Finishing ... How do you make friends after ? I've never been one to go out much but I kinda feel like it's important for my well-being. And also I'd just like to meet other people.

People are hard 9_9

The US Department of Justice plans to stop prosecuting good-faith that would have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Wow, this is HUGE, although this is a decade-long overdue.

Aaron Swartz (RIP) is vindicated once again.

‘Why the “Cool Dictator” of El Salvador Went All-In on Bitcoin
‘Nayib Bukele’s crypto bet wasn’t visionary. It was desperate.’

A.A. founder Bill Wilson credited his sobriety to an experience with LSD and even endorsed the drug as a springboard to the "spiritual awakening" thought critical for others in recovery. However, "most AAs were violently opposed to his experimenting wit...

Original tweet :

It's the latest Dispatch from the Church of the Unanswered Question!

Let's discuss the dangers of MWOWM - and how it's worse than we thought. So donate to to thwart the Pinks!


After this Buffalo shooter thing I believe its time for me to leave this country for good. Events like this happen and I seriously question if we have made any progress over the last 200 years.

Probably a re-post, but I just ran across this and thought, yep, that's another one that will play well on fedi which played to snores in other corners of the Web.

"The free and open-source software community is none too keen on closed-source, proprietary code. Back in 2006, for example, OpenBSD lead developer Theo de Raadt criticized blobs – "vendor-compiled binary drivers without any source code" because "they hide bugs and workarounds for bugs." And Linux kernel supremo Linus Torvalds has similarly voiced his disdain for binary-only modules."

A fantastic soulful cover of For What It's Worth from Miriam Makeba.

Looks like made it north of $30K again today.... Some people never learn.

cryptobros hating because i linked to their NFT. don't hate me for knowing how to use a URL dude.

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