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Natalie update: 3 weeks in, we can finally compute Fibonacci numbers!

Day 8 on the “Writing a Compiler” Advent calendar: Array#first and Array#last. My shortest video yet!

ary[i] = “foo” 👈 what is that called? Array subscript assignment? Whatever it is, it works in Natalie now. 😁 Short video:

Another compiler video, much shorter this time 😅 — passing arguments to blocks.

Dude, this thing is coming together!

I recorded a video on adding blocks to Natalie. 1.5 hours 👊 Now we have closures and we can do some really cool stuff with the language! 🎉

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

Natalie update: 3 weeks in, we can finally compute Fibonacci numbers!

I guess I’m old but I really don’t care about all this machine learning stuff. I mean, unless it can help me finish the last 20% of my projects.

Not sure what all these C-level changes are that Andy Jassy is talking about, but seems like we can do better.

I hit a parser bug that confounded me for 20 minutes or so. But I pushed through!

I added true, false, and some equality methods to the Natalie compiler last night. My longest video yet! 😬

I implemented symbols in Natalie on my plane ride this afternoon. Here's a little review of that code:

My son’s laptop a few days ago started randomly going to sleep without notice. Super annoying. After much (much!) troubleshooting in software settings, we stepped back and discovered the magnetic clasp on his watch band was triggering the hall sensor for the laptop lid.

It’s funny when you’re accustomed to thinking in software to find that a problem is based in the physical world!

I recorded a short video about my programming language Natalie: ignoring comments in the parser.

Most underappreciated docker command:

docker system prune

Here is my distraction-free Slack settings starter kit. These mostly just reduce noise and moving things to the minimum and let me focus more.

Natalie is a compiled, object-oriented programming language I started working on a couple weeks ago.

It resembles Ruby so far; not sure how far I will push that resemblance though...

I cringe at "TimTech" and think it's appropriately ironic that I misspelled "weapon."

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