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What profiterole, if it gains the dessert, only to lose the entree?

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anybody know about any boston area demonstrations this weekend?

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@solderpunk Google doesn't make money with web-search, it makes money with surveillance based advertisements...

"The Conscience of the Computer Industry" ( is a new read to me, and a good one. It is worth reading for chapter 7 ("A Denunciation of Killing Devices") alone.

Minor shock: listening to a stream of traditional Japanese music and recognizing the song "Moon Over Ruined Castle." You mean it's not just for students using Suzuki method books?!

Had a really serious dream last night that had surreal invocations of differential geometry and U.S. constitutional law. Not sure what to take away from that, except maybe I should go back to practicing from my differential geometry text.

It's not rooted in topological manifolds, which I think is partly due to its age. That's good for me, since I never did topology or analysis.

Maybe I should just crack open Munkres again. Yeah, I'll totally be able to stick with it this time.

Showing my age... just entered the command "oowriter" to bring up a word processor and suffered momentary confusion when nothing came up.

I first used StarOffice when it came with its own Windows-95-like MDI desktop, complete with Start menu analogue. soffice, oowriter, libreoffice ... it's not that many binary name changes, but I've already started losing track.

The IRS sent us a nice letter a few months ago notifying me of an oversight in our taxes. Turns out that we actually overpaid last year. Not sure this is the outcome that they expected; it's definitely not what I was expecting.

Whew, it's hard to realize how worn down I get when I'm in the middle of a long period of sleep deprivation. Only after I start recovering sleep does the brain start firing properly again. That includes self-awareness.

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Skiing for the first time in two years tomorrow. Primary goal: no death or injuries.

"Don't worry about me. I already threw a pizza in the oven before you got here."

"So you had a little personal pizza before I got home?"


...and now /usr/bin/sensors is hanging, and I'm getting kernel call traces about thermal_zone_device_check hanging. So that's a new experience.

Running a bootstrap and doing some file copies over the network: 200° F (93° C)

Laptop temperatures:

Firefox open but all tabs suspended: 118° F (48° C)

Opened in an active Firefox tab: 135° F (57° C)

Added Gmail in an active Firefox tab: 149° F (65° C)

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In case you haven't read this... Probably one of the most cyberpunk text ever created:

"I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter"

Shamelessly stolen from someone who posted this recently on the Fediverse.

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@ross TLDR making information free was a mistake that will impoverish the middle class and enrich those who own the biggest servers.

Anyone have some good recommendations for spaced repetition drills for learning kana and/or hanzi? I've never studied Japanese, but picking up some familiarity with kana would be useful.

On the Mandarin side, studying hanzi would be helpful to supplement my limited exposure I've had to Modern Standard Mandarin and would let me fake familiarity with kanji.

Duolingo doesn't cut it. I found enough quality control issues and limitations on their platform that I'd rather use another resource.

I am now afraid of most of the food in our fridge because of how ill I got on Sunday. Buuut I guess a body still has to eat something other than saltines and canned soup, so... here goes nothing.

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