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Just saw this:

"A pizza is basically a real-time pie chart of how much pizza is left..."

CGI has failed the moment you notice its use: the willing suspension of disbelief is the contract between artist and client needed to make the show/film work, and the moment I sense an alien fakery the contract gets shredded

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Jayzus! A blast from the past. In 1974 I designed a poster for a Santana concert. Some dude is writing a book and wants some me-color in it. 😳

laptop progress

15.6" Zeuslap monitor 97€
kbd, US layout mypreference, works with and

Monitor flicker eradicated by using quality USB-C cable instead of barrel-bottom OEM item when powered from rpi

18650's reclaimed from faulty Santa Rosa pack all good: two in series happily above minimum voltage when cheapo smps minimum headroom cutoff reached

Brass hinge found and walloped flat, reclaimed from diy 1970 record player cabinet
To do: source base: perspex vs plywood?

Streets of Bakersfield
Song by Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam
… You don't know me but you don't like me,
You say you care less how I feel
How many of you that sit and judge me
Ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?… More

mmmm ....makes even less sense than "You say you could care less how I feel" ...uh fellahs...great song...but...words erm actually mean stuff?

How do you educate a palate? I've come from a culture of bad but do appreciate when I come across a nice cup. i've bought the Aeropress, I've measured the water and grains, I've roasted organic beans from unexploited farmworkers. I still make bad coffee. Maybe I should just stop denying i like cow's milk and white sugar with it?

Eeegads! I've got a neighbour who thinks it's cool to fake PCR test certs. They probably think HIV is a conspiracy too. And that the Jews are poisoning the water supply. Gives me an ikky feeling that that depth of stupidity exists.

Caught myself considering buying a "smart home" device...because it's such a haaassle to get out of my recumbent position to go on and click a switch to power on a ...NO! Don't even think about it..therein lies an aweful obese sad-sack future...The Machine Stops...

obsessive, who me, only got on my TiBook, rp1, rpi2, rpi4/4GB, rpi4/8GB that's only 5 voids, and a vm of course on the rmbp, makes 6...oh hang on, did I put it on one of the netbooks too.....

RTFM...grumble grumble...it's ok for the neurotypicals...1,027 pages and the first mention of is not a definition...maybe life is too short to learn

Chalk and cheese, piOS and -linux c/w on 1, yes 1, B, rev 1.0. Guess which is usable and which is sub-glacial...

I love NameChanger: simple macOS filename batch editor oldee stylee, just works

Ceviche de merluza, yum. Shame I can't eat the whole bowl..

I'm ok with this..."Scientists are still working to understand what level of these different components of the immunity system is necessary to offer protection against infection and severe disease."...It's ok that science admits they're learning, but the Truthers want it Set in Stone already, like a religion, unchallengeable. They don't get that science is fkn great because it's mutable and mutating.

Nice ride out on on Monday. Stopped at a bar for a drink which was ok till landlord H from Germany ramped up and took off into a barking-mad Covid "Truth" spiel, ending with an irrelevant meme Mega-Lie against the Rothschilds...oh dear...oh dear...when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn

YAHEY! September! Always a special milestone for me in Hotland!

got my Zeuslap (what a name!) portable monitor yesterday. Tested with rpi ok. Ordered my keyboard. Plan is to make a rough but portable laptop to encourage me in my search for plan9 nirvana.

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