Don't have the spoons for advent of code this year.

Want to buy all of the cosy socks Instagram is advertising to me.

My current YouTube rabbit hole is Russians building Swedish torch fires.

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NEW WORLD RECORD! 30 minute 40 second YouTube ad!

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In today's news: tory scum are still corrupt. Carry on.

I have a new favourite movie: Whisper of the Heart

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Ads are the gateway drug into alternative facts.

Contemplating getting a Private Eye subscription for Christmas. Haven't had one for a good few years.

Instagram is so innovative, now I can create posts directly from my computer. What will they think of next? Hyperlinks within the post?

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The publication, tweet or retweet of this picture is punishable by 30 days of prison or a fine of 3000 rubles in Russia.

Shame if people on the Internet were to copy it everywhere.

Interestingly, it's currently the year 2014 in Ethiopia.

My current earworm is Waylon Jennings playing Peggy Sue on Letterman.

I've been scraping a bunch of The Guardian's webpages and they are advertising jobs in their source.

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