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SDF has been $HOME away from home for eleven years... or about twice as long as I've ever remained a resident of one building IRL. I'm not sure if that's a compliment to SDF or a bad sign about my life.

With the rise of the and , a few more improvements around open source prose and art creation software (looking at you, and ), it will soon be possible for a complete cultural universe to open up end to end disconnected from established intermediaries, aside from the basics like web hosting or hardware expenses. Politics is downstream of culture, so expect disproportionate smear campaigns against everything enabling such freedom next year.

I had forgotten how much better contacts are than glasses.

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Stop hating on server software!

nginx is ESSENTIAL
apache is ENTERPRISE
postgres is RELIABLE
ssh is SECURE
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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

Looking forward to my Nexdock 2 shipping next month. Screw your adaptive GUI , all I need is a laptop shell with a keyboard and bigger screen to use Termux and Firefox on my phone. (And maybe or a mail app) iToddlers can't compete without jailbreaking.

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RMS: "Hey maybe we shouldn't charge someone with assault if he had no reason to believe he was violating the law."
Cancel culture: "REEEEEEEEEEEE"
FOSS: damaged
Intel agencies: happy

SJWs, feminism, cancel culture, etc. are a weapon designed to crack open insular cultural spaces and destroy them from within, whether that's a video gaming forum or a country. The proper response to such attempts to infiltrate is "go away", with an intensity modifier of your choice.

In a deeply underappreciated bit of legal jiu-jutsu, the large companies most likely to benefit from GNU Guix's unification of reproducible builds, config management, self contained relocatable tarballs and dockerfiles as standard artifacts, and version-set control, will instead have to wrestle their lawyers into submission to deploy GPLv3 software into production. Bravo, FSF.

GNU IceCat has several annoying bugs that are allegedly released in 68.0 ESR... which isn't out yet. If you're waiting to switch from Firefox, keep waiting.

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The last day of summer vacation is beautiful and bittersweet. Golden sunlight caresses your journey home in the evening.

I just wish it wasn't quite so immediately followed by a cascade of software, hardware, and weather problems.

When everyone from RMS to Donald Trump is suspicious about the same software it's probably a bad sign.

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This year I've seen three or four times as many -outbound- container ships fully loaded, leaving US ports. They used to leave empty as far back as I can remember. seems to be going well.

Testing out on bare metal for the first time in a while. Pleasantly surprised that the first-party browser can handle Mastodon.

Phone plus e-reader plus tablet or laptop... Star Trek's "desk full of screened slates" future seems a bit more reasonable now.

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