When people post videos of old games with PC Speaker music the sound is usually coming directly from emulation and sounds very harsh and garish.

This is actually different from how it used to be as this process ignores the environment the sound came from: A magnetically driven speaker internally attached to the metal case, creating a resonance that gave the pure 'beep' sounds more body and texture.

If you'd like to hear what it actually sounded like, this video got it right: youtube.com/watch?v=tUy1MEpqbv

End of the day, laughing a lot and watching Totoro with my sons.

This pretty much sums up life in america these days. Nothing but extremist fanatics on both sides, it is so sad :(

On the definition of "special software":

"Manning did not have admin-level privileges, and used special software, namely a Linux operating system, to access the computer file and obtain the portion of the password provided to Assange."


Just got my Pixel Slate. Wow! I'm amazed by the device so far.

Watching the Michael Jackson documentary. I feel split. On one hand, I support victims speaking up. On the other, he was tried and acquitted; and he isn't alive to defend himself. I can't help the feeling this is just monetising a one-sided view of a controversial person.

“Between gods and animals: becoming human in the Gilgamesh epic” - l.lpho.de/2XsJrQk

This one hit home: "The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable" - l.lpho.de/2Ua0AMz

"An English man, an Irish man and a Scotsman go to a bar.
The English man wanted to leave.
So they all had to leave."

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