So it seems, between the new AMD CPUs, Intel CPUs, and Nvidia GPUs, that everyone is pushing power consumption and heat as hard as they possibly can to get the most performance out of their chips.

I wonder if this is due to competition or if it's more to do with the end of Moore's Law where we're hitting the limit of current transistor tech.


Watching 's rarely seen US pilot that someone uploaded into the and I can clearly tell what went wrong. The concept is good and in spirit with the original UK run but in retrospect I couldn't see it last very long due to lots of things that I can't fit here.

Watch for yourself!

Just got done watching Clerks III if you're a fan of the original you'll like it a lot. Good job Kevin Smith and crew!

Check out Rhapsody in Blue (Remastered) by The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein on Amazon Music

A year-long investigation by EFF has uncovered Fog Data Science, a mass surveillance company that buys the geolocation of hundreds of millions of devices in the U.S. and maps them for police to search, often without a warrant.

What is Fog Data Science? Why is the Surveillance Company so Dangerous?

Tech tool offers police ‘mass surveillance on a budget’

A friend's band which released 2 vinyl records in the late 80s is finally going to get a CD release of those two albums. Heaven and Hell Records is doing it very soon. And because apparently their web site doesn't have a "News" tab for things like this, I have to link you to their FB page. Scroll down til you see the article about Mere Mortals.

hello SDF friends. I haven't been around a lot but just wanted you all to know I am alive and well. Been thinking about building my own instance once again but I think I will keep this account forever.

how to create huge ass artificial costs for your business: build it on kubernetes
Nothing says "Local Band" like this photo:…

That they're not allowed to turn off Fox Sports while performing is the icing on the suburban cake. #Coffs
At the risk of dating ourselves, what's the first major news story you remember seeing? For me, it was the Waco standoff/seige followed by the Oklahoma City bombing.

Do you support #GiveUpGithub?

You may consider contributing to #Codeberg User Manual to help foster the adoption of one of the best GitHub alternatives and replacements.

Codeberg is a Germany-based service based upon free software #Gitea and, unlike GitHub, publicly involves their users in the development.

Please boost if you agree.

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Things the #federated world should and could learn from the most widely used decentralised system - e-mail: How to organise shared blacklists (hello, Spamhaus!), how to become more resilient (hello, backup mx!) and a lot, lot more.

Seriously since Microsoft released Teams on the world does anyone use WebEx anymore? I can't think of the last WebEx meeting I was in.

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