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I'm willtochaos, and despite the provocatively entropic name, I enjoy sensible order. I like asking questions and challenging assumptions, and some of my greatest achievements are avoiding 1) confinement to a mental health institution; 2) drinking hemlock. I'll make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am interested in , , , , & creating beautiful and functional things on a computer. Perpetually curious.

What I have learned in the past few months is that you should confer benefits on everyone around you, including the people who dislike you. It does not mean being weak, naive, or spineless -- it means working for the common good.

You will not be part of the clique, and you won't be everyone's buddy. But you will do what needs to be done.

Everybody takes infosec seriously...

including me...

But it doesn't have to be scary.

I think that the key to having a good fediverse experience is shamelessly replying to strangers.
Because friends start out as strangers to each other.
And making friends is the key.
Whoever wrote the fdroid blogpost should go work in politics

It's pretty astonishing how complex things (cities, human beings, cells) maintain coherence.

I am always surprised at how ready people are ready to whip out statistics in defence of whether socialism or capitalism works better.

You can achieve the highest marks for 'quality of life' while condemning people to meaningless labour, concentration camps, and a complete lack of self-determination.

That's precisely why despite the false aura of certainty conferred to it by numbers, statistics is very often little more than an exercise in rationalization.

Looks like the idea of an open source duolingo equivalent is popular around here. Anyone wanna play with writing up a list of all the things that would need to be figured out to make something like that happen? Would be really interesting to have a social component tied into the fediverse.

Friend's getting into #python as her first programming language. Any suggestions for a novice dev environment (windows, lightweight)?

I suggested VS Code, but I come from vim so open to ideas from the more informed.

The pious political polemicist is usually a denier of human nature, a puritan believer that revolution shall liberate us from not only from political restrictions but, somehow, from the very shackles of matter and its natural history.

And then they're surprised when people still hanker after status within 'revolutionary' movements.

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If your conception of liberty is the centralisation of power in the hands of the pious few, then you need to redefine your terms. That includes power in the hands of pious anarchists, leninists, and others.

Newsboat – A Command line RSS/Atom Feed Reader For Text Consoles

Newsboat, a fork of Newsbeuter, is a free, open source RSS/Atom feed reader for text consoles. It supports GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like operating systems. Compared to other slow and huge amount of memory consumed RSS feed readers, Newsboat is the best choice for anyone who are looking for a simple, slick and fast feed reader that can be completely managed via keyboard.


Serial Experiment Lain goes "Open Source" in Japan until 2028.
NBC Universal allows fans to create derivative works of the original TV anime series (1998).

SBCs open a world of possibilities for meaningful communication in a world that is growing increasingly impersonal. Set up a SBC with a wifi connection and an interesting SSID, create a flash social network.

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I live in one of the snobbiest middle class areas of England. As an experiment, I would love to set up a pi AP serving anarchist material as an invitation to seeing things from a different perspective.

It would be quite interesting to look at the stats, too.

Any suggestions for setup, material, and SSIDs?

by the way if anyone wants a managed pleroma instance (you bring your own domain) for "whatever you feel like paying", feel free to inquire

the downside is that your instance will be running my personal branch of pleroma, which occasionally does not match whatever is in mainline.
i now see the light and will rewrite pleroma in java enterprise edition
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