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At the Boeing Museum of Flight today; on the VC-137B "Air Force One"; communications station:

@snowdusk_ The 6180 is not UNIX, it is Multics, a predecessor of UNIX.

@snowdusk The 6180 system is not UNIX; it is Multics, a predecessor of UNIX.

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After fixing the "memory write" timing violation, my breadboard #Z80 completed the π calculation program flawlessly, and was able to calculate π to 500+ digits.

In the troubleshooting process, boards were rewired based on a "bus-centric" approach - always use a row of rightmost boards as the system bus, so new modules can be daisy-chained, and the bus can be probed easily.

The Arduino board is only used as a PSU & USB serial, no cheating here.

TODO: in-system EEPROM programmer, video.


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I've... exploited 0days you programmers wouldn't believe.
[*contemptuous laugh*]
ROP shellcode on non-executable memory ran as the machine of Turing.
I watched Offset2lib pwns ASLR near the stack of kernel space.

All those bugs won't be fixed in time, like
[*cough*] dereference... to... NULL,
segfault (core dumped)

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I want to like vscode but I just can't get past the idea of using a separate application window for editing files and navigating the filesystem. It might take longer to type what I want in a terminal than it does to click through a file tree but the idea of moving my hands off the keyboard makes me cringe

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Oh, wow. This is one of the first computer books I ever read:

Except I had some 2nd ed, probably:

The Lost Treasure "simulation" was a big influence on the games I still write 4 decades later.

#atari #retrocomputing #gamedev

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Here's a thing! It's a forum, for
There's a weekly digest email and an RSS feed. Sign up today!
(Boost this for extra points)

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I've been wanting to redo XRAY, but the original pdp8 platform seems like a real pain. It occured to me that an Atari 800 could stand in, and I (at least at one time) could make FORTH jump through hoops. Find an Atari Emulator. Check. Find a FORTH disk. Found a zip of 12 images; check. Download, unzip, look at the disk titles..... <cue eerie music> ... One of the disks is... an editor I wrote back in '83.

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since jasmaz & @developer r talkng abt this on aNONradio OpenVoIP rn

Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest

"Join us in Seattle on March 23rd and 24th for two days of exhibits, presentations, and general vintage computing goodness. Reconnect with old friends, peruse the consignment area, and enjoy both the event and the museum that is hosting us.

Sat Mar 23rd & Sun Mar 24th, 2019 10am to 5pm

Living Computers: Museum+Labs, 2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA"


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Linux, DNS 

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