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I made some huge strides with my implementation in the last couple weeks:

- exceptions now have backtrace
- a bunch of stdlib methods
- proper singleton class
- started work on Hash
- string interpolation
- started pulling in and fixing specs from ruby/spec
- vastly improved spec runner
- rewritten compiler with multiple passes
- and lots more!

@seven1m Soemtimes I feel it looks like is stalled but OTOH I read people complaining about all the new people that do not know how to behave and think that this is like birdsite. So I really can't say , I guess it's growing not uniformally and depending on your timeline you can feel it or suffer it . ;-)

@seven1m wrong u r wrong u r wrong u r wrong ur wrong u

My followers list is a wasteland. Lots of dead/inactive accounts. I’m pretty sure there are like three people reading my toots on here.

It’s fine; I just treat it as a diary. But I worry that Mastodon isn’t thriving. Someone tell me I’m wrong?

Just did some fun, simple programming with ruby/spec for Natalie tonight. Nothing fancy, but I got to write actual Ruby, so that's cool!

The first 1000 commits of a project are magical time where anything is possible and all features are green field. 🍀

‪I watched a John Wayne movie with my Mom tonight using CyTube, and it was pretty cool. We were able to chat about the cast and story and acting, all without leaving our homes. 😁‬


Once reaches 10 mil toots, I will be shutting it down. If you want to discover people talking about a specific topic on the fediverse, now's the time to use it 😺

@seven1m Yeah I worked with a guy for a few years and one of us would go hang out with him Saturday nights and make sure he was home without getting back into old habits.

I don't have a substance abuse problem myself, but I know people who do. And I have my own vices/obsessions. Being cut off from seeing coworkers and friends is going to put those people at risk of falling back into old habits. Call a friend, ask them how they're doing.

Someone ate an entire package of graham crackers and left the wrapper on my desk.

Also, my stomach hurts.

Somehow I have managed to trick over 100 people into subscribing to my YouTube channel. I never imagined there would be that many people interested in watching me struggle to write a programming language. 😆 Montage time! 🎉

The video where I confess that I often wonder if I should give up and leave this hard stuff to the "professionals." Nooo!! Let's finish our garbage collector, okay!??

I almost engaged with a politics post on Twitter. 😅 That was close!

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