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"IBM wanted CP/M prompts. It made me throw up."

- Tim Paterson

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Share and share alike!

Full disclosure, just a fan here, with no official affiliation to the project 🙂

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Australian rabbits - increases the much needed biodiversity we need...

Ummm... Really? Biodiversity DOES NOT necessarily translate into a good thing!

i.e., Will the Wooly Mammoth prove to be yet another destructive WEED SPECIES?

When I was a kid I used to think, "How kewl would it be to refoliate the Earth with Wooly Mammoths?"

During my studies in 'Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution' at UCSD I realized that we have good reasons to be skeptical of such efforts.

What are your thoughts?


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We are still deeply working on the new cache feature.
The app should only fetch new messages if they are not available in cache. This process is extended to all timelines.
Most of our work is focused on fetching messages between holes and especially to detect them.
We will try to offer soon a release to beta-testers.

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It's a fairly complicated mechanism on the surface, yet somewhat simplistic at it's core, although not without some amount of intricacy.

Basically, you #publish, and you earn. The net amount increases based on several factors, such as (and I'm over simplifying here, so forgive me if I'm less than accurate or even incorrect on some aspects):

The amount of credit in assets you have determines how much and whether you can post, like, tip, donate, or lend.

The amount of earnings are based on the amount of likes, tips, and assets you are holding or lended.

When you tip (or is it like), you receive some of the poster's earnings that you and others have caused, and the percentage of that you have caused the poster to earn is something that you can take a piece of.

Something like that. Basically, the more popular, or appreciated, your posts/articles are, the more you earn and that wealth is spread around to others that interacted with your post by virtue of them liking, tipping, and their replies to your writings.

Some active users command intimate knowledge of how it works and best practices, but I'm a nutshell, those who merely post quality, original content are generally rewarded for their contributions in publishing that content.

I'm not sure if the amount of assets you hold determines your reward, but not having assets does restrict your ability to post, etc., Which is part of the reason people will loan you assets when you start off.

If that's more as clear as mud then i dunt know what is, but you don't really have to understand much at all to simply publish and earn.

I think the two things I like most about the ecosystem, is that:

1. Usernames themselves are completely unique across the entire blockchain... Period. So you already know how to find me their the entire ecosystem, lolz.

2. Anyone can self-host the #FOSS based publishing platforms, there are a few (more than one available), and there are some proprietary platforms too that exist. The UI and feature set varies amongst the various platforms.

3. Content is ubiquitous and consistent across the entire ecosystem, so no matter which website or client app you use to access the network, your experience CAN be the same or very similar.

4. The user centric moderation/blocking tools are unique (I think) to each site you enter from, so you can have particular content settings in one site and different settings in another (I think).

I don't do gaming, so I don't know much about other aspects of content related to that #blockchain, but there's other stuffs as well, and from my experience, the rewards system pretty much discourages spam accounts all on it's own - very nice.

So, if I like some of the tools available one one platform, and other tools on another, I can enter one site to affect things in a particular post and then visit another site to affect other options on that post. Kinda odd, but still pretty kewl.

What I don't particularly enjoy:

1. Onboarding can be a total bitch.

2. Documentation on just how to plan for your permanent entry into the ecosystem (i.e., usernames are completely unique - so get it right the first time) is somewhat lacking. A couple of sites have a very unintuitive #UI for achieving this.

3. The initial blockchain account verification process varies in cost and complexity from site to site, but you only have to do this one time and then you're good everywhere - the upside of this? Extremely effective spammer/scammer attenuation.

The writing experience (editors) use very nice on most platforms too. #Fediverse platforms in general could learn a lot from that.

What's missing, IMNSHO:

1.) Plugins for pushing published content to other networks and #CMS platforms, like #ActivityPub, #Diaspora, #WordPress, and even bridges that can post "teasers", with links posted to the deprecated, monolithic legacy vertical silo systems, that serve to bring readers and users into the DeSoc space, away from places like Faceplant, Twatter, InstaSPAM, etc.

In fact, I believe there should be greater concerted efforts across the #DeSoc space to provide such tools that cross-publish material (preferably teasers) onto the deprecated legacy silos that link back to the Fediverse and other networks in the DeSoc space.

I'm not of the mind that #microblogging platforms are really all that enticing to users remaining on those legacy silos, especially considering that there's a whole shitload of low value "shitposting" going on, by virtue of having hard, paltry character count limits (yes, Twatter is an example too), which is often antithetical to housing relevant, original, meaningful, and interesting unique content.

This is one reason I really like #Mitra - it's primarily a publishing vehicle for actual content in the Fediverse.


I'm very interested in hearing about what others think about this, and would enjoy reading your thoughts, suggestions.

#tallship #HIVE #publishing #blogs #blogging #social

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It's like that new movie...

Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers - Volume IV…
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I just found out about

Publishing blog content with scp and ssh. I love the simplicity of it!

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@tallship Well...

In a letter to the UN Secretary-General from Boris Yeltsin, on Christmas Eve, 1991, he asked that Russia take the place of the Soviet Union in the UN, including the USSR's permanent seat on the UNSC.

This was not without objection by legal scholars, however, it's met with no objections from other members of the Security Council.

