Episode number 2500 of the Dubious Goals Committee starts in 45 minutes! Please tune into anonradio.net for this LANDMARK in aNONradio HISTORY!!

The 2,500th episode of Dubious Goals Committee airs Oct 5, 2022 at 19:30 UTC on aNONradio!
Please join us on this HISTORICAL OCCASION!

I just finished building a passive mult thanks to the inspiration of @quincasmoreira and fully intend to use it during tonight's Synth Battle!

03:00 UTC!

Cow bowling balls are a thing.
Especially at Cow Bowling Alleys.
Dubious Goals Committee airs at 19:30 UTC on TODAY!

Space Haircuts!
Dubious Goals Committee 19:30 UTC! www.anonradio.net
Also: Is it a Tinder Transporter? A Whore Synthesizer?
All this and MORE starts in 2 hours!

LIVE Synth Battle TONIGHT on anonradio! 03:00 UTC!
Battle us, Quincas! FOR THE GLORY!
Also, tell any other synth guys you might know.

Synth Battle Royale
03:00 UTC
Live. Improv. Synth. Battle.

Debut, Spring 2023

I gotta spend the next 45 min trying to get some kind of network configuration together that will let me battle. SYNTH BATTLE.

I gotta start plugging in ETHERNET cables so I can SYNTH BATTLE tonight. 03:00 UTC www.anonradio.net

If anyone can tell me why I can't log into SDF, please do so. I'll be checking masto every few days.
Otherwise, it looks like I am done with SDF for awhile.
It was fun!

If you hear a new DGC today, let me know by masto.

I cannot log into SDF today.

HAven't been able to log into SDF all day. Is legacy.sdf.org down?

Most likely no DGC today.

I will be taste-testing some Yunnan Golden Buds Dian Hong on today's episode of Dubious Goals Committee! And you will see FASCINATING close-up photos of TEA in com!

19:30 UTC www.anonradio.net

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