“Have you ever hurt yourself from your own code?”

“Conclusion: Look at an audio file's waveform before playing it at max volume.”


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Favorite LED color?

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t anything remotely close to this.

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I have a newly recorded Dally Rhythms today at 2200 UTC! It went a bit heavier in the techno this time, be sure to tune in on aNONradio.net. I will try to be in com, if I get back from errands in time.

Okay seriously... I thought I had given them all a proper sex education and birth control methods. *triplets?*

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Generate RSS feeds with grep(1), sed(1), and Awk(1)

(submitted by Tomte)

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For those who enjoy anonymity, you should know the “DOJ had used a grand jury subpoena in late November to seek subscriber records for a Twitter account that mocks Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.”

The fact that this happened is very worrisome.


I’ve been binging the Radiolab podcast More Perfect, which is about the US Supreme Court. As all WNYC productions, this one is great and I highly suggest it.


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As a form of class solidarity, the SNL audience should refuse to laugh at Elon’s jokes

music education fundraiser 

Fundraiser for California high school music teacher, Mr. Byers, who wants to bring high quality audio production opportunities to ALL his students. The music technology program trying to be established will focus on composing and producing original music and audio content (podcasts, spoken-word poetry, etc.)


I have about a month to change some login emails or shamefully renew a domain that I don’t otherwise use.

Me vs forgetful procrastination. Who will win?

“Post-vaccine life may breed some misunderstandings between the extroverts who want to dive headfirst into a sea of other people and the introverts who are excited to see their friends but don’t want to pack their schedules so full that they have no time to just be.”


The job market is a fun place. And by fun I mean depressing.

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