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Which of these garments should we bring back into fashion?

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I was 11 when I first watched the footage. Mohamed Dura shielded by his dad from Israeli bullets. One moment they were pleading for their lives, the next they were dead. He was 12, we belonged to the same generation. The horror in his eyes still shakes me to my core 20 yrs later.


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ok it's actually pretty cool to keep a journal, helps big time when i feel like "lol i haven't accomplished shit this month"

DHL is shipping my new bicycle to me from Bridgewater, UK to Broken Hill, Australia. I am getting a couple of messages a day from them which seem to want me to contact them to answer customs related questions. When I do contact them they tell me everything is in hand but I should expect not expect delivery anytime soon as, "all commercial flights have been cancelled". I mean really? All of them!? Maybe somebody is riding my bicycle to me?

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The Precursor is the latest open source hardware project from OSHW wizard Andrew "bunnie" Huang - AKA "the guy who broke the Xbox DRM and is now suing to overturn the DMCA."

It's a mobile hardware platform, "a framework upon which you can assemble a wide variety of DIY mobile applications...designed from the ground-up to be carried around in your pocket."


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Friendly reminder from your neighborhood anarchist: The only reason anyone "needs a job" is because there is a paywall on living.

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Electronic documentation making up for hiding behind bad handwriting with obtuse words, "15mm sessile semipedunculated rectosigmoid mass 25cm from anal verge. Quadrantic tattoo performed." anon

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"been following your journey and life on Pino, inspired me to buy a narrow boat of my own to create an indpependant pirate studio on it"

This is their boat:


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The list of 800 dead miners from Broken Hills past includes surnames from every corner of the world. The Cornish ones of course catch my eye Trembath, Trenaman, Trennery, Trevena, Trevilyan, Trevorrow, Trezise and Pascoe to name a few.

Tony Wickert might like this thing in fact there are a few films I'd find interesting to watch with the directions in sync

We had a bit of a wild night. You'd think doctors would know the combination of Malibu and pineapple juice is up there with chemotherapy when it comes to emetics.

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@kat Oh, this is hard. I'd be crap on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, which probably explains why they haven't called me.

Done with the Wind: An embittered old engineer is called out of retirement when gusty squalls off Dover threaten to send a row of turbines critical. Sometimes pressure is not just barometric.

Citizen Kant: A moral universalist drives himself crazy making a sled for every person on the planet.

It's a Wonderful Lift: Depressed elevator operator is persuaded not to throw himself down the shaft by a kindly angel who shows him a dismal future of people trudging up and down stairs. "Remarkably tedious" - Variety.

Moulin Rough: Tuberculosis is no joke.

The Ted Commandments: Though shalt inspire, but don't go on too long. We're busy people.

My Fair Lads: Henry Higgins finds his true calling. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Womb: Freud biopic.

Natal Attraction: Sequel to the above.

Dunces with Wolves: Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey's first collaboration.

Schindler's Lisp: …swiftly followed by their second.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towels: I didn't understand it, to be honest. But it was very spectacular.

Wife of Pi: "What time do you call this? You've been out with that tiger again, haven't you? Your dinner's in the oven."
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