I really don’t appreciate my colleague raising Terry’s standards for work hardware so much. Suddenly my little aquatic friend is no longer at all impressed by my three separate monitors.

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Terry is very excited to have applied his experience as a technical consultant for his friend @kline via the internet today.

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I’m not sure I approve of Terry’s choice of role models, but that’s on me for buying one of @bubble0h7_@twitter.com’s prints, with impressionable birds around.

Taught Terry about reflection in programming languages yesterday. He is now asking the chatty duck in the mirror what methods he has defined.

Mutt v2.0 released: mutt.org/relnotes/2.0/

* Directory changing
* Automatic reconnect to IMAP on error
* Protected headers improvements
* XOAUTH2 support
* Pattern completion
* Decode and header weeding
* Cursor overlay
* Default attachment save directory

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“I am his Highness’ Duck at Kew. Pray tell me, Sir⁠—whose duck are you?”

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Even if you have been around Bash for a while you will learn new and useful things from this book, and probably almost immediately.



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The password for all of Hunter Biden’s accounts can’t possibly have been “Hunter02”—canonically, literally the most owned password possible in internet lore. It’s just too poetically perfect to be real. How is it possible this is true and we’re not living in some form of simulation?


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