please put what you did in your commit messages

not an inside joke
not a reference to a private discussion
not a sarcastic reference to something that requires a lot of background to understand you're just kidding
not something grandiose to be cute over something that's super minor

or if you do, still just put it clearly at the end

the person digging through very old commit logs without the benefit of archived dev discussion or easy access to the diffs

I wish Android had support for multicast DNS. It would make life so much easier.

I mean the Atari 800 is awesome.

I get S-Video out of it (with an adapter).

There is FOUR joystick ports.

It has SIO, which is essentially USB v0.1.

There's TWO cartridge slots.

Four-channel sound.

It's built like a tank, it survived my eBay seller's "we don't need no packing material" packing job without a scratch.

128 colors.

All in 1979.

Poor Speck the Wondercat hasn't had the best couple of days. She'd went out one morning and hadn't come back when I called for her after work. Same thing the next day, and I wasn't around for the evening, but I tried calling for her after I arrived back, but no sign. She eventually arrived back at 2am, looking kind of traumatised and made a beeline over to her food, and wolfed down quite a bit! I really wish she wouldn't do stuff like this. ☹️

Had a slightly worrying experience coming back from work. Speck will often greet me half way down the road and walk down with me to my building. Today, she shot across the road, with a car barrelling down, and very almost got herself run over. 😰

I'm probably not the first one to think of this, but I was considering making a very minimalist version of nextcloud/syncthing using entr(1) and RCS(1)

Little girl next door just yelled: OKAY! Are you weady to WOCK?!?!
I wasn't before but I sure as heck am now.
Wock on, little neighbor, wock on.

Some day I will manage to catch a picture of Speck the Wondercat forgetting to cat, but that day is not that day.

Wrecked. Walked far more than I'd intended with everything going on. My Fitbit is happy but my feet are not.

had quite an incredible turnout, especially given the short notice it was organised within!

PSA: you should install uBlock Origin on all your browsers if you haven't, to accelerate the collapse of the adtech surveillance economy. The Power Is Yours ™

"Fundamentally, vi is still ed inside," [Bill] Joy told Unix Review in 1994. "You can’t really fool it."

The recent Intel debacles compel me to narcissistically share this interview I did with Colin Percival on hyperthreading problems back in 2005.

Folks told Intel this was a bad idea more than a decade ago. They did not fix their shit.

I've disabled HT on every machine ever since. They called me mad, but now I'm all "u mad?"

Theo's right. Disable HT all around.


I ought to be building a Saturn V rocket right now, but I really, really want to go for a snooze. These things are mutually incompatible. Decisions...

None of my programmers accepted the need for a style guide.

So I sent snippets of each other's code to them all.

Now they all agree that everyone else should follow a style guide.

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