In which a user discovers that Firefox is a web browser. Which means it does what the web site tells it to do, not what you tell it to do.

Woke up today and checked the clock in the kitchen: off by more than 65 minutes. Thought to myself: "I knew this was off by five minutes... but this is too much... Probably one of the boys was playing and pressing buttons."

Me five minutes ago: "Why do I feel so sleepy?!"

That's when I decided to search and found out DST ended today.

Finished moving my personal repositories to

I still need to fix the CI setups - not someone mandatory as I can still deploy changes manually, but something nice to have.

I wish neocities allowed SFTP transfers. Does anyone know of a service like neocities+sftp?

Any news/NNTP users out there? What are you using? What servers?

Snowden on JRE... I must cancel my afternoon meetings...

It's interesting to see middle management reacting negatively to workers being interested in labor unions. They're employees as much as the people they manage. Where is the invisible line they crossed?

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