Gutter clogged. Water spilling over the side then leaking into basement. Avg rainfall for the entire month is 3.03" We already have 6.46" and
a) it's still raining,
b) we're not even 2/3 through the month yet.

Got ladder out in the rain, unclogged gutter and it's now going where it's supposed to ~12' away from the house.

🤞 for no more seepage.

Leo Kottke - Six String; Medley: Available Space (Ry Cooder) / June Bug, Arms of Mary, Oddball

Just roasted up a 5 lb. batch of Ethiopian Harrar (Queen City) just into the first cracks of 2nd.

Nothing so irritating as being told to deactivate your adblocker when you're not running one.

1) Do away with political parties.
2) Tax reform: No income tax for humans. Flat tax on corporate profit. National sales tax of 3%.
3) Government cannot spend more than it has.

+2 on Notre Dame.
We visited in '79, saw all the "normal" stuff, plus the Paris Air Show.

Switzerland [to] stop stockpiling coffee

Nothing brings to the forefront of consciousness how vital something is until it's gone.

"The currently available evidence suggests that the most prestigious journals are no better at detecting unreliable science than other journals. In fact, some of the most convincing studies show a negative correlation, with the most prestigious journals publishing the least reliable science."

"our tuning is responsible for much of our cultural psychology, the fact that we are so geared toward progress and action and violence and so little attuned to introspection, contentment, and acquiesence. Equal temperament could be described as the musical equivalent to eating a lot of red meat and processed sugars and watching violent action films. The music doesn't turn your attention inward, it makes you want to go out and work off your nervous energy on something."

Next election cycle there should be a grass roots movement to never vote Republican or Democrat ever again.

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