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"What do you miss most about your home town?"

"Oh, man. We mix sugar with water and deep-free things in slightly different ways to other places on Earth, it's really fantastic."

This really shouldn't be a thing, what is even wrong with me?

For whatever reason, I have spent this visit home filled with tremendous nostalgia and fondness for the most mundane aspects of daily suburban Adelaide life.

In entirely unrelated news, apparently the Jolt bottling plant out in Welland is still up and running! This is a huge surprise. Back in my student days I would occasionally drive out there and buy 12-bottle cartons of the stuff, but when I last lived in Adelaide I got the definite impression that Red Bull et al had forced their business down to unsustainable levels and I assumed the end was nigh.

I don't always HACK THE PLANET, but when I do, I drink Jolt Cola.

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Apparently the Swedes have a concept called "death cleaning" (döstädning). This is a bloody excellent idea and you should all do it when the time comes.

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Send help, I think I'm turning into a VoIP nerd!

So does aNONradio's OpenVoIP cut in over the robo-DJ if and only if somebody calls?

I find it frustrating how when you phone so many big institutions these days you get a recorded message letting you know that you can complete certain tasks on their website. Do they think I'd be *phoning* them if I haven't already exhausted every other possible medium of communication?

Acquired Nordic sensibilities after living in Finland for a year: feeling like a barbarian when wearing shoes in somebody's home, which a lot of people here don't care about at all.

Have only been in Australia something like 72 hours and already heard somebody unironically call a store attendant "cobber". Strewth.

Really sorry about the late start / early cut-off with tonight's show everybody, and for my absence on COM! I am dealing with some family stuff at the moment, and had thought I would be able to stream as usual tonight but it didn't quite turn out that way. You can get the full Episode 15 of Half Hour of Power at Track listing will appear in the usual places soon!

Half Hour of Power's glorious return to starts in 1.75 hours! Tune in to for goodness.

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Ok family, I've relocated to gopher:// - the phlog is up and I'll write a file about what's goin' on first thing tomorrow, everything else I'll theme and fill in in the coming days.

Re-calibrate your mokuponas and re-point your selectors as you like. 💻👶💕

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