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What profiterole, if it gains the dessert, only to lose the entree?

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Getting a head cold just in time for this awesome fall weather. I can still enjoy it from the porch, though.

Had a dream about plugging together old hardware and booting it up.

I have decades of more interesting memories to draw from, and this is what gets queued up when I sleep?! My personality must have died some time ago and been replaced with an inscrutable puzzle box, all without the rest of me noticing.

Nope, it's not even a fresh Debian install. /sbin/init doesn't exist, so this must have been a botched attempt at installing a new system. Figures, since the datestamps are all around 2003, which is a long time after I thought I was done using the machine this drive came out of.

I finally imaged the hard drive in my old 486 to mount it and see what nostalgic treasures I could find...

And I see that /home is missing. The last thing I remember doing with this system was messing about with its partitions and filesystems, and it looks like there's nothing but a fresh Debian install, circa Linux 2.2.20. Go me.

The frequency with which, "Neat, I haven't booted up this old computer in a while! Let's see what I left on here," turns into <boot off rescue media> "vi /etc/shadow" depresses me a little bit.

Some old (from my POV, not necessarily in an absolute sense) computer hardware is still kicking around here at the old homestead. Will try to take a few photos to share for the sake of childhood nostalgia.

Long after the last mammal gasps its final breath, somewhere far from Earth, an intrepid alien away team gingerly applies voltage to long-dormant mains. The old facility groans and slowly coughs its way back from death, but too much time has passed. Motors churn sluggishly and give out again, seized for eternity. Computer banks hum briefly before shorting out in a final cascade of sparks and smoking electrolytes.

But in a bedchamber, a dumb, faithful single-purpose device starts blinking 12:00.

So relaxing to be able to write code for myself instead of having to make something for The Corporation.

On leave from work at the moment, so I punched my personal dev setup at home back into shape. Time to un-mothball some projects!

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White kids' racism is a symptom of white racial respectability politics 

Dystopian science fiction isn't supposed to be a template for the future. Case in point: the original Deus Ex posited a secessionist movement in the Pacific Northwest spearheaded by militia groups.

...and suddenly the Google requirement that you have strong 2FA enabled on your account to be able to push to their org on Github makes a lot more sense

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Interesting article by SF writer Greg Egan on this question: "If you looked through a wormhole, what would you see?"

#SFF #GregEgan #WormHole


We're well past the first wave of "I hacked ur b0x3n, s3nd b1tc01n or I post ur n00dz" spam, and it is interesting to note that the passwords they are claiming to have stolen with their malware have been mangled.

Recently, I've been getting an incomplete password substring. This suggests that the password list got corrupted somehow, or the spam scripts have developed a bug.

Have some pride! Automated testing is the gold standard, but these folks could at least run manual integration tests.

Thanks to my wonderful spouse, I now have to come to terms with the fact that the document editing software I am working on, in which I recently implemented a drawing feature, will very likely be used by teenage boys to draw dicks on each others' schoolwork.

Compared with automated mass surveillance and weapons platforms, this seems like a less problematic application of a software product. But a responsible engineer should consider all the ramifications of what they build, regardless.

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You probably wouldn’t appreciate someone tracking your every move in real life.

There’s no real reason to accept it online. tweeted by @Firefox

What profiterole, if it gains the dessert, only to lose the entree?

I love how every time I open up my old laptop with a 15" screen in 4:3 ratio, it feels like I have an ungodly huge amount of screen space. This is because I'm usually in front of newer, smaller, widescreen devices that I have to use for work.

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