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Final 2.5 minutes of tonight's Half Hour of Power on were cut-off due to tech problems. You can grab the whole thing from instead of the usual archives. Sorry about this, and thanks for listening!

Are you the kind of pathetic normie who finds full on bleep bloop too fatiguing to listen to because you didn't play enough video games as a child? Tune into my Half Hour of Power at 1800 UTC tonight on, where I will be breaking routine by playing chiptunes with so-called "real instruments" accompanying! Marvel at the primitive analogue oddities of pianos, guitars, saxophones and drums! 🎸 🎷 🎹

Maybe I'll play some nasty 1-bit Spectrum screeching next week to make up for it.

Nothing I love more than wasting half an hour of my life trying to boot my phone into recovery mode by pressing down power and volume down (or is it up?) at *preicsely* the same time, down to a 100th of a second, because heaven forbid this be easy.

Huzzah, a new asylum request at the People's Cricumlunar Zaibatsu!

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I need a creative commons licensed web series about rebels from the cyberpunk future going back to a caricature of the 90s to warn us about google and amazon and any form of social media more ridiculous than bulletin boards.

The Rebels should talk about the consequences if we dont. Like Russia hacking America and installing joke millionaire presidents and they should dress like Rob Liefeld characters.

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"The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that, Mark?"

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@solderpunk I figured out how to access gopherspaces of the sundogs' phlogs:


Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder festplatten durchsatz!

Approximately 3.5 hours until Half Hour of Power episode 8! Tonight is "long form night", featuring only tracks over 5 minutes long (well, except the last one, whose maximum length is dictated by the duration of the show). Tune in to @anonradio at 1800 UTC!

It turns out summarily dismissing programming languages based on a cursory scan of the docs and a couple of minor pet peeves is pretty dumb and, who knew, it's a good idea to actually try doing something with them first.

Which is not to say I'm suddenly in love with Lua, but it's interesting and kinda neat. It has some of Forth's "here's something tiny from which you can build a serviceable approximation to whatever standard features you need", but doesn't require ridiculous code sudoku.

Half an hour until tonight's Half Hour of Power, everybody! Some FM and Atari 2600 stuff in the first half of the show, plus some of the usual suspects, and spring-themed Spectrum tunes in the second half.

Something has gone terribly wrong, there is water falling from the sky but it's in liquid form. This feels vaguely familiar but it's sure not what I'm used to...

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Soviet space dog reference in the Go documentation! 🚀 🐕

x := [3]string{"Лайка", "Белка", "Стрелка"}

@tengu Your gopherspace is ready to go! 👍

I've been trying to decide whether I should learn Lua or Go to fit the "smaller and faster than Python but nicer to work with than C" niche. Been doing basic Lua tutorial stuff today and just read "It is not an error to access a non-initialized variable; you just get the special value nil as the result".

Sorry, Lua, that triggers an immediate "EJECT!" response from me. This is a terrible design decision, it turns small typos into extremely mysterious bugs. I thought only PHP was this silly.

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Over the past two weeks or so, when the temperature has peaked above freezing for a few hours in the middle of each day (sometimes even for longer on rare sunny days) I have watched, slowly but surely, the ice and snow retreat one square metre at a time, gradually revealing parts of the world which have been hidden for months and months. I've been really enjoying the slow onset of spring.

Today it's been snowing non-stop since morning and now all visible ground surface is totally white. 😫

Does anyone know why I can no longer paste passwords (from KeePassX) into terminal programs on Debian? This literally worked just fine for years and years and only relatively recently (possibly after my long overdue upgrade to Stretch) did it stop working. I have no trouble pasting to the terminal from KeePassX in general, it only seems to fail when something is actually asking for a password. Immensely frustrating.

Surplus Finnish army gas mask bag, dyed black, waterproofed with wax, with clip-on Ikea safety reflector and a patch commemorating Alexei Leonov's historic Voskhod 2 EVA.

Maybe I should quit my job and open an Etsy store.