Congratulations to astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley and the rest of the SpaceX team on the successful launch and docking with ISS. Ad Astra!

Coming up next on is the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Live Mix by snowdusk... that's me, as your host/DJ! 😁💦 Pls tune in from 0100-0200 UTC/9-10PM EDT if your ears are free! 📢🔥

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Alright, time to eat and then back to the computer for tonight! 🎶🎶🎶

#multiversal bleedthrough 

Was hier noch fehlte: Studenten der haben das Pop-Up Autokino gestartet, um trotz / Kinobesuch kontaktlos zu ermöglichen. Spenden sind erwünscht 😉:

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Ugh can’t sleep, so many ideas. I’m stepping up my game here, the official greeting to the ACME phone number (it’s real, the people who answer are real, and any name you see on the site you can ask for - try Fletcher Johnstone) MP3

Writing fictional corporate propaganda whilst tired was a lot more difficult than I expected. I fear Nikolas might accidently find himself out an airlock. Pesky technical issues and all that Plutonian Parliamentary debate degrades into chaos

Hello fedipeepz

I think I am going to skip my show Intergalactic Wasabi Mix tonite on aNONradio. Sorry about that 🙇💦 I am still currently having a battle with my staple gun and new super long ethernet cable.... Actually I am also extremely tired from helping my bro's move. The show will be on tomorrow I will make sure! 🤞 Have a great nite or day! 🌈🦠✨

Join me for a guerrilla rainbow sparkle bao CDFO (Chill Da Funk Out) sublime Sunday set on OpenMic, after @hardmous, @snowdusk_ 's and OpenVOIP

>Bronzie Beat 94.9 Rainbow Sparkle Bao

At approx 03h00 UTC when the Open Mic stream becomes free

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