Este sistema en Noruega te permite subir caminos empinados en bicicleta

wow! This intro to Fourier transforms by @jezzamnon is brilliant.

Had on my TODO list to refresh my uni knowledge of Fourier transforms because of all its uses in ML and just stumbled upon this thanks to a pointer from @migueldeicaza. A++ …

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It's 2019.

We're now exactly halfway between y2k and the 32-bit Unix time overflow.

Quite a leap for Virgin Galactic, advancing space exploration with a unique spacecraft: … @exploreplanets

How are stars and planets born? What happens to its planets when a star dies?

Come along on an epic interstellar journey, billions of years long, through the life and death of a planetary system:

Part 8 of our One Dev Question series on Visual Studio Code:

Peng Lyu (@njukidreborn) is back and explaining how an external debugger works with .

You can find the debugger example on GitHub at 

Join us next Tues & Thurs for the next 2 new videos.

Ginebra (Suiza) deja sistema de voto electrónico. Expertos en seguridad informática lograron manipularlo (hackearlo) y redireccionar votantes hacia otro sitio. La falla podría haber sido corregida, pero Ginebra ya no quiere invertir en esto …

I blogged a little walkthrough of the three major C# 8.0 features (nullable reference types, range and index expressions and async streams) shipping in Preview 1 of @VisualStudio 2019 and Preview 1 of .NET Core 3.0. Hope you like it! …

announcement: Core 2.2 is now available for download. w/ improvements to Core & runtime diagnostics. + new support for ARM32 for Windows and Azure AD for SQL Client.

Grab it, use it, <3 it. See what else is new:

One of the most exciting features of .NET Core 3 on the desktop is that apps can be self-contained. No runtime to pre-install.

If you're using NuGet Package Explorer v5, you're already running a .NET Core 3 WPF app!

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