filtered by other apps.

doesn't seem to filter words in content warnings. I guess I can live with that.

Thinking about characters from past series of Death in Paradise and just realised Fidel and C.C. from The Deuce were played by the same actor.

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