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I also hang around on @scribe for more ... 'philosophical' matters, and testing out the photo fediverse at (which may or may not be federated yet - it's a Mastodon fork, I believe)

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Hello new followers. This account seems to be becoming my account for incoming Twitter transfers. But I'm also available at @6gain if you want to complete the set.

I'm getting a lot more out of deeper thought these days (and, well, back before Twitter was a thing). Long walks, leading to long blog posts and slower, more considered discussion.

Caught between signing up for interesting-looking Mastodon instances, and listening/posting on Mastodon generally. I still not sure about a stream of scattered thoughts, and brief, phone-based interaction.

What links should every dev team read and absorb on developing accessibility?

RT Seriously folx, if you know any marginalized authors who need maps for their books, send them my way.

Mapmaking is a passion of mine and I want to help other authors have their vision become a reality.


One of the reasons I'm here (and I'm sure it's been expressed before by others here) is bc of the social politics involved on other sites. The "Numbers Game". Value by proxy (which can certainly lead to abuse by proxy). Branding > Community in regards to activism and advocacy. The dislike for others' self talk on the timeline as they work through thoughts and memories...

Being pressured into joining WhatsApp for community purposes. There's just no other civic infrastructure sometimes.
Out of interest, are there any 'civic hackers' who know how WhatsApp, Facebook, etc work in terms of privacy, that would be willing to have an online conversation with those curious? 🤔📴

A note on daily #tarot pulls. These are designed to help you consider your situation in new ways or to shed light on energy that is at play in your situation. These are general and not meant to resonate with every person at all times - but if you find that a pull speaks to you, make sure that you're embracing and receiving that advice so you can use your free will to take advantage of what will move you forward and release or prevent what might hold you back. Love, you have the power.

I wish monster films these days still had military stock footage in.

Professional request: I’m looking for a London-based mentor who is willing to have a monthly coffee chat and help me develop as an engineering team leader. If you’ve taken the path from engineer to senior to lead to... whatever is next, I’d love to learn from you. RTs/boosts appreciated!

Choose Your Own Adventure

a new show on and hosted by ME!

Fridays @ 0100 UTC (Thursday 9PM EST) - mark your calendars!

Our first episode will be a double-header. We'll finish the ZORK story we began on OpenVOIP, then start a new adventure!

Romeo and/or Juliet

See more:

Remember, in this show YOU choose the adventures. Tune in and jump into chat wherever you can find me to shout your choices.

I just switched from i3wm to KDE temporarily to make my USB headset activate. I have no idea how to do that on the command line and it was easier to switch window managers than decypher pulseaudio.

Anyone know the correct way? Educate me?

I don't seem to be getting emails for mentions on SDF's Mastodon - are they being sent ok in general?

17 weeks of solar power - an update looking at shadows and the importance of getting your cables right:

@Floppy Just to check, are my replies to you from my loadaverage account getting through OK? They're not hyperlinking to your user profile in my client, for some reason.

#Privatebrowsing doesn’t do what users think it should do.

This is v useful. If users don’t know what happens when they flip that switch, they can’t make sensible decisions to keep their data safe.

From at @brave &

Dudes, I cannot stress this enough.

Sometimes you just gotta shut the fuck up and listen. Even when you don't want to. Even when it hurts. We are conditioned to dismiss the valid concerns of women because we are conditioned to be sexists. Yes, even I am guilty of this.

Go in the other direction. If you don't like hearing 'men are trash', prove you aren't with your actions.

Be better, try harder. Put some effort into being a decent person and a whole new world will open to you.

Picking up aftervibes of something about Wil Wheaton and Mastodon forking. Anyone got a good summary or blog post, preferably linked to source material?
I'm very interested in the split between protocol, code and culture, and between fediverse and instances, but it's tricky to dig through toots and piece them together.
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