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Smartphones are a dumpster fire.

Temperature got above freezing today for the first time in weeks. Whole lotta sludge coming my way.

@pet84rik @psztrnk @jynx @xmanmonk Gopher friends, help! Do any of you remember who phlogged about a simple Gopher spider which found way more stuff than the author expected? This happened sometime in the last two weeks and I can't find it now.

"The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no longer present, or whose unique identifier has changed for some reason."

Upgrading from jessie to stretch, wish me luck...

Wanted: web browser which actively monitors its own CPU consumption. If, at any time, for any reason, ever, CPU usage exceeds 75% for more than 30 consecutive seconds the offending tab is identified and terminated and the domain blacklisted.

Thank you kind people but nobody actually has to inform me that you are still using cat and grep. Of course you are still using cat and grep, everybody is, that was the point.

Who else is still using cat/grep in 2018?

Bought some new pillows today, by a Danish brand called "Fossflakes". I chuckled to myself thinking "That sounds like what Richard Stallman would eat for breakfast". Then I remembered thou shalt not mention the most important meal of the day in His presence and felt ashamed.

Got to actually use a Nintendo Powerglove at last night's NYE party, courtesy of a coworker's partner who collects lots of old Nintendo stuff. I'd seen the isolated glove in museums before, but never seen the contraption you had to attach to your TV screen - an early ancestor of the Wii sensor bar, with 3 big ultrasonic microphones on it.

As a controller, it really is as rubbish as everybody always says it was.

But damn do you feel like a badass when you put it on.

Who knows what the four "device control" characters in ASCII (0x10 - 0x14) were originally used for? All the obvious control actions for mechanical typing devices (line feed, carriage return, etc.) already have dedicated characters of their own...

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"Unfortunately, the MINIXCon 2017 conference had to be cancelled due to the small number of talks submitted".

That's kind of sad. :(

I know there are problems with online abuse, and I don’t want to downplay or ignore them, but I really do feel like “free speech” has become a dirty word in the space of about 12 months after literally decades of consistent, principled and passionate adherence to the idea, *especially* by internet nerds. This never used to be a right vs left splitting point, Noam bloody Chomsky argued very straightforwardly in favour of FoS precisely for ideas that you despise. What happened? (end, 2/2)

I have to admit I'm slightly worried even bringing this up on Mastodon, but is anybody else genuinely experiencing some kind of ideological whiplash in response to the speed, thoroughness and vitriol with which the dominant set of beliefs amongst people “from the internet”, especially those who do things like idealistically design new communication protocols, has turned *against* what is apparently now called "free speech absolutism"? (continued, 1/2)

Browsing gopherspace using "Gopherus" on FreeDOS! Aside from being slower than I expected, it's also opening my eyes to the extent to which I simply unthinkingly expect certain keyboard navigation concepts, like paging through a file with spacebar, to work everywhere when in fact they are probably very Unix-specific.

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Hey, the majority of the INTERNET can't be seen via a web browser!

Just got an email Christmas card from the folks at Radio Romania International, who also sent me my first ever QSL card back in March 2016!