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choice quote from this article that pretty much sums up everything:

"If you had to make a rat depressed, how do you think you’d go about it? ... To test your new antidepressant, you need an efficient method of making a lot of rats exhibit anhedonia — that is, making them lose interest in things they used to enjoy, like sugar.

It turns out you don’t need to traumatize them. The most reliable protocol is “chronic mild stress.” There are many methods of making the lives of experimental animals mildly but chronically miserable ... But they’re all variations on the same theme: remove all predictability and control from the animal’s life. Then take notes as they gradually lose interest in being alive."

My Moto G7 power became so unbearably slow that I decided to put an open source OS on it. Turns out, the USB port doesn't support data or something so I can't do that. I have a feeling Amazon did that on purpose (it was advertised with Alexa built in). So my friend gave me his old phone and I did it! Here's me typing from LineageOS. Its so freakin snappy and I feel a lot better knowing almost all of apps aren't doing a bunch of shady shit. It feels like its really mine.

@Temmie19 toki! Why will you kill me if I use the GPL?

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Scully worries about spontaneous combustion. Mulder seeks enlightenment through spontaneous combustion.

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Slaps roof of society "this baby could hold SO much bodily autonomy in it"

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Mind is a bit of a mess. Falling into old vices and stuff. First time working full-time, so that's part of it. That and interpersonal troubles are stressing me out.

My friend is moving in with us and it seems almost every time he enters our house, we end up with a new some new piece of tech. So he's bringing his stuff over this week, and now we have like 5 ubiquiti routers, a server rack, and an enterprise grade switch. Btw he's like college age. Lol

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Read to help trans people (including yourself maybe!) 

Are you a trans person that either a.) doesn't have a job and wants one, or b.) does have a job but is looking for something else?

I have this great resource for you for work that has a trans only job board, community workshops, hiring events, and more! Please boost so that lots of people can have this as an option if they want it

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I have been doing this secular Buddhist thing for years now, and I made this graphic for someone on my Discord server and thought that maybe someone here could use it too.

When people say, "healing is not linear," the unalome is the image I use to remember that. It's about Enlightenment™️ but applies more broadly, I think.

Near the bottom of the unalome, you begin. You run yourself in circles a bit, and your initial escape from that circling is actually a step DOWN. It is from there that you start climbing back up.

This isn't some "you have to hit rock bottom" shit because that's demonstrably not true. It's more like cleaning your house, and having to slog through the early stage where it actually feels messier than when you started.

You don't go straight up, though. You loop around and double back, but even when you are currently moving downward, you are still moving FORWARD.

It's only after you have looped around a bunch that you can turn your forward motion into consistent UPWARD motion.

Lots of these steps fucking suck, but in my experience you can't skip them. The fact that they suck does NOT mean you are somehow failing at personal growth or healing. It just means they feel shitty. Not all shitty feelings are a failure.

#buddhism #buddhist #DharmaPractice #zen

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Behold this fuckin rose! Pretty sure I got this at a grocery store and LOOK at it


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Stay safe. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear your N95 mask. GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED!

“Life is not something that ‘has’ meaning – it’s something we give meaning to. You don’t ‘end up’ with a meaningful life, you create it.”

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Got a job recently! Doing process automation for healthcare. Unfortunately, it's drag and drop programming. But it's a start.

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Does any #audio person on here know of anything that replicates the old "hard disk recorder" that in the late 80s through the 90s synced with a midi time signal and allowed you to track audio with midi? I'm kinda wanting to use the #MiSTer and #mt32 #mt32pi to run an Atari with ancient Cubase and make a track in the old-school ways we used to. Boosts very much appreciated /cc @aldroid @kelbot @Openmastering

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The small file media festival is back!

deadline is June 23, which is Not a Lot of Time and also a Thursday?

I want to see this thing absolutely Full of fediverse submissions. Let's make this the weirdest festival to ever film.

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Shhh! Don't talk about the Chinese government's massacre of protesters from Tiananmen Square 33 years ago today. Beijing assures us that nothing happened. And that the Chinese people don't want democracy. (And that the moon is made of cheese.)


Ah, jobs. Looking for jobs is hard when you feel you don't have enough to show for your experience. I'd rather live off the land man. Professional culture is pretty painful to me.

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