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Reading about the Buffoon's dim-witted mistake over the Nazanin affair; somehow I'd missed it...what an unspeakable arse he was/is and how it speak volumes about the rotten British political system. Anyhow, he's gone but he'll stick to public life like a bogey you try to flick off your finger, the nasty piece of work that he is.

I detect a difference between 1) chocolate with digestive biscuits versus 2) local supermarket own-brand chocolate digestive biscuits. The latter seem to be addictive and upset my intestines. One difference is that 2) contains high fructose corn syrup. “There remains no credible scientific evidence to suggest that caloric sweeteners, such as sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), are addictive to humans in general,” said John W. Bode, President and C.E.O. of the Corn Refiners Association.

Just got stung on the head this morning by a hornet, ran and dowsed it and rubbed it as much as I could with water, and it's not as bad as the last one I had. Why do I keep reading that they're not agressive? I suppose despots always claim their agression as defence. NB I co-exist happily with wasps in my back yard despite plenty wasp stings in my life. I don't find them agressive at all.

ah, ok , my bad, they're guessing this might've been a bunch of bad guys en route to South American

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Heatwave elsewhere: me smug at 850m.asl under shade of loco wisteria. Success shoehorning Fedora/Gnome into mbp11,1 gets me bombarding mbp3,1 with Linuces, fed/antix/artix/enOS sorry void, I'll try again later, wading thru morass of factoids on nvidia drivers. Why isn't there a Janitor on the Internet to clear away all out-of-date stuff? When I worked I would distill found disordered tech docs to master copy and laminated working copy, in order,. and indexed, bin dupes. So don't tell me to RTFM.

The Heat's arrived, two hectares to strim, so why did I wipe my root drive just to try bare metal UbuntuMATE on mbPro, having to do fresh install, migration, and update on the Mojave and Big Sur cohabitants? And why don't Apple update their InstallMacOS apps to save me the hassle. And why is Ubuntu so disappointing? Sunday, watered my land, now listening to Agwaya, the classic album by Orchestra Makassy. Peace will Win!


a youtube channel for learning is interesting

Picked up my Pentalobe screwdriver, my M2-Apple adapter and my Sabrent Rocket 1TB SSD yesterday and today allowed the swollen LiPo's to open the back of my rmbp. I'd used SuperDuper to clone my Thunderbolt boot drive to the Sabrent in a caddy and once I'd Cleaned the fluff out and put a grain of heatsink compound on the CPU, the batteries were kind enough to allow me to squeeze the back back on, like a body-positive person getting helped into a pair of pants. Yippee it works! Nippy too!

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