Still getting the hang of searching for things in the , but I am finding and -oriented accounts gradually.

But it is nearly noon on a day off, so I should get dressed, do the obligatory chores, and get down to the serious business of doing some musicking of my own.

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Probably not a lot of people know this now, but Mastodon's web app started out with "Publish". In 2016 a famous YouTuber jokingly offered to support Mastodon's Patreon forever if I changed the button to say "Toot" instead. Needless to say, this was a really early, and not very informed decision. The first glimpse of attention and financial support. As a non-native speaker I had no idea there was another meaning.

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My children decline to watch any of the films after Aliens (1986). As far as they are concerned, the story ends there and Ripley, Newt, and Hicks live happily ever after.

They are smart children.

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oh that's right

it's because Michael Fassbender is absolutely brilliant in it

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Is there anything in later Alien universe films that makes Prometheus suck less in retrospect? Like something that makes it make sense after the fact?

I had such high hopes but it's still a mediocre story every time I watch it. I don't know why I keep doing it to myself.

I'm really impressed by how they combine interviews, B-roll footage, and slow motion to make the 90 seconds of usable footage stretch out to 45 minutes.

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Watching a documentary on Disney+ about how orcas are massive sea assholes who hunt great white sharks in packs just to eat their nutritious livers

We did not go to the Tacoma Guitar and Drum Festival today. I/we did--
☑️ go out to breakfast (just Mom and Dad) at our fave place
☑️ go for a family walk/bike ride
☑️ archery in the back yard
☑️ pellet gun in the back yard
☑️ watch a movie together
☑️ hours and hours of bass guitar

so it was a pretty great day.

Watched the movie. It was surprisingly enjoyable. There were more than a few "I can't believe they got that past the censors" moments.

"Move the bag of chicken closer to the edge, please and thank you."

Turns out my friend Doug has another guitar buddy who's played with us a few times--

--who was a child prodigy accordion player

--who lives a few minutes away and gives lessons

so this is actually somewhat feasible. My son is excited to meet him, so setting that up.

He has so many enthusiasms, but like most 14yos, relatively little follow-through.

But there are worse things to have around the house than an accordion

although I confess I can't think of one at the moment.

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I always wanted to play and/or drums as a kid, but there was never money for that and I knew better than to ask. I started playing only after my little brother upgraded from his starter (when I was off to school) and I got his first one.

So I have always been aggressively supportive of my kids' interests. I have the money or I can find it. I can't get back the years I could have been playing.

But they do make it hard sometimes.

My 14yo son wishes to learn .

Friday night guitar jams was excellent. Highlight of my week.

I was planning to go to the Tacoma Guitar & Drum Festival tomorrow but I am preemptively tired of being around people already

leaning toward just not

Playing with some of my favorite effects on my effects/synth pedal. I have spent hours messing around with various amp/cab simulators. A wealth of included pedals means I have a long way to go before I'm close to effectively using my options.

And that's without getting into the capabilities. This is one of my favorite electronics projects ever.

When I opened my eyes and looked at my wrist tracker, it was 5:55 and my pulse was 56. I figured it was a sign to get up and drink some coffee.

It's Friday and I'm still on leave. I shall probably play more Dragon Age for a bit, but then it should be a day of music (mostly bass guitar), culminating in jam night at Dad's house.

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