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Astronomers discover 1st possible exoplanets in another galaxy From EarthSky: Astronomers have rep… dlvr.it/QGt9Cy  pic.twitter.com/uIbgMy5fZf

"Visual Studio Code Can Do That?" — Great article by @burkeholland in @smashingmag on a few things you might not know about @code. smashingmagazine.com/2018/01/v …

[RPT] Enceladus in Silhouette: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180215.ht … by Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, @NASAJPL, @esa, @NASA pic.twitter.com/7pw5NNYcC0

Why F# is cool. A Valentine's love letter by @_cartermp. twitter.com/_cartermp/status/9 …

And the doubters gonna doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt... pic.twitter.com/MBJA5BWEgX

A cryptocurrency miner hidden in a favicon.ico - welcome to 2018

via @chrskly pic.twitter.com/UiLo16dUDU

Looks like the Avalonia folks are making good progress on thier open source cross plat UI stack for .NET Core: avaloniaui.net/blog/2017-05-08 …

We added a hierarchy view in Visual Studio 15.6 that you may like! pic.twitter.com/kE9xiK0Awm

You can run your application anywhere with .NET Core – join @coolsch as he talks about .NET in 2018 at @DevIntersection, March 25-28 in Orlando, FL. From the cloud to a Raspberry Pi, you can do it with .NET!

Peter Marcu - Raspberry Pi and Arm 32 | On .NET dlvr.it/QG4TqZ

A big thanks to @code for these two new features very useful in my daily life of developer:
Error indicators in the Explorer Git submodules in Source Control

Great Job code.visualstudio.com/updates/  pic.twitter.com/ZcvJa7yn9E

"Java 9 – les fabriques pour collections immuables"
par @jmdoudoux à lire d'urgence sur le blog @OxianeIT :-) disq.us/t/2yy39v5