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Probably time for a re-...

OK, I have no idea who I am or what I'm doing.

Some kind of intersection between software engineer and the effects of technology. Between data and privacy. Taoism and haiku. Symbolism and surrealism. Parenting and future generations. Photography and narratives.

Always up for chats and interesting paid work (esp fixing up PHP sites, environmental metrics and strategy, and tech team comms).

Never up for hate.

Say hi!

Hey remember that time when it was really hot in the UK and all the fields went yellow and the river beds dried up?

Me neither, let's get back to burning stuff.

Water is already here - it's just not evenly distributed.

At some inevitable point in time, a codebase switches from people telling the computer what to do, to the computer telling people what it's doing.

Right then. Morning and all. Must do some work, but also - survivalist zen, what does that actually mean?

Step 1, perhaps - get to grips with the idea of "wanting". Identify and study all the ways in which we're prompted to have stuff and "level up" our lives. Get comfortable with that study, turn it into a conscious thing rather than a constant emotional pull.

western Europe weather 

Today we'll hit 310 K in the village. Our solar-powered aircon is ready to go, we have a damp towel in our fridge for emergencies, and we've checked round our neighbours to see who wants an invite if their place gets too hot.

Some people don't have very useful plans (i.e. windows and curtains open “to let the fresh air in”). Sorry, but the air will not be fresh. Keep curtains and windows closed and use a fan, dunk your feet in water and so on. Just please have a plan.

I will talk on the need for frugal computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing at the Summer/Winter School 2022 on Fri 29 July, 16:00 BST (15:00 UTC).

Hope to see you all there!

You can sign up at


The term "survivalist zen" keeps popping into my head. I should probably do something with that.

Britain has a chance to do things better here, today. Will it happen?

Address climate change. Treat workers fairly and with respect. Invest in engineering and arts for 20+ years. Embody the values you say you value. Celebrate diversity. Work collaboratively across cultures. Imagine globally.

I still have hope.

Anyone else finding a lot of plagiarism among high-ranked coding howto articles these days?

Wanting to start a small online community for local tech fixers, but think I might have the pain of putting a Code of Conduct together first...

Tips for grounding yourself and re-focusing when everything gets scattered?

Good morning and - ready, fedi, go.

This morning I think I've discovered the secret of writing. Just write down something you're angry about, and then change the nouns to random ones and tweak a bit.


Clocks are something to be rightly suspicious of. They repeatedly steal time for the sole purpose of making their own hands turn, forever and ever, until there is no more end of time.

jigsaw pieces
getting soaked in the rain
- keep walking home!

If one is as passionate about a topic as they say they are, they'll do the work themselves to understand the basics instead of running around in circles trying to get you to 'educate' them.

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