U.S. Air Force Retires Its Vintage Nuclear Command Floppy Disk System

> According to defense news site C4isrnet, SACCS is protected against outside voyeurs.

But what about streakers? Plus they might also drastically increase the number of voyeurs. The base could be overwhelmed!

@tbn97 @salixlucida Those pieces of history will probably either just be destroyed or locked away in a vault to never be read again :( My friend who works in the Navy told me that digital mediums basically almost never gets declassified, even if the data they contain are no longer considered classified, and basically things just remain classified/unseen forever.


@jebug29 @salixlucida apart from the ever-reducing serviceability and non-availability of new high-quality discs, I thought retaining the old tech was a good secure measure (other than being top-shelf retro-tech porn). I guess this was inevitable - those systems are getting extremely long in the tooth - not very Google SkyNet™ Friendly 🤖🚀

@tbn97 @salixlucida The article said that people were frustrated because the system wasn't modern and it was easy to repair but they didn't want to solder.

Conclusion: They are WEAKLINGS >:U

The hilarious thing is is that their new system is probably 100% going to be an emulated version of their old one. Maybe this time they'll keep their launch codes on MDisc 😝📀

@jebug29 @salixlucida hahaha lol... Yeah - and the emulation will cost $12B to have contractors develop, and will consist