Remote for SSH allows you to work on a remote VM as if it were local. Useful if you need a dev environment that is more resources (CPU, memory, GPU, storage, bandwidth, etc) than your laptop can provide. Port forwarding works seamlessly.

"Spending time on improving the quality of the software versus concentrating on releasing more valuable features"

@martinfowler …

Researchers say they’ve discovered an advanced piece of Linux malware that has escaped detection by antivirus products and appears to be actively used in targeted attacks. …

"By using the Linux kernel itself, Microsoft gets all of Linux's features for free. This is why WSL 2 will support Docker containers: all the underlying infrastructure, such as cgroups, is already in the Linux kernel." …

ML .NET CLI: Learn how to automatically generate an ML .NET machine learning model and C# related code with this tutorial using the ML .NET CLI: … … CrossPlatform! (Windows, macOS, Linux)

"The quality of code is inversely proportional to the effort it takes to understand it" @venkat_s

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We haven't really obsoleted many APIs for a while. I beleive this has to do with the limitations of the [Obsolete] attribute. Maybe my proposal could fix this. Thoughts? …

Earth, in this image, would be hard to explain to the forces of the universe.

“On Being Round” — Chap. 8 of **Astrophysics for People in A Hurry** discusses how the laws of physics conspire across the cosmos to prefer spheres. If you think Earth is flat you’ve never read this chapter or you have yet to establish a relationship with objective reality.

Everything you wanted to know about making C# apps that run on bare metal, but were afraid to ask: …. A complete EFI boot application in a single .cs file.

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