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What profiterole, if it gains the dessert, only to lose the entree?

Current mood: Götterdämmerung (Bayreuth 1967). Right now we've got the Tarnhelm's leitmotif going, and it's rockin'.

Current mood: Veteran of the Psychic Wars.

2½-year-old rolled off a bed and hit his head earlier today. He's fine, but he cushioned his fall with a laptop that was closed and stowed next to the bed. Now the glass layer on top of the LCD has a very fashionable impact crater.

It's a Chromebook Pixel 2015. Great hardware. Picked it up refurbished near its EOL date. Was hoping to install Debian and use it indefinitely. Now I'll have to track down another refurbished model or find another hardware platform which hits a comparable sweet spot.

Hm, the recent press about the officially published new Quake I content had me looking at again, since that's had some time to mature and accumulate players since the name sale fiasco.

Xonotic feels a lot floatier than I remember Nexuiz being. Or maybe I should try another mouse. I got a lot worse at extremely high-precision FPS games a while ago. I thought it was due to age and skill atrophy, but maybe the ergonomic mouse I started using has some input delay after all.

Another sign I've left youth behind: we moved over 3 weeks ago, but it's only as of last night that I had time to set up my personal computer. It was running headlessly for a while in a corner, and I had a workstation for my actual job running the week of the move.

Feels really nice to have my own environment back. Better than I thought it would. Now I finally feel like I can live here.

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Does anyone know where I can get the video adapter cable for a VIC-20?

Our technology features the best spam-blockers in the world. Your voicemail and E-mail inboxes will never be so distraction-free! That's right, spam is bad, and we have your back 100%!

You want to know where most of our revenue comes from? Web and mobile app advertising, of course. These are vital services which keep publishers' lights on. YOU CAN'T CUT BACK ON ADVERTISING! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!

Another neologism:

Me: "Please behave at the table, so that I can get you more toast."

2½-year-old: "What does 'have' mean?" (Pronounced "hayve".)

Me: "Sorry, son, but that's not an independent morpheme."

2½-year-old: "What does *that* mean?"

Me: "... it means don't misbehave."

wait now that I think about it, it was kinda like a 46-year-old man version of Catcher in the Rye. Kinda. That really puts a different spin on it.

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Also: damn it, now I have to read Babbitt again.

And the really brilliant thing is, Babbitt's fairy girl wasn't real and forever out of reach, but I bet I can totally score some socks this Christmas.

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But buying a stack of the finest indestructible socks that modern industry can provide me misses the point entirely The point is the gift sock. It is immaculately given, free of the sins of wear and ruin that are the fates of all things material. Truly, this is the meaning of Babbitt's fairy girl: not the crude trappings of flesh (or of cloth), but rather the immaculate, pure detachment of the thing, transcendent and shining.

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ofc I could just get off my butt and order like 500 new socks off Ebay or whatever anytime I wanted, but that's not the point. The point is the fantasy. The simple, perfect socks. Just the right ones to replace all the woolen winter blends that have holes in them, and the cotton crew socks that have holes in them, and the misshapen wool monstrosities that are too thick ever to wear through. I should really get Kevlar or something, I guess.

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Reached that stage of life where I honestly feel like one of the things I'd most like to see under a Christmas tree this year is a bunch of nice, new socks. It's practical. It's simple. I won't have to troubleshoot them when they go wrong. I know they'll improve my life. I'll feel happy and think fondly of the gift-giver every time I pull on a pair of socks that isn't threadbare.

I could never believe it when I was younger, but it is indeed possible to feel this way. Looking forward to socks.

Never made seasonal pie with Northern Spies before, and wow. Not going back. Only challenge is going to be not turning to an all-pie diet to justify maximizing fruit pie intake before the apples in the fridge go bad.

Me: Finally, a free evening has aligned with the world around me! Let's go to the gym! We'll feel great after!
Lower back and hips, the next day: WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE.

Finally read "The Screwfly Solution" after seeing a plot synopsis a long time ago. It's very much worth reading as a story and as an artifact of its time:

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Recent neologisms: the car has a "frontshield" and a "backshield." They have a frontshield wiper and a backshield wiper, respectively.

Me (driving car): "I like the way you're saying that. But we usually say windshield, front windshield wiper, and rear windshield wiper."
2½-year-old (in carseat, watching the backshield wiper): "No, I like frontshield and backshield. I think I will say that."

Did anyone else feel like they suddenly got a lot better at puzzles from studying math and computing? I felt like I got a lot better at blacksmith puzzles after dipping into topology really briefly, for example.

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