Wooo SDF goodies have arrived! Thanks SMJ and the rest of the team.

Seen some really weird propagation today on 7MHz/40m. Normally find that contacts are over 300 miles away but seemed to hear loads of UK calls today. Not normal but rather interesting. SSB was an option with my dodgy inductively loaded antenna which spans the flat.

Today I learnt why we are told not to jump off the wall when bouldering. I leapt from a might 1 m off the ground and managed to land on that soft mat with all of my weight bearing down on my right thumb. Thankfully just a lot of achy pain in the joints. I feel stupid that my first climbing related incident involved 1m height and my thumb. Ah well. We live, learn and suffer.

Today I built a coaxial dipole or flower pot antenna for 144 MHz. Essentially a length of coax with part of the shielding stripped and then a length with shield intact before using a series of turns to act as a choke. The silver part was an attempt to get it working at 430MHz as well but I have failed with that one. Issue with the aluminium tape used I think. Works well on 2m band at least. A nice cheap loft antenna! I used measurements from g6ohm.webs.com/antennadesigns.htm.

Received these pin badges in the post. Dogs in spaaaaaace! With some added sacrifices to the harvest of course. Bought from Skullbag on Etsy. etsy.com/uk/shop/Skullbag

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with the reflections of the sdf user hisacro, i have arrived at the conclusion that ferahfeza chronicles should start to lay a foundation on turkish classical music theory.

in this regard, i will be reading one of the most valuable books on the subject: "makam: modal practice in turkish art music" by karl l. signell. you should definitely attend to this episode of ferahfeza chronicles. please boost this toot!

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How to decode the Voyager 1 signal - destevez.net/2021/09/decoding-

An interesting article focusing on using python and GNU Radio to decode a recording in which Voyager 1 transmissions are included. A great look into modulation techniques and data transmission protocols. It still amazes me that we can receive data from the Voyagers after travelling so far. This is why I ended up studying electronic communications.

Happy birthday aNONradio! I have been a listener for about 6 months but I am glad I fell down a gopher hole, found SDF and fell into com where a Tob encouraged me to tune in. An interesting set of voices covering a variety of genres, timezones and life experiences. Here's to the next 25 years!

And the convention has ended after a great talk on RF test methods from Alan Wolke, W2AEW. A great weekend of talks which should appear on YouTube later on.

Currently enjoying a talk on antenna modelling by Roy Lewallen, W7EL, the author of EZNEC. This is after a knowledge share session on operating from hill tops from Michael, M0POT.

A return to helping with the GQRP convention. We have faced some bad band conditions with the on air session. Now looking to learn about getting started with SMD presented by Steve G0FUW but using material from Dennis G6YBC.

Just listened to a great introduction to valve radio design and construction from Pete Juliano, N6AW. This was after hosting for the session with Steve Nichols, G0KYA which was about end fed antenna design.

Listening to a fantastic talk from Ashhar Fahan, VU2ESE about how he is developing a VHF version of the wonderful ubit transceiver.

I am taking part in the tech support team for the GQRP amateur radio society conference being held over this weekend. Currently enjoying a talk from Charlie, ZL2CTM about RF construction techniques. The urge to build is rising again!

The Upsetter has produced his final upset. The world has become a less eccentric place with Lee Scratch Perry dying. BBC 6Music, in their usual manner, are playing an old series which is worth catching - Lee Perry In His Own Words (bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b011wdm3). Free for all to listen to regardless of where they lurk.

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