How is it possible that I don't have any black electrical tape *at all*? Doesn't it spontaneously generate in the backs of drawers and under piles of other random stuff?

This is almost starting to look like an actual thing! Going to try using it as my primary client for a bit to shake out bugs/annoyances...

Turns out writing a Mastodon client teaches you a thing or two about how Mastodon works. Do people delete or clear their notifications? Is that a thing you are supposed to do? Am I weird for just letting them scroll off the bottom of the screen forever?

Thanks to the recommendation of @cev I have rapidly become a fan of the stupidly named but otherwise pretty cool musical genre "skweee", which is, as cev said, "chiptune adjacent", but for some reason doesn't trigger in me the usual angry sense the people are trying to turn chip into something it's not.

Test toot from within my slowly developing retrogrouch Mastodon client...

@Cat I am this close to doing away with the whole chiptunes thing and reinventing my aNONradio show as an exploration of your "procedurally generated drone over ham radio oddities" concept. Seriously. (inspired by nocturnal forest-dwelling shortwave experiences last night)

Chip tunin' right now on Lots of nice FM stuff in the second half of today's show!

I really don't have the spare time or energy to use and Flask to build an ultralight JS-free HTML 4.01 Mastodon client for retrogrouches...

...but if I don't, who will?

Discovered Firefox's "about:performance" page, confirmed what I already suspected: Mastodon webapp is the worst thing I use. Lightweight alternatives? For real computers, not phones. A good old fashioned desktop app would be best, but I would entertain a locally running webapp, especially if it used technologies more than a year or two old, which I've actually heard of. JS-free would be best, but I scarcely dare to dream. Can't run Brutaldon as no cutting edge Python on Deb stable. Help!

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okay so three bad limbo dancers walk into a bar

@tomasino @Cat Alright, aNONradio is being conquered by phloggers! Looking forward to hearing both of your shows - probably from the archives, although once daylight savings toggles, Cat's show will be at 11pm, which is doable for a Saturday.

Escaping to the forest, with some help from my recently completed (well, completed enough to ride anyway) single-speed Franken bike, cobbled together from 70s and 80s era parts found at the local bike co-op.

Tune in to in one hour (1800 UTC) for my Half Hour of Power show!

Just under 4 hours until the twentieth installment of Half Hour of Power on aNONradio! Tune in to at 1800 UTC for Atari, Keygen, NES and Sega . Stop by the room/channel in COM/ and to say "ahoy hoy!" while you listen in. 🎧

@xj Are you xj9, formerly of sunshine gardens? The hero punchin', gun totin', solar vehicle hax0rin' qt?

Thought I'd try to make my cycling more enjoyable by introducing performance enhancing drugs to the experience, so I put together a fairly portable coffee making kit. Today's first field test was a partial success. The Trangea alcohol stove struggled pretty hard in this high wind location - which I guess is why the proper full kit comes with a windshield. Will have to see if I can kludge something up.

Downtempo, chillout, ambient style chiptunes playing on 's Half Hour of Power in 2 hours! Tune in to at 1800 UTC.

How is it even possible that I can't find a DC barrel jack amongst all my junk, I must have at least 5 floating around...

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