If you have Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger (any one of them!) installed on your phone or recently-viewed webpages, it is assumed you are working for colonizer social media, and you are part of the cartel trying to destroy Ecosteader.

No we are not gonna apologize for anything.

Colonizer social media man cannot stand the idea of being personally devalued on a global
scale! It does not matter to him that the billions of people in his world have massaged his ego into 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS; is still not enough.

Desperate for ways and means to control the distribution of his ¨save face¨ campaigns through his burgeoning bank accounts and his insincere donations of wealth to the friends of our enemy, to paint himself as a hero, his attacks against us have not relented, as his gaslighting of the people indie needs most continues.

Facebook targeted the elders first.

It thought correctly that the quickest way to corrupt an elder is through the innocence of its colonized school child or teenager unwittingly furthering colonist agendas.


#DeleteFacebook #Fascistbook

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virtually anything that seems like magic in Unix or C, from filesystem organization to page sizes, traces its origin directly back to the PDP-11.

Weak Unixish joke. 

Turns out that "I'm tired of watching hunks FAIL" is not only extremely weak, it is also extremely niche.

Nothing will ever beat NFS error 63.

open /usr/bin was a junk yard of undocumented software and so #Bourne wrote a cron script to check for new binaries every night and removed all undocumented bin/wrt update

In the late 1970s, /usr/bin was integrated into the OS base distribution

Looks like I need to download and seed the new anonymous drop. I don't know if I have the energy to filter through so much data anymore. I dropped out of caring about right wing vs left wing and I'm just waiting for both sides to start enough crap with each other to let the police state do its thing.

@wamuthiga Great contributions from a Kenyan perspective here on Mastodon. Don't forget to upload an avatar image and edit your display name here: mastodon.oeru.org/settings/pro

@Yung_Lyun Agreed with @archer72. I've done some simple scripts in Linux and OpenBSD (for example, I had my own script to download a bsd.rd snapshot for upgrading before sysupgrade came along), but it was great listening to you go over how you did your scripts. Great episode. 👍 @hpr

Re: HPR 3423. @Yung_Lyun

Well done. I'm still a beginner in the scripting world after all 19 years in Linux. Thanks for bringing these episodes.

**The symptoms show American culture ia transitioning into a violent oligarchy**

"I'm sitting in my home office working on the next morning's Daily Rant when I hear what sounded like a man in my driveway yelling, at the top of his voice, "You f*cking c*nt!" and other female-specific obscenities. Walking to the window, I saw a guy in his 40s, red-faced, giving my wife the finger with both hands and cursi…"


#news #bot

Life is experimental and the long term effects are death.

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