This Cream-spot ladybird was on my running shoe when I got home this afternoon. 🐞

First Small Copper of the year spotted on my garden path today. Saw lots of Orange-tips on my run this lunchtime too.

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Watching my favourite swedish cross country skier's vlog and recognising similar words between scots and swedish caused me to google.

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"Gif" can be pronounced like "Geoff" as-in literally just say the name "Geoff", because it doesn't matter one little bit, it all jiggles exactly the same 😎 Animated Geoff. Jiggling. It's good. Try it x

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today we're celebrating easter monday, which is just the christianized version of the ancient celtic tradition called "it's spring, let's just take a random day off!"

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Don't know how I got suggested 'Embroidery' as a topic on twitter, don't care either, loving it.

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You know what, fuck German comfort. I couldn’t care less about German comfort. Or my own comfort here in Ireland. Fuck our comfort. People are fucking suffering and dying in the worst possible ways for fuck’s sake. AND WE ARE ENABLING IT. How devoid of humanity are we?

I've heard 2 versions of Bowling Green on the radio within the past 24 hours.


Cypress Hill's picks from their Amoeba Records "What's In My Bag" feature:

β€’ Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
β€’ Run-D.M.C. - King Of Rock
β€’ Beastie Boys - Root Down
β€’ War - Greatest Hits 2.0
β€’ Metallica - Ride The Lightning
β€’ Madvillain - Madvillainy
β€’ Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
β€’ Cypress Hill - Back In Black

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β€œThe case rests on a single question: was it in the public interest for me, a journalist, to speak about a years-long investigation into Russian interference?

That's what the High Court heard, in a Β£2m trial against a single journalist, on eve of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.”


notice the save icon in virtualbox is a micro sd card not a floppy disk

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