@DA70D6 honestly does windows even do PR?

Support is non-existent and has been for years, at most you'll reach some indian call center.

I haven't seen a Windows ad in 10 years. I've seen ads for Surface devices, but not for Windows.

And Microsoft closed all Microsoft stores because of COVID.
Still amazes me how a piece of software can be such hot garbage as Windows, yet be the most used software out there
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If you are looking for a public API, for, well, anything, it might be listed in this big directory of public APIs


attemps to kill antother open source app (namely Chromium). Long ago engineers divided mobile and desktop folders - since then my system has been drifting to "syncthing model". All files sync between my phones and workstations by and that is staple of my sync system.

For passwords I use keepassdx container - and plugins for Firefox/Brave.

A little more, a little more, and I can return to my state machines and FPGAs :)

Authorization by certificate should not be such a pain in the ass, after all, passwordless SSH sessions are done in just a minute, in the case of email, we have a continuous heap of half-working authorization mechanisms.

Thanking the constellations and for connecting me with fellow music-loving geezers on who dig Moxy Früvous

Following up on my seed starting special i decided to do an overview of stepping up your plant starts after they've gotten their first true leaves.



Get in loser, we're going to cruise the sea for American gold; we'll fire no guns, shed no tears—

This weekend has been a rest weekend for my hands, as it seems I have overworked them somewhat. Today I got bored and wanted to art so I doodled with my toes.

#theWorkshop #MastoArt #feet

successfully making a phone call on a smartphone running a custom yet open forth implementation and immediately becoming the singularity

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