Is there a way to implement a custom font on one’s SDF website? It seems that my previous codings doesn’t work :/

One of my aunts called in to warn that the shrimp boats have came to sell their quota to average joes like my dad… Going to help my mom with prepping the shrimp batches soon!

We’re getting so much winds here in my part of the country

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Looks like our coffee maker is somewhat broken 😞

I’ve legit just had to explain rn what trypophobia is to my mom; she’d dreamt last night stuff related to visuals of this concept. tbh being parodied by the guys who do Robot Chicken has to be a great honour…

Discovered that there’s a huge monolithic stone created by ancient Vikings not far from where I live…

King Charles’ reaction to a leaky pen is honestly such a relatable mood to all people in the journaling community… 🖊️

Hamzy “mukbang”
Like me, my mom is fascinated by how Hamzy does cooking, but she’s mostly disgusted by how much food this YouTuber wolfs down. In my case, however, it’s about the “techniques” of how Hamzy eats her food; she’s seen eating the cartilage and she’s physically unfazed by this… Is this eating methodology only relates to Hamzy or it’s a South Korean cultural thing? Albeit, I’ve now grown accustomed to eating chicken nuggies with ketchup just like her ;)
With him doing James’ voice for the whole video, this is so perfect…

Feeling better right now than this afternoon; forgot to remind her that I didn’t wanted to take caffeinated tea (just to see if it’s the reason I was feeling unwell and anxious the previous days).

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Mom thinks that my diastolic blood pressure isn’t high enough, but I personally feel that my tolerance for caffeine isn’t good right now.

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It’s weird that the Gemini protocol can parse emojis, but inserting/editing them into one’s SDF account within a ssh terminal app on iOS isn’t easy :/

I’m now having the habit of drinking caffeinated coffee at breakfast and caffeinated tea at lunchtime… This seems promising enough to raise my clinical low blood pressure in a much efficient way than taking prescription pills.

Just finished eating a Little Debbie Frosted Fudge Cake as my dessert… tbh it tastes like a Jos Louis with more chocolate.

I wonder if people whom are currently worshiping Zeus can honestly say they have an UPG that their deity has a knack for “dad jokes” 🤔

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