Series 2 of Icelandic drama Trapped has just dropped on BBC iPlayer. 3 year wait will hopefully be worth it.

LineageOS installed...achievement unlocked.

hmm, all the domains I had hidden have been cleared. Gonna have to do it all over again.

Listening to some John Prine and reading a comic.

Early Sunday morning is some of the best WFMU rn tbh.

Feels like -9° you say. Yeah, I might just lay here a while longer.

I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

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Or maybe it's boosts, I don't have enough examples yet. It's a bit nuts opening Tusky every 1/2 hour to investigate what's being filtered by other apps.

doesn't seem to filter words in content warnings. I guess I can live with that.

Thinking about characters from past series of Death in Paradise and just realised Fidel and C.C. from The Deuce were played by the same actor.

is nice but it doesn't respect server side filters yet so I'm trying out . Just scratched the surface so far and really liking the translation feature.

Picard schooling tip is "be dastardly"? I don't understand, here is the output of running `$ dict dastardly`. Why is this good advice?

Getting mightily confused switching between editors. CTRL+S saves in one but sends a stop signal in Vim. Did it a few times before I caught on to what was happening.

vlc with ncurses interface is freezing when I try to add a playlist to the Media Library so I'm giving moc a shot. There are a lot of key mappings to get used to but it looks promising.

Autovivification sound pretty painful to me.

day 5 took a lot less time than day 4 for me. Feel like I'm probably using naive algorithms and there are much faster solutions out there.

Also much easier to work out the kinks with the test data than the problem input. Much easier to visualise what's happening.

All caught up with now. Started using C but my knowledge isn't good enough yet, I can get it written quicker in .

derp! used pop when I should have used shift. whole hour wasted.

Turned off JS on bird site, looks much better. I wonder what happens when I click the yes button?

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