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We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously
Little of this made the news, because good news is no news

Today I learned what to call it.

"virtue signalling"

Left: The cops around here are horrible! All they do is arrest and kill minorities!
Right: The cops around here are horrible! All they do is write tickets for speeding and driving without insurance!
Me: I'll...just leave this here...

'It's pretty staggering': Returned online purchases often sent to landfill, journalist's research reveals

Cheaper for businesses to just toss returns than check if they can be resold:

The certificate for expired on 11/29/2019.

Creating Online Environments That Work Well for Older Users

"a cable connection that promises 150 megabytes per second" [should be bits not bytes]
"Amazon" [haven't used them for more than 20 years]

Otherwise, excellent article.

"Switzerland consumes a staggering 8kg (17.6lb) of coffee per person per year."

Not enough to survive on in this household by about half. "Staggering" is not the word I'd have used.

Switzerland's plan to stop stockpiling coffee proves hard to swallow

All those people who believe they're "woke" are just dreaming they're awake. Once they actually wake up, they'll realize it was all just a bad dream.

Google to offer checking accounts in partnership with banks starting next year

"So why even bother getting into this game if it’s leaving a lot of the actual banking to traditional financial institutions? Well, Google obviously stands to gain a lot of valuable information and insight on customer behavior..."

Lovely "burning dust" smell coming from the blower of the wood stove.

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