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Join @publius LIVE from the West Coast Science Fiction Conference in 20 minutes at 1900 UTC for a Step Further Out featuring a local report of the conference as well as discussion on solutions to the energy crisis.

Friday mood music. The delightful Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra with Tin Tin Deo.

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Today I learned text line auto wrap at given width with text editor, use below set and your Vim will do the wrap for you! This is very nice when typing readable phlog with max 64 column width.

:set textwidth=64

Saw Khruangbin tonight. Fantabulous gig! Not often you go from Thai inspired psych rock to house classics and then back to psych rock using only a guitar, bass and drums. Great musicianship with a devious intent to satisfy desires you didn't realise you had. Fantastic light show too. In the top 3 favourite gigs I think. Hard to beat the Magic Band playing Beefheart or Arthur Brown leading a festival on a march to light a bonfire while singing Fire. Will definitely see again!

In Birmingham while waiting to see Khruangbin. Saw this tower being built and thought it odd that the floor numbers are marked. It makes sense but had not thought the builder would mark it up.

The other side of the engine with lots of engineers looking at where their work ends up.

Saw this when I got to work... Wonder what it could be? Giant tent?

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A "good" movie may leave no mark on you, yet a "bad" film may truly reach you as the people behind it cared far beyond their budget or talent.

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HI everyone!

Missed one or more of the shows on the 35 HOUR MARATHON on June 15th and 16th on for @SDF 's 35th Birthday? 🤦‍♂️ Now you can easily listen to them by clicking the name of the DJ on the list on this page! ☝️😃💡 (thanks to @publius ' idea! Thanks publius! 🙌 )


Listening to aNONradio with some company for a change. Dog sitting for a night.

40 years ago today at 07:37, HMS GLAMORGAN was hit by an Exocet missile launched from Hookers Point on the Falkland Islands. Thanks to quick thinking, the ship was struck aft rather than midships. This along with the hard work of the crew with damage control led to the ship being the only one to survive an exocet. 13 of the crew were buried at sea later that day. One died on return to the UK. Many still suffer to this day.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Interesting article about how you design robust electronic systems. Also, who can resist an article about the Voyagers?

How Is Voyager Still Talking After All These Years? | Hackaday

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I think this is one of the most hilarious email I have ever read.

"Severity: serious"

Yesterday while pottering between new pubs, I saw this in Birmingham. I love the message. We all need to move forward together regardless of where we are from.

Just come back from seeing Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. Surprisingly great band and a fun evening. They even played some Peter Green era stuff! Tried a couple of newly opened but traditional pubs en route too. Most interesting beer was the Krankie Irn Bru sour. Flavour was there but needed to be a bit more carbonated to be perfect. Thankfully I did not start talking like a Krankie following it!

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There are Union flags every where on the village high street. Even the pharmacy has a few. The wannabe Michelin star restaurant still wins for biggest flag.

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