Did you hear the word? LibrePlanet 2022 videos have been published! Everything from command line graphic design to brain hacking. Read about their publication and check out the videos on #PeerTube. u.fsf.org/3j3


Greetings from W0TTY. This instance is bound to be quite popular and I hope that all of the new stations joining will create profiles and stick around and be active. I want to use #mastodon to share information about amateur radio, various NETs and related subjects. I am active on HF operating #FT8

Weekly SDF NET is Mondays at 0000 UTC on echolink node 9229. All stations are #welcome to join in!

#ham #amateurradio #hamradio #radio #community #teletype

Please join us in 30 minutes during SDF OpenMIC with a play of soundtrack to the original Cosmos series feat.


Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou
V A N G E L I S ★彡
1943 - 2022

Our Email Self-Defense guide teaches you how to defend yourself and others by using encryption. Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom: u.fsf.org/3f5

I reported an alc0 DMA write error that was preventing me from net installing OpenBSD. I worked around this by using an USB net interface. I reported the defect and tested a patch a few days ago. I just learned that the fix is heading to current. This may seem trivial to you, but I have a working memory disability, and it was hard work to familiarize myself with correct reporting/testing procedure. I'm proud to have done my part to help others, and look forward to more defect hunting!

Is this a new COM feature or is someone hacking Teh GibSon again???? 😂 I’m actually lovin’ it @SDF

Seeking knowledge to leverage the freedoms of GNU operating system? Learn everything from editing text, to bulk editing in BASH, to scripting. Buy the book at our shop! u.fsf.org/29l #GNUPress

The FSF is hiring! Please see the following page for information about the full-time licensing and compliance manager, full-time program manager, and part-time bookkeeper positions: u.fsf.org/3l0

A rough visualization of registered satellites in Earth’s orbit

Saying this for whoever needs to hear it.

You are way harder on yourself than others.

You only see everyone else's highlight reel.

My secret projects is complete enough to share! I present Feather Wiki, a tiny, self-contained #wiki app that exports into a single HTML file:


Think TiddlyWiki but as small as possible!

#announcement #FeatherWiki

A few minutes of testing and reporting bugs helps us release a better version of Tor Browser, which helps everyone who needs Tor!
You can get started right now. Here's how to volunteer as a Tor Browser alpha tester:

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Make sure to listen to our latest episode, featuring updates on @HOPEconf@twitter.com, criminalizing SCOTUS protests, Texas' controversial social media law, Google Docs bugs, and more!
MP3: download.2600.com/mediadownloa
RSS: 2600.com/oth-broadband.xml

We've been hearing the news about Microsoft's persistent issues with Xbox server outages. The real persistent issue is that your console phones home to its overlord to ask if you can play a game in the first place.

dear OpenBSD -current users, wanna test my diff? pbot.rmdir.de/Q0yi6PA6R5yIVejO

it should improve responsiveness, I suppose :flan_think: :flan_squee:

I think it does for me but I need to eliminate the psychological aspect :flan_smile:

We'll be on the air tonight at 19:00 EDT. Listen live on 99.5 FM in New York or at wbai.org/playernew.html

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