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The Server Room Show - Episode 45 -

Rancher & Heimdall Application Dashboard

26 / 09 / 2020 at 3pm utc time


Live in 20min at 3pm UTC time.
The Server Room Show - Episode 44 - Sophos XG Firewall and Intercept X Endpoint Management


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@viktormadarasz I listened to TSR 38 about Commodore and it was great!

I owned a C128 and later an A2000 and I subscribed to computer magazines at the time and have been learning some of the lore after the fact, and yet I still learned things from your show! For example I remember the A600 debacle as it happened, but I never knew it was originally intended as an A300!


Thank you, and thank you @gemlog for spreading word of this show to me. I will listen to part 2 and I will keep listening to the show in general.

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TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 44 - Sophos XG Firewall and Intercept X Endpoint Management

I love and use Sophos Firewall Product in my Homelab ( running on VM as I have no physical Sophos Hardware unfortunately)

I try to share as much of Sophos XG Firewall and their Endpoint protection as I can but its an overwhelming amount of information just what one can find on sophos.com website :)

The Server Room Show - Episode 44 - Sophos XG Firewall

This Saturday 3pm UTC Time on the usual places... anonradio tilderadio twitch.tv/viktormadarasz

Sophos XG Home the free tier of Sophos XG Firewall is a great bare metal or VM deployed firewall next-gen type I have used many times in the past and nearly every day to provide services (firewalling , routinng, proxy,dhcp,etc.) between my subnets and VMs

Of just us Cool Cats Daddy-o, yeah!
If you don't dig mah radio get off my patio daddy-o! Way out man!
(need to rhyme radio to padio)
@claudiom @snowdusk

Also, it's not only us. How many live last time snowy? You mentioned it, but I forget exactly.
@claudiom @snowdusk

Not true at all!
I am still toiling on the week before last''s lesson on server monitoring. Don't fool yourself.

I sit and wait till this becomes America and Canada's No. 1 item in every home and every household.

Pretty much like King James Bible

In the meantime drop by the website at:


The Website:


Updated with Episode 43 - OpenBSD

which aired yesterday at 3PM UTC time with links to Anchor.fm and Youtube to enjoy :)

The Server Room Show - Episode 43 - OpenBSD

Direct Video Link with Audio fixed and enhanced:



@viktormadarasz He's doing well! And yes, he understands Spanish quite well since we all talk to him in Spanish. 😀 @gemlog @jasmaz

The Server Room Show - Episode 43 - OpenBSD

is out in the usual places both in audio and video formats.

I fixed the audio under the video stream so You can enjoy it as it was intended in great quality.

I corrected the problem and I wil have no audio issues under the twitch.tv/viktormadarasz live stream any more.

Listen to The Server Room with @viktormadarasz as he discusses 's history and how it compares to Linux and the other major BSDs. Catch him on either or . 👨‍💻 🐡



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