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Good morning . You are my favorite local timeline.

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Finally got off my ass and wrote a blog post. More to come hopefully!

Thanks to @seven1m for the encouragement to write one on SSE

>The fan only turns on if I’m doing something intensive like compiling go or scrolling in Slack.


Article : “Using the iPad Pro as my development machine”

Me: Ooo, is it finally possible??!


>Obviously, there is no way to develop on an iPad Pro. Even with the sandboxed emulator above, it’s not useful at all.


email subject: “Domain expiry final notice!”

(For the 358th time) 🙄

I think every time I have to work with Windows, its kernel is laughing at me. Or its userspace maybe. Ahh who am I kidding—there’s no difference! 😉

What Windows said: “How do you want to open this file?” *Dymo.dmg*

What Windows should have said: “Haha. I just *knew* you were going to try running that here. I let you download it anyway because I needed a good laugh.” 😆

I fixed a bug (at least surprising behavior) copying text in Neovim in Wayland.

It’s been awhile since I contributed to not my own. Feels good.

@seven1m I use MiniGal Nano. It's just filesystem-based (no database required) and although it has some Javascript in the code, it works even without it. I linked my new gallery couple of days ago - - see for yourself if you like it.

Now I need to write a blog post about this amazing experience and post to HN and earn all those juicy internet points! 😆

My lisp compiler malcc can now compile the reference interpreter for itself. I'm giddy... this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and now I can call it done. 🤓

For anyone interested in learning about and , please check out -- it has made me a better programmer!

I installed on my Thinkpad and it's great! Most of my existing i3 config was perfect -- just had to convert some X-isms over to stuff.

I cleaned my keyboard out yesterday. I'm never picking my nails or eating food at my desk again! GROSS!!!

OSS Contributor: I found a bug and here’s what I think the cause is...

Me: yeah, looks right

OSS Contributor: I’m working on a fix.

Me: cool

*weeks pass*

OSS Contributor: Any movement on that issue?


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