Its an account I made when I was first learning of Mastodon and trying to figure out where my home base was going to be.

Starting 'Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now' by Jaron Lanier.

On a fresh copy of Windows 10 you have to race to disable the built in store if you don't want a candy crush launcher or a half dozen other pointless bits of claptrap cluttering your start menu.

But when Microsoft gives people the ability to uninstall the calculator tech sites act like it's a big deal.

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Hi @SDF, I've emailed several times about my MetaARPA dues. They have been paid for over a week, but I have yet to receive confirmation and continue to receive past-due emails. My account has not been updated to reflect the renewal. Please look into this. Thank you.

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probably old news, but NES Classic controllers have almost the exact same housing as original #NES controllers so the original circuit board and cable can be transplanted into them!
plus, they're only 10USD!

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Watched the 'Three Identical Strangers' yesterday. It was damn well put together. Also that was some real life Pretender/The Centre bullshit.

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i'm fed up with @SDF VoIP service blocking outbound calls for appropriately-registered and up-to-dues subscribed members.

as much as i hate complaining as an end-user, i've suspicion that being cool and accepting no response of any kind with a "well they must be soooo busy" grain of salt is not healthy for anyone involved, especially after about two years of gently bumping the issue and not once hearing back even so much as a "we're not going to fix that."

so what can we do to get this fixed!?

satchmoz boosted<your city> is kinda nifty. You can curl it or browse to it.

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Alright folks, this is a real test of the emergency federated question system, so as tickled: what is the ratio for dashi:mirin:usukuchi?!

8:1:1? 4:1:1? It's for udon! We have very little time to discuss, GO!

Finished setting myself up on today. VPN support is well improved since my last use of it. Likely will attack the tablet with a community build tonight.

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Turns out

rm file ~/dir/

Does not act gracefully when one meant to type

mv file ~/dir/

Hey I had some Mastodon friends backing the on IndieGoGo. I have questions for you but I have forgotten which of my Mastodon friends you are.

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And now Google is doing a hattrick of the same stripe as Microsoft; one which allowed Microsoft to cement their dominance for decades.

I personally find this grim.

I hope everyone likes the OS choices they have now. Your either going to have the same or less in a deacde.

GNU/Linux and other fully operating systems have only carved out the niche they have because PC hardware of the same era was more or less OS-neutral; and more or less survives as long as their is programmer interest and hardware to run it.

We are hurtling into a future where the majority of everything is hardware locked to a bootloader; where GNU/Linux distros are allowed to boot on some UEFI platforms only because Microsoft deigns to sign their bootloader shims.

I'm a little sore on this topic of because I was a BeOS user in the 90s. I got to see Microsoft's corporate practices steamroll over and destroy much more competitive and froody products and people. Not by being better but by shoving them out of the market, with the sheer inertia of their mass.

Be Inc was one such company caught in the middle of that crap, but there were more many more.

One telling thing about the new Google android licensing for the EU, is that based on how this seems to work. Their most afraid of competition from a premium phone that bucks their ecosystem. Thats what they want to discourage the most. There is a lesson in that for some other competing capitalist enterprise.

The rest of us need to contemplate doing without or burning the whole ecosystem down.

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