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So great to hear @MethodDan and @fabsh together again!

FLOSS Weekly 492: The Legacy of Linux Outlaws twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/epi …

Finally, a couple copies of our book -- The Professional Product Owner -- from @donmcgreal and myself found all their way to Switzerland.
It's part of the @Scrumdotorg # professional series. pic.twitter.com/LnAOqfDBUG

Intriguing! @ESA's may have found underground water near the south pole of . Data from my heat probe could follow up on this finding. Can't wait to land and get to work. go.nasa.gov/2mI7rxu  pic.twitter.com/h7Mklp6mGl

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I like the Relive videos. It sure takes a while for them to get created. Here is the one from today's ride which took about the same amount of time to create as I spent riding. https://www.relive.cc/view/1718204361 #cycling

@javabullets Hi Martin, good to meet you. The Java EE Guardians love your blog post on Java 9 & Java EE 8 on Open Liberty and we’d like to repost it from the Guardians blog. Would it be okay for us to re-post your article?

I don't always program in French, but when I do, I overload by return type in C#. pic.twitter.com/cDrC2U5dG9

Guide to JPA and design patterns and best practices. @Oraclejavamag

ora.cl/R9vZ6  pic.twitter.com/47z3s0LUcP

VisualStudio twitter.com/VisualStudio/statu …, Users! We've got a terrific tutorial that'll walk you through everything you need to know to work w/ in Code.
msft.social/eeysSp  pic.twitter.com/0vvJgQRGW4

Would you have survived the Titanic disaster? Machine learning can answer this question. New sample by @cmendibl3 added to our ML.NET  samples repo: github.com/dotnet/machinelearn … pic.twitter.com/vAS3q2rBZ0

“Inspecting variables in Python Apps using Python debugger in VS Code without any code changes”
Don't modify your python code to add print statements for debugging purposes, just use log points in the @pythonvscode debugger of @code. medium.com/@don.jayamanne/insp …