The Houston Computer History Museum is liquidating everything they have! If you are in the vicinity of Texas and enjoy old computers, go take a trip there and save a piece of history!

HT to @catgoat for sharing.

why KITTEN.EXE is better than other .EXEs!
-soft and pettable
-wants to be your friend
Other .EXEs:
-usually not cute
-not pettable
-probably does not understand the concept of friendship

the advantage is clear :netkitty:

I will not post or boost images without image descriptions.

Most Mastodon clients have an interface to describe an image when you toot. For example, in Tusky: attach the image, press the button in the lower right of the image, and choose Set caption. Repeat for each image.

Blind, low vision, and bandwidth-limited people rely on image descriptions. Thanks for including them!

Firefox Survey: ”How long have you been using Mozilla Firefox?”


#Win11 running on #bhyve on #HardenedBSD 14-CURRENT/arm64.

This is my primary Windows development VM for ${DAYJOB}.

"U is for Unix, lost in the night.
V is for vi, SIGKILLed in spite.

W is for Windows, wiped for BSD.
X is for Windows, stabbed in a spree..."

This will not end well... #dnsssecmastery2e

"A is for Apple, that you don't control,

B is for BeOS, lamented unknown."

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Major Linux RPM problem uncovered | ZDNet

Red Hat has used RPM for software package distribution for decades, but we now know RPM contained a nasty hidden security bug since Day One. It's now been unveiled and a repair patch has been submitted.

Windows 11 will only support 8th gen Intel (released in 2017) or newer, AMD Ryzen 2000 (released in 2018) or newer and 2nd gen AMD EPYC server chips (released in 2019) or newer.

Microsoft is also requiring a front-facing camera for all Windows 11 devices, except desktop PCs from January 2023.

Not only is Microsoft now one of the worst unsustainable and biggest e-waste companies, they're now also one of the biggest creeps with no ethics or moral.

Is the year of the Linux coming for real now?

This toot is posted from my Mac Mini G4 running MorphOS 3.15.

PowerPC G4 clocked at 1.42 GHz and 1 GB of RAM.

I'm installing OpenBSD/macppc on my G4 Mac Mini.

I'm honestly in awe at the sheer simplicity of installing it because I've heard horror stories of people trying to install Linux on macppc hardware.

And I'm here just need to download two files, reboot to OpenFirmware, run a rather short command, and then I'm at the OpenBSD installer.

Meanwhile, I wasted almost an entire trying to reinstall Mac OS X 10.5 via USB...

I'm thinking about writing an OpenBSD FAQ page about running your own server mail but this would avoid better explanations than "use this package" for configuring non base components like dkim signing, dovecot or anti spam.

Do you think that would still be useful?

@viktormadarasz oh no that’s too bad. Your mic level on the show today was great - loud and clear tho! 👍👍

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