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So, it seems is down and my account there may be lost forever. Thanks Ilúvatar we are federated!

til actually has a domain name: ""

Pelo amor de Eru, Zeus, Odin, Madoka, Júpiter, Deus, Brahma e todos os outros que estou com preguiça de digitar num celular: APENAS USEM A PORRA DO FIREFOX!

uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store | Hacker News -

Those iPad menu things at airports are so distracting I'm basically using a napkin as a makeshift adblock

A present for the next guest at this hotel. Praise “Bob!"
:jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd:

Stuff about having phone numbers and email addresses attached to social media accounts 

I remember back in 1998 when the Free / Libre / Open Source Software movement took over Silicon Valley and everyone switched to Linux so that precisely this kind of nonsense couldn't happen

Freedom 0: the right to run software anywhere and anytime you choose regardless of your political affiliation

Good thing we didn't go the 'subscription software' route, isn't it

the definition of a witch often intersects the definition of a hacker

this should be no surprise, really
they're basically the same thing even in popular culture

I just scavenged all the “useful” parts out of a free treadmill. Yes, I already have too many projects, but ... *free motors*!

Friends don’t let #friends get spied on, let’s help them leave #BigTech’s “free” services and save them from tracking, spying, data sharing and #advertising. #privacy #security

**US, allies seek access to Facebook encrypted messaging apps**

"US, UK and Australian officials want Facebook to give authorities a way to read encrypted messages sent by ordinary users. Law enforcement has long sought access despite pushback from tech giants and privacy advocates."

#news #bot

When you suddenly click that

1) 'Silpheed/Sylpheed' (an email client, and a space shooter videogame series) is just Japanese mangled English for 'sylphid', better known as 'sylph'...

2) ... which was a word in the popular Romantic mythology of the 1700s-1800s era for 'airy nature spirit'...

3) ... but is itself fake Latin made up by the Swiss-German Paracelsus (1493-1541) to describe his theoretical alchemical entities

Reader mode is an optimizing compiler for HTML.


Tô sorteando essa Usagi de bruxinha por lá, venham participar ^^

Link do post:

At this point, understanding computers isn't even about understanding the difference between GOTO and GOSUB or knowing what TCP/IP stands for - or even *is*. It's about understanding power. If you buy a laptop off Amazon, boot into Windows, log into Facebook, and check your Gmail, you're entering into exploitative power relationships where you - like the workers who made the laptop, sold you the laptop, delivered the laptop, the workers who manually moderate your Facebook feed, like the miners who dug up the copper and cobalt - are at the bottom.

Much like a job where you exchange your time and labor for capital, you are exchanging your personal relationships for convenience.

In order to get out from under this, you *do* need to educate yourself somewhat. You gotta know how certain things work. You don't have to become a programmer or hacker though. It's not the fucking Matrix. You just have to understand things enough to manipulate them and know where you stand.

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