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Been thinking I would like to share my tech/crypto/policy experience and skills with climate focused groups, like a 'yell if you want advice' thing.

So, yell if you want advice? Happy to chat via DMs, Signal, XMPP, email, etc. Responses may be choppy.


How tempting to give up having a smartphone...

But the question is not whether to give it up, but what use and value you genuinely want from it - or from any tech.

If you were only on-line once a day, for an hour max, what would you do?


I have listed objects I don't need anymore. Most are creative tools and hardware: computers, pis, sound cards, capture cards, microphone, soundboard.

Full list:

All of this is free for you, if you want them. :tealheart:

I will favorite people in dire financial situation due to the pandemic, and from minority groups that suffer from systemic inequalities. PLEASE be responsible and let those people ask first. DM me if needed. :tealheart:

I suppose that
daffodils will turn up
in the night air

Claiming the 6 year badge for my phone - I love that Fairphone users celebrate a little bit of longevity like this 🙂

Is it so wrong to want a nice, warm beer right now?

Picked up an Alan Watts audio book from the charity shop today, and just found out that today was also his birthday. Coincidence?

Beamspun 26 for a Long Night's Moon : On the naming of personal devices and Unsubscribe 2021.

Digital nomads and sofa-lurkers - any ideas on portable-but holdable USB pointing devices?

Gaming not essential. Just my trackpad isn't great, and I don't always have the surface for a mouse.


Thinking about a kind of "great unsubscribe" ritual for end/start of the year. Unsubscribe from all email lists, burn the names. Start again from scratch.

Anyone else up for it?

Cracking into Zelda: Oracle of Ages. First dungeon done, but expect 3 months of annoying the family with a badly-whistled theme tune.

Butchering 11ty into a technical mess, but it's worth it.

We did it again, didn't we? Apple lured us in with shiny surfaces and the app paradigm. And we didn't stop to even blink as our world got turned into a blistering cesspit of notifications, adverts, and tracking.

Pretty sure we can do better than this.

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Spot the difference: "There's an app for that" vs "You need to have an app to do this"

Fascinating stuff though. Learned a bit about some traceability protocols, the XPCC, and how PV panels are actually made. Now looking into 11ty to update my notebook server.

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OK, some info on dodgy sources of PV panels so far which is good. But not much on the 50% which is apparently ok. Tomorrow's work, I guess.

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As a general rule of thumb:
1. Nothing is simple.
2. So stop making it more complicated.

Does anyone have any links to ethically/openly-produced solar / PV panels? Cheap is nice, but I'm aware a lot of the Chinese stuff might well be underpaid or slave labour.

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