Just had a baptist preacher come to the door to invite me to his
church. Man, what an annoying pitch. Could we PLEASE outlaw

Cat just came home from the vet. Urinary blockage. Those aren't a cheap fix.

If you call everyone who works as a policeman, fireman, or is in the military, a hero, you diminish the term for those who go above and beyond.

* Offense is something that can never be given if the recipient chooses not to take it.
* One with a victim mentality can choose to take offense at anything.
* Personally, I choose to take offense at nothing. I'll disagree with you... might even think you're an idiot, but I'll never take offense.
@mysteryfish @papa

Hadn't hear of Paul Kelly before.
I like. Thanks. @cs

Any songwriters or budding songwriters wanting to improve their art have available this excellent Berklee course on the process of creating prosidy in lyrical creations. IIRC there was also a pretty good section at the end related to the spectrum of musical resolution. (I took it back when it was free, and am currently retaking in audit mode)


now requires all Kenyans, immigrants, and refugees to turn over their DNA,
GPS coordinates of their residential address, retina scans, iris pattern,
voice waves, and earlobe geometry before being issued critical
identification documents... [necessary to] vote, purchase property, access
higher education, obtain employment, access credit, or public health,
among other fundamental rights.


The voice told me to do it. No, really, there was a voice.

New Technology Uses Lasers to Transmit Audible Messages to Specific People


All three of my cats sneezed in unison, which caused global wetting.

America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’


Hey! Maybe they should come up with a vaccination against reluctance.

" Some states allow parents to get out of vaccinations. This is what happens:"

Remember when measles, mumps and chicken pox were just a normal part of growing up? Nobody was all running around like chicken pox with their heads cut off. The UN-WHO claims RELUCTANCE is one of their top ten world-wide problems.

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