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Been thinking I would like to share my tech/crypto/policy experience and skills with climate focused groups, like a 'yell if you want advice' thing.

So, yell if you want advice? Happy to chat via DMs, Signal, XMPP, email, etc. Responses may be choppy.


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Hello new followers. This account seems to be becoming my account for incoming Twitter transfers. But I'm also available at @6gain if you want to complete the set.

This is your hourly reminder to stop getting stressed about stuff and enjoy whatever the world is doing under your nose right now.

Punks always reinvent the wheel. It's a great way to learn before hooking up with other wheels.

Never be afraid to reinvent something from scratch if you're getting something out of it. But never be afraid to throw it away, either.

I should really focus more on style network infrastructure that runs off renewables and is happy/resilient when servers are down.

I have some initial thoughts, but can anyone recommend good projects, resources, people to follow, or forums?

I'll start getting a list together.

Lessons from sitting today: awareness (as opposed to 'concentration') is automatic. It requires no effort, no focus, no concentration. You simply notice that you are aware. As soon as you apply effort, that is concentration. Awareness is effortless.

Getting near the end of the Vorrh trilogy by B Catling, and strongly recommend it. Rich language holding together dark, mysterious ideas about the conflict between man and nature. Gormenghast meets .

I love printing photos on decent paper, but I do end up with a bunch of 'cast offs' which are fine, but I don't need. Maybe selling them off fairly cheaply is a good idea?

Rambling Paean To The Fediverse 

The Struggle will inevitably have political, cultural, technological and economic dimensions, but if we are to succeed without committing the same sins as those who went before us, it must also have a psychological or - dare I say it - spiritual one. 2/2

If #capitalism in its current form is the engine driving #ClimateChange and environmental collapse then deconstructing, reforming, and replacing it must be seen as nothing less than an existential issue: a fight for survival. As awareness grows, the battle lines will be drawn through society, politics and culture; between us and the people we know; through the pulsing emotional cores of our own all-too-human hearts. 1/2

before this autumn wind
across the snow fields

above the bend
a flock of shadows
carving, carving

I'd forgotten how Zelda games make me smile at a certain point but I can't figure out why.

Welcome to QueueLand, the theme park where all your wildest queuing adventures come true!

It's never too late for compassion. So it's never to late to aim at averting the worst impacts of climate change. Because it's less about actually achieving something than about acting out compassion.

Climate change is the great helper to foster solidarity and compassion. Don't see climate change as a threat but as a spirit.... not necessarily a ghost (you may if you like) but as a mood of people to struggle through in order to come up with their solidarity and compassion.

Now that's the paradox: If you take climate change literally, you don't rise to action; and if you don't take it literally, you don't rise to solidarity and compassion.
His job was to read everything. As soon as people heard from this they stopped by, handed him papers to read, printouts to skim, books to devour. His fame grew, people stood in line to have their written pieces read. He was the last reader; everybody else had turned into a writer. An audience of one, he grew into a legend. And when he died, machines were invented to take over his task.

Writers kept producing, the machines kept reading. It took people a while to understand that what they did wasn't that much different from coding. And conversely, that what they saw as coding was pretty similiar to the old writing: it nourished the machines. They returned the favour by inventing more and more tasks that could only be processed by using more and more machines; for which more and more writing was necessary.

Then the machines started writing themselves. And the people fell into stupor. Neither were they nourishing anyone nor was the nourishing appreciated, thus: facilitated, any longer. The people became the first full-fledged complex cellular automata. While the machines turned into full-fledged embodiments of soul.

Tired and unexpectedly worn down. Breathing and sleep needed.

accountancy ?, uk recomendation 

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