Loving the shop caves of Hanoi, here are some gauges and meters on display outside a plumbing supply shop

On the way to the airport, everybody working hard to prepare for the coming storm. Weighing down roofs with sacks of wet sand, trimming the trees, tidying away loose detritus, bracing the trees with rods. It's a hive of activity.

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I'm trying to remember the name of that text based dungeon crawler game in which the player is often a tourist with a pet dog.

Anyway, I always feel like the tourist from that game when I'm on holiday. Hapless, confused, bewildered and wondering why I'm even here.

Netcrawl? No..? Yes.. ? I'll have to do a search or I won't sleep

Every morning at 6am the Cafe opposite my accommodation cranks up the attached audio. The insistence and relentless music beats my somnolent brain into submission before I'm even fully awake.

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Wet season here in Danong, Vietnam. We went out for coffee and Bánh mì this morning. I ended up having a haircut. The covid era mullet is now gone. Still feeling rough. Everytime I get a break from work I seem to fall in a heap. The universe is probably trying to tell me something.

Listening to the rainfall outside and the washing machine down the hall whilst dozing and reading. This is more like it.

If you're looking for me I'm over at @trregeagle these days. This is my backup for when @mjd let's entropy take it's inevitable course 😁

“Fevers of Curiosity”: Charles Baudelaire and the Convalescent Flâneur

This month marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Baudelaire’s birth, the French poet famous for his descriptions of the flâneur: a man of the crowd, who thrived in the metropolis’ multitude. Following Baudelaire through 19th-century Paris, Matthew Beaumont discovers a parallel archetype — the convalescent hero of modernity — who emerges from the sickbed into city streets with a feverish curiosity.


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Good news - Andy isn't on his periodic Friday afternoon R.E.M. 'Country Feedback' binge contemplating his own mortality, admiring Michael Stipe's poetic lyrics.

Bad news - Andy is on a Fall binge.

This line from 'Backdrop' seems appropriate

'It's about time you started thinking about the rerun which is your life'
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Somebody was after pictures of phone boxes, can't remember who. Anyway, I stopped beside this one on the way back to Broken Hill today.

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My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence

"I put away my personal Librem 13v1 and tested out whether I could replace it with a Librem 5"


#librem5 #convergence #freedom

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