Watching a recording of @sil showing how to collect data without compromising privacy on Smashing TV … "A tinfoil hat is now a fashion accessory"

Posted: FAQ for Local Variable Type Inference (var) in Java: … / @BrianGoetz

Are you a contract or ? Want to find out how to combine the power of & ? Join our weekend Professional Scrum with Kanban () class with @danvacanti & @jose_casal. London. 13-14 Oct. … professional_scrum_with_kanban

Since the Universe has no center, you can’t be it.

And @jeffmcaffer knows what he's on about. Good to see more voices like this being listened to inside MS. …

"Microsoft and Canonical have been working for some time to make Ubuntu and Windows play nice with each other... now an Ubuntu image is available through Hyper-V Quick Create, which offers three-click creation of Virtual Machines." …

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Practical example of a powerful design pattern based around event-driven architectures and a streaming platform. @rmoff …

Great in-depth look by @DavidRGardiner at the new project system and how you can convert old .csproj and NuGet references to the new SDK-style projects. …

When you just want a burger but accidentally kill all the Jedi.

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My other car is a badass @NASA prototype Mars Rover.

Yesterday, @StephenAtHome and I borrowed one from @NASAKennedy Space Center and took it for a spin on Broadway.

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