People who sell libreboot coreboot laptops. How do they get all their surplus thinkpads? Just scour eBay and similar ?

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I'm making my version of a Bug Hotel, with left over tree stumps & branches, next to my beech hedge. Will add more wood & branches as I come across them.

Hoping to attract a variety of bugs/beetles & solitary bees. Plus also a space for hedgehogs.
#gardening #wildlife

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#Retrocomputing heads, I’m trying to find a copy of a 1980s DOS productivity app called Open Access. Anyone have a copy or disk images lying around?

Just discovered my email host appears to be throwing a smtp 450 "Recipient address rejected: Domain not found" error everytime I email any address at my local library system.

Im wondering if the issue is, that their using domain name that has two or three nested subdomains in it. Like somehow my email host isn't setup to resolve domain names like that.

What are the froodiest places for sharing photos these days; activity pub or not?

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Sexy Handmaid's Tale is the worst Halloween costume I've seen

I'm going to be meditating on a few things for a couple of weeks:

Hurricane Florence reminded me how useful smartphones are as disaster strikes and infrastructure becomes unavailable.

Local, state and federal governments and all utilities pointed everyone to iOS and Android apps, facebook or twitter as the best way to stay up to date on emergency information.

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Going to bat for a multi-billion dollar company to defend their shittiness is literally becoming unpaid PR staff and is essentially exploitation of goodwill and the human desire to defend their "own tribe." But companies are not your friend or anyone else's. They are not a member of your tribe. You are a dollar sign, and the desire to get loyalty is entirely centred around this. Everything a company does is to maximise profit, including generating good will.

Hey any other users having issues hosting their sites off the meta array? Hosting from the main SDF cluster is fine for me, but ive got issues pointing to the meta array.

I keep my dues up to date and I still have metaarpa membership.

Hey people? Why would I suddenly loose my <username> webpage?

I ended a DNS membership recently, could that have accidentally nuked my record?

I don't really keep it up to date or interesting, but I had some fossil repos on the meta array and some automation against them that checked for changes to them over http.

Not sure if it broke recently or a few months back.

I basically spent all day cleaning and tidying and listening to Jim Butcher's Grave Peril. *yawn* (Been slowly going through the audiobooks as it's been long enough ive forgotten things..)

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#SAD: Doonesbury's collected Trump strips afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted

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To support International Day Against DRM 2018, Libreture is permanently
doubling its FREE account size.

You can now store up to 500MB of
DRM-free e-books, absolutely free.


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in memoriam: lady who seduced then killed literal nazis Show more

Anyone interested in a write up on /e/? I had a phone in a cupboard that's compatible. Flashed the image but didn't really switch over to it as hurricanes made me wary of switching to a beta phone os.

But hey ive got a few days off and im going to be trying it out anyway. Would a writeup be of interest to anyone?

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