California DMV is the worst place in the world . Its Wednesday they open at 9 AM but people know how bad it is so they are in line at 7AM. Number 10 already.

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

A proposal for a Global Co-operative IT Network from the International Co-operative Alliance

"The purpose will be to serve the IT needs of the coop movement.

It will be a forum where ICA members can go to get advice on different IT products, services and service providers and where IT professionals from coops or who serve coops can work together, learn from each other and recommend products and services to help members."


facebook, censorship, art history 

It's not just twitter, other social media sites loss are apparently mastodon's gain.

IRC was the beginning of the federated Internet

RT this idiot just messaged my page and said "glad you're putting yourself out there, you'll be easy to find and dispatch once the revolution starts"

First of all, my name ain't on the fuckin page
Second, his profile pic has his last name in it.

Niklaus King. Neo-nazi in the army


@TheGibson I like rolling the dice, picking a few chill places with different foci, then cross-polinating when interests overlap. It seems to me more in the fedi principle than single-homing.

Good . โ˜• โ˜• For those in the 8h UTC zone and points west, a brief wakey-wakey instrumental you can crank your jitney to:
Beau Hunks -- "On to the Show"

you know what.... im done apologizing!!!!! no more of that!!!!!!! unless i do something bad. or make a mistake. sorry if this post is unclear

OMG this may be the best album I have heard in years!!!! Finally a full album good from front to back.

The thousand year intergalactic tradition hits our dimension again at 3:03am CET tomorrow on

You are hereby summoned to contribute, listen (or both) to #AcidDecember!!

Anyone can participate by sending original content in MP3 to:


Hrm. Seems there might be a chance to recover data from the DL380's drives if I can get them loaded into another DL380 (or DL360 with at least 6 drive bays) between G5 and G7.

Anybody in #Seattle or elsewhere in the pacific northwest trying to get rid of something in that zone before I start calling the refurbishers? Hit me up, yo.

"Move fast and break things" is a race to the bottom.

"Move slow and fix things" is a stroll to the top. We're having a picnic. It's celebrated in fable!

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