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Sure will be glad when the open mic's are open again.
This was the last one I went to. 9/11

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Science says masks are of great value... in very limited circumstances.

It is POLITICIANS who say masks have limited value in all circumstances.

Strange how some people don't like the idea of trillionaires, yet fall right into lock step with everything the trillionaires say.

I _almost_ never post anything from the bird site, but this is just too damn amusing!

Biden's double barrel shotgun.

Sweden just released it’s completed Week 35 Total Mortality, at 64.4k. This is marginally lower than Week 35 Total Mortality in 2016-17, at 64.7k. Sweden did not lock down this year during the COVID panic. Also, Sweden’s population has increased year over year for the last few decades.

Suspend gut reaction to immediately hit stop, and listen all the way through. She does make some rational points and ask some reasonable questions.

Can't believe anyone would be afraid of a farmer without a mask starting a "second wave." Having taken the John's Hopkins COVID-19 Tracer course, I have to say, a farmer at a vegetable stand is the least of your worries. Unless he's infected, and infectious, and you stand within 6' of him for more than 15 minutes.

If you want to squander your indignation, aim it at protests and rallies.

ebay's been on my "dubious" list for awhile. I think they've just managed to fall over onto the "evil" side.

Feds: Former eBay Employees Sent Newsletter Writers Roaches, Spiders And Pornography

Perhaps the Dachau and Auschwitz camps (etc.)should be bulldozed as well?

I sometimes noticed a lot of CPU cycles going to Thunar when I wasn't using it. That sort of thing bugs me.

Tried out xfe this morning. BLARGH! It puked Win'95-looking fonts (I imagine) all over the place.

If i'm doing something in an xterm or tty, mc is the fm of choice (assuming I want a fm at all), but if I'm clicking something, I most likely want it to come up in a GUI type fm.

PCManFM doesn't seem to suck too badly. Currently in trial period.

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