The tragedy, in my mind, is in knowing that the masses of people worldwide had the foresight that this acceptance by the UN would result in the continued hamstringing and disruption of the UN in passing resolutions; as Russia now would wield the same veto power that the USSR previously enjoyed.…

#tallship #UN #Russia #USSR #UNSC
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On Friday, the federal government boosted the viability of distributed social media platforms by effectively capping the number of user accounts to 50,000 for social networking entities that still wish to censor legal speech:

Bye bye Faceplant Twatter, and InstaSPAM
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Another one (3.3.2) #Fedilab

- Fix an issue with cache and home timeline
- Nitter timelines now use the custom instance from settings
- Fix Nitter issues (only RT)
- No longer accepts self-signed certificates for onion URLs (Google)
- Fix some crashes

PS : Google rejected our release (3.3.1) because we allowed self-signed certificates for onion URLs (this support has been removed).

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#Fedilab 3.3.0 has been published for all.

- Settings to set all timelines at the top (default disabled)
- Settings to display timelines in a list (default disabled)
- Display counters for fav/reblog in timelines (default disabled)

- Visibility issue when replying
- Some theme issues when composing
- Some crashes

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One of the best non-club amateur radio groups is here in the Pacific Northwest: The Puget Sound Repeater Group. Several SDFARC members check in to their daily NETs.

Gitlab took in almost $88 million in revenue during the last quarter and posted net losses of more than $25 million.

That's a bit hard to fathom, hosting a cloud based software product that loses that much money in the face of so much income, not to mention that part of that revenue comes from customers who self-host.

But now this...

Gitlab always smelled bad to me, and for those who fled GitHub to go there instead of hosting their own Gitea instances, well?


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having listened to @dozens podcast with interview subject @tomasino I am seriously considering reviving my and spaces on as my current topics for expression are personal and experimental and seem better for the .

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60 million in the Matrix, as users seek decentralised messaging. Slacked off and fed up with Teams? Want to escape the clutches of big tech? Element thinks so Matrix is an open source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication, and its Apache licensed reference implementations. The Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting […]

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## Fraud Alert! - Please Boost.

### This may or may not be a scam - I believe it probably is - change my mind.

To answer your question, it appears very much like a dangerous phishing expedition.

#FabForm has many of the typical red flags and hallmarks of a serious #data_mining_scam - an #identity_theft #fraud ring.

"Be afraid. Be very afraid.", and stay very far away, is my advice - and Feel free to BOOST this post in the spirit of #public_service announcements.

I could be wrong, but let's look at the things that are #total_cringe and suggest to me that this is a #scam.

1.) Forms are easy - Why would you insert someone else's snippet into a website of yours? So they can farm your customer's data? Heck, if you're running a #Hugo site you could certainly just also run a fully automated #Mautic server too for your inbound marketing. But that is beside the point.

2.) There is no FabForm company (FabForm, Inc.) - at least not one that I could find. There's two other (manufacturing) companies with similar names, and you may be infringing upon registered trademarks.

3.) Your legal, contact, and and even other pages have broken links resulting in 404 errors there's no serviceable contact information about your company - as if it doesn't exist at all - another hallmark of #criminal_fraud.

4.) You claim to be a business, but even your domain registration's #WHOIS is #obfuscated by a privacy bureau, and you're hosted with a droplet at #Digital_Ocean - I haven't yet fully determined whether you're part of a criminal enterprise or not, so until I am able to ascertain that, I will not contact their #abuse_department.

Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 1068
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.9854014545
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
Registrant Organization: Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf
Registrant State/Province: Capital Region
Registrant Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
Registrant Country: IS

5.) You seem to wish that people do business with you, while you remain completely #anonymous, operating under the #pseudonym of FabForm - that's #shady_as_fuck, and anyone doing real business with any company needs to be able to #verify that they're actually engaging in commerce with a reputable and #verifiable_business entity - anyone buying into doing business with a company that can't even be verified is a fool - and therefore, it is clear (to me, at least) that you are only looking to do business with fools who are keen to be ripped off, or worse.

6.) It gets really #sus when I try to look at your #legal and contact systems via your website - you basically don't even exist. I've posted supporting screenshots and encourage everyone to review your Terms and Privacy statements which are completely meaningless if you aren't even an actual business that can be legally held accountable. Even if you are a real thing, shame on you for anonymizing yourself - that's really shitty business and makes you a shithead, at the very least.

7.) One thing I can definitely verify - you have been commercially #spamming people from your #Fosstodon account.

I don't know who the fuck you are, and won't do business, or use the supposed business products of, someone I don't know or who I can't #verify as real, or doesn't make all of their code available - there's is nothing that holds you #accountable for any #nefarious_practices, and you could vaporize your account tomorrow and #abscond with other people's money, as well as the #personal_info of their customers that you can then seek to #rip_off.

Like that old #Cheech_and_Chong skit, "if it looks like dogshit, smells like dogshit, tastes like dogshit..... then it's probably #dogshit".

Glad we didn't step in it, right?

I'll be following up in a couple of days to determine whether your #spam solicitation warrants going further on out into social media abuse vehicles in order to add you to blacklists, etc., so feel free to respond with actual and verifiable contact info, proving that you're a legitimate business offering legitimate services and not some #criminal_enterprise - which it appears that you are, at least to me you do.

P.S. I've also forwarded this off to @Mike and @Kev as well as since the likelihood that this is a sophisticated data mining operation (and certainly, the account appears very spammy) is alarming, IMO.

Apologies if I'm wrong, and I'll write a retraction if that is found to be the case, but I won't hold my breath.

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