Exploring the space of auth on the WWW for a personal project, and I am disappointed at how it still seems nontrivial to set up user/password logins for an arbitrary independent Web service. HTTPS with Basic auth is always an option, but anything more complicated or secure quickly spirals out of control. Looks like there are a couple of attractors in the space of popular solutions, which really boil down to "shell out to someone else and hope they don't go under/change their TOS on you."

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yknow how some mathy instances have MathJax? we need instances where you can paste source code snippets without the indentation getting buggered

Anyone here on have some background with the -1 that you can dust off? I'm trying to rehab a g1g1-era XO-1 for the daughter of a friend, and after trying to bulldoze my old custom Debian setup with the newest Sugar, I am left with a device that only boots into the OFW command prompt and seems to be missing some vital part of its boot-up chain. (The installation process *did* seem to set up a new root filesystem, though.)

@SDF Is the MetaArray in Bad Place right now?

For those who like a good, swift read which caters to contemporary concerns, this came up on my radar at work: ironholds.org/resources/papers

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One of my favorite games is SketchFighter 4000 Alpha, a video game from 2006 that is no longer available to buy since the company that made it disappeared. I wanted to preserve the game, so I recorded a playthrough of it. Here is a [very small] piece of video game history!


Anyone else a fan of for their mail? What do you use? I've used rmail, ViewMail, and Wanderlust over the years, but I haven't found anything really satisfactory. ViewMail was really nice but seems defunct, and Wanderlust's interface and documentation have worn me down over the years. I think I'm going to push in the direction of notmuch, as described at wwwtech.de/articles/2016/jul/m sometime soon.

I miss scrollbars that do "mouse1 pgdn mouse2 pgup, mouse 3 jump here".

Just pulled files off of an old MS-DOS/Win3.1 machine's hard drive. Had to delve in a junk pile to find a working machine with a native ATA interface, and then I had to run an untrusted binary from the late 90s to read the DoubleSpace volume. But I got the data!

Just got my first Japanese language "i hacked ur computer, here's an old password that we pulled out of the LinkedIn database breach as proof. send BTC or i'll ruin u" E-mail.

Thank god. I thought the rest of the world was missing out.

Shouting into the void here: if you use E-mail as a weak form of 2FA, please don't assume that mail arrives in under 10 minutes. It's very annoying than to be put on hold for an authorization URL, only to be denied once it finally shows up.

Started using a planner-mode emulation layer on top of the new task management code in . Give me about a month to shake out bugs and add polish, and this should be ready for packaging and release.

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Why do people insist using discord over IRC?

Been writing an Emacs mode that acts like the old planner-mode (emacswiki.org/emacs/PlannerMod), but on top of an arbitrary backend for task storage.

The goal is to store your actual tasks in whatever database or cloud service you want, so that you get first-class access to task planning whether you're in Emacs or on a non-Emacs surface.

I keep having to pull my punches so that I don't accidentally an entire MVC framework in Elisp, but all the basics are there. Almost time to focus on polish.

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Catching up on some three month old news, it seems the Mass congress has gotten around to discussing forming a committee to study the issue of extending the right to repair to electronics (still stuck in the house). In other words, still years away 😑 motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

All those DoD/IARPA folks who use the word "cyber" must be pretty stoked at how much attention they've been getting this election cycle.

I was pooh-pooing the weather forecast here in Boston until I walked out of the climate controlled office, and then WHAM the humidity came in like a wave. This is terrible, and the fact that it's nearly September and still doing things like this is mind-boggling.

Welp, we're in full-on sleep cycle phase shift now. No going back. Wish me luck.

All aboard! Next stop: day/night reversal.

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📣 Okay! Hello! Out there, can you hear me!

mastodon dot social is full! It is full. The vehicle is over capacity. Now I'm gonna have to ask some of you, give me some brave volunteers, we got all these other perfectly good instances. Just Export your followers and hop into one of those. This'll keep everything running on time and you'll make some new friends. Thank you so much.

Supposed to bring in a recording of our own choosing to sing along with for beginning vocal class tonight. My usual shower singing fodder (opera and metal) is right out, as is pop in a language the other people in class don't know. So 80's ballad in a minor key it is, I guess? Thinking Depeche Mode or New Order. Or maybe there's something appropriate with a Scandroid cover.

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