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I've been playing Conway's Phutball a lot these past few days, I transcribed the rules on my wiki if anyone is looking for a fun 2-players boardgame.

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Math folks:
You need a minimum of two points to define a line and three to define a plane. Is the pattern simply N points to define a space of N-1 dimensions? Why?

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Unless you were there, you really cannot appreciate how much damage Intel did to the PC ecosystem with the 286.

The 286 was the successor to the 8086 and 8088 CPUs that powered the original IBM PCs. It offered a huge step forward from them.

Those older chips always ran in "real mode," where memory locations had fixed addresses, and any running program could modify the contents of any address. This meant that you couldn't have two programs running at once, because one might try to use a bit of memory the other was already using, and blammo!

The 286 introduced "protected mode," which prevented programs from being able to mess with memory allocated to other programs. Instead of addresses corresponding directly to blocks of memory, in protected mode they were treated as "virtual" addresses, and mapped to memory allocated just for that program.

Protected mode meant the days when one program could reach into another one and mess with its memory would be over. And that opened up all sorts of possibilities. You could have real multitasking! A whole range of crash bugs would be instantly eliminated! Suddenly the PC began to look like a machine that you could put against a UNIX workstation with a straight face.

But there was a problem. To maintain backwards compatibility with the old chips, the 286 had to boot into real mode. It could then shift into protected mode on demand. But -- and this is a big BUT -- once it was shifted into protected mode, IT COULD NOT SHIFT BACK. The only way to get back into real mode was to reboot the PC.

Which was a problem, because every PC user owned a huge library of DOS software, much of which could only run in real mode. So the 286 gave you multitasking -- but if you ever needed to run a real-mode program, you had to reboot your PC (and lose all the other running programs) to run it.

This was, as you may imagine, not ideal.

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#Amazon kauft #iRobot - und damit den Saugroboter #roomba

Da manche Roomba-Modelle mit zahlreichen #Sensoren die #Wohnung ihrer Besitzer vermessen, landen diese Informationen bei Amazon

Ob Amazon plant, dieses Wissen der iRobots zu monetarisieren?

Dürfte schwer fallen jemanden zu finden, der dagegen wettet … 😉😜

Wer Sensoren ins Haus lässt, verliert.

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Mal ausnahmsweise keine Techniker:innen oder Jurist:innen gesucht beim @bfdi. Unser Team auf der hellen Seite der Macht wünscht sich stattdessen eine stv. Pressesprecherin bzw. einen stv. Pressesprecher. Also, wenn Ihr selbst … oder jemand kennt … Kommunikation für die Guten, das ist doch etwas

@amolith can I also get a hetzner virtual machine without a storage device for network booting?

@SDF I found a potential "bug" (?) on the plan 9 bootcamp site. It states that drawterm is required, but wouldn't a Plan 9 system with rcpu be good enough? 🤔😅

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Gibt es jemand im Raum Hannover / Braunschweig, der mit ein SCSI2SD in einer Macintosh Colour Classic einbaut? Ich bin da etwas "ängstlich", da Röhre.

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Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary #linux

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Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter @UlrichKelber u seine EU Kolleg:innen warnen: #Chatkontrolle schützt Kinder nicht, aber ist Einstieg in anlasslose, flächendeckende #Massenüberwachung! ⬇️
RT @HonkHase: EU-Datenschutzbehörden nehmen Chatkontrolle komplett auseinander

"Die EU-Datenschutzbehörden kritisieren den Kommissionsvorschlag zur Bekämpfung sexualisierter Gewalt gegen Kinder umfassend. Sie zweifeln an der #Verhältnismäßigkeit der #Chatkontrolle..."

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Who’s got a good pixelfed account to follow, so I can see how clients handle it?

Then, later: what’s a good instance to join?

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:tealheart: Looking For Work :tealheart:

Alright, I'm looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time work. I'm an experienced programmer, game developer, audio/video editor, marketer and technical writer. If you think I would be a good fit for your project or team, feel free to reach out to me via any method on or DM me on here!

Boosts Appreciated!
↓ More details below ↓

#getFediHired #lookingForWork

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Happy I stopped buying books from Amazon years ago.

Order through your local bookstore, folks!


I've been asked about this a lot, so let me provide a quick FAQ.

Q: What's the nature of the issue?

A: Anyone who has bought my book from Amazon in the past few month hasn't bought a genuine copy, but a lower-quality counterfeit copy printed by various fraudulent sellers.


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i cannot overstate how brutally difficult nethack is

unlike most games, you don't really know what things are by looking at them

status effects can be disaterous, being unable to see anything, or being unable to move, or just like, floating above the ground, unable to reach the stairs

i have played this game for years and gotten maybe 25% of the way through.

and also, permadeath, the only state between attempts is maybe being killed by the ghost of your past self.

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i gave openais dalle the start to the GNU/Linux copypasta, i love this LMAO

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@SDF Can we have emojis of tech related things here in this instance? Ex: NetBSD Flag, Plan 9 Mascot etc.

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