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The Supreme Court just reinstated the Republican-drawn map of Louisiana's House districts that was blocked by a judge who found it likely discriminates against Black voters. The three liberal justices dissented.

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Real question: has anyone written about or talked about what is going to happen to malpractice insurance as a result of trigger laws? Because that'll also change the landscape of medical care in the US. The ripple effect of accessing quality medical care is going to be painful.

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What could possibly go wrong? 🥕

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Bunnies ate Krissy's tomatoes right off the plant today, and now she's planning to make rabbit stew

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I never use Twitter in this way but desperate. Los Angeles people: our dog walker lost track of our dogs. Their names are Buzz and Dolly. Last seen in mid-Wilshire neighborhood. Tan is Buzz. Black is Dolly.

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Can we PLEASE get a blanket ban on saying "religion" when what you mean is "white Evangelical fundamentalist Christian nationalism"?

Everybody who does that, all of you. Atheists, white Evangelical fundamentalist Christian nationalists, all of y'all.

Just stop.


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“like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes”
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EXCLUSIVE - Instagram let a man accused of selling photos of children to pedophiles run two accounts months after he was charged.

Appears to be the tip of the iceberg. I identified more than a dozen accounts that sexualised children and teens.


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UK sculptor known as Anna & the Willow creates nature-inspired sculptures made from rods of willow

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Hey agents/editors, I know a nonbinary writer with some publishing experience and a ton of determination and passion who needs a remote internship. They're brilliant, can vouch. Any of my agent/editors need set up quickly with an intern?

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For anyone who's interested:

I'm putting together a roundtable for horror writers with wombs who want to talk about the end of Roe. What it means for us personally & as writers.

Please comment below or DM me. I've got some really great writers on board already. ❤️

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Can people who became citizens while was in effect sue the United States for breach of contract since the rights they had when they were sworn in as citizens are not the rights that they have today 🤔

Hey @ServingWorlds@twitter.com here's the solution that I was outlining in that other post already in progress as a alternative: inrupt.com/solid/

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@joe_hill@twitter.com He was great. He taught at my high school. I missed him, but he came back and subbed for a few weeks when our regular teacher went out. It was actually the year before Angela’s Ashes released. I still remember one his writing tips. Never say “Excrement” when you mean “SHITE!”

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Frank McCourt was an incredible mentor/teacher.

If it weren't for the prodding of both his brother Malachy and my partner Monique, I would never have shown him my writing.

"Frankie, Monique says that you should really take a look at some of Steven's musings..." 💜

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I was a late bloomer.
Never forget, either, that Frank McCourt won the Pulitzer with his beautiful and elegiac Angela’s Ashes, his first published book.
He was 66.

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Anyone in want/need of an LCD Soundsystem ticket for Brixton tomorrow night? A non-Twitter friend is selling one for £40. I’ll be there if you want to say hi but this is not mandatory if a disincentive.

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my local rep

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Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., on the Justices on the Supreme Court:

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And today we learned what a red hot cherry pepper is.

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I don’t know why but the news from the US genuinely made me sob and the last time I cried at a political choice was Brexit in 2016. I recognise this America from the history books & it’s more frightening to see it wants to return to the past than learn from it.

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