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I forgot how much it hurts following a Scout camp. Just spent the weekend with cubs (8-10) and explorers (14 - 18). The explorers chopped a lot of wood and then decided to not use it for a fire. Strange bunch! My back hurts, arms ache, feet throb and the eyes struggle to stay open. Early night for me!

Mind blowing cover 

What the flipping floogle loogle is this? Maya Angelou covering the Bernard Cribbins song Right, Said Fred? It is rather cringly bad and makes me wonder if she was told someone would pick a song for her if she couldn't pick one and promptly couldn't decide. Stinks of running around the gym in your cacks for forgetting your kit at school.

Interesting interview with Kobutsu Malone, a Zen Buddhist monk about Buddhism as anarchism.

A fantastic soulful cover of For What It's Worth from Miriam Makeba.

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And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for another amazing theological fact!

Chocolate mousse is proof that Cthulhu exists and that He wants us to be fat and happy when He awakes to snack on us. 🐙

Was this amazing insight inspired by the big pot of chocolate mousse currently in my fridge?

Maybe, but you can't prove it!

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Sumo - day 3 Natsu 2022 

Wow!!!! Terutsuyoshi lifted Tochinoshin!! A hard fought win for Terutsuyoshi. There was a lot of lifting the tadpole from Tochinoshin but some how he kept in the ring and yet won. Some great sumo!

Tochinoshin is 192 cm (6'4'') and 168kg (370lb) where as Terutsuyoshi is 167cm (5'7'') and 111kg (245lb).

However, there are some good ways to help. I tend to call people working for me for status updates but turn it into a friendly chat. If you are working in the office, why not try asking someone if they want a coffee or tea. This often leads to a nice break and interesting chat. It all helps and you never know how much that chat can mean to someone.

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I received this in an email today and it does not surprise me. I tend to worry about interrupting someone deep in thought.

"In fact, research by Harvard Business Review found that engineering is the second-loneliest profession, behind only lawyers. And a study by the British Red Cross found that over 50% of engineers feel always, often or sometimes lonely in the workplace – with over 70% saying loneliness is having a negative impact on their life."

I also found myself being tortured in the name of getting eye pressure measurements. Took 25 attempts to get a measurement in my right eye. Apparently my eye lashes are long. So why didn't they tell me to hold my eye lids open? Someone enjoys torturing patients it seems. Mind you, got to have perks to a job.

I had a strange experience at the opticians. The suggested prescription basically made me see double with one image above the other. It was well weird. Ended up having to go outside to use signs down the road to finish off the test.

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It's strange how we price books. I have books I bought for a few bucks that changed my life, $20 ones that were a waste, $10 for an obscure translation you can't find elsewhere, etc.

Dollar isn't value.

If you have ever wondered why it is worth sifting through the rubbish of local news websites, it is for stories like this about when a lion tamer tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Aston, Birmingham and let a lion loose around the sewers.

I am definitely a gong fu tea brewing convert. Started using it with oolongs. Western brewing attempts led to watery tea which made me question why people like oolong. Using the gong fu technique with lots more leaf for a much shorter time makes a huge difference. Oolong bursts with flavour now. Tried it this morning with a black tea, golden monkey and it works well. So long as you can easily remove the leaf after the time period, you can brew gong fu style.

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Just been attacked by my old arch nemesis. Curse you Falling Asleep On The Sofa While Reading!

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We're celebrating Klaus Schulze (1947-2022) at 0200 UTC (7PM PDT) Vintage Comp-U-Talk TOPIC: Vintage Micros and Synthesizers followed by LIVE Synth Battle Royale XII at 0300 UTC (8PM PDT)

Join us on

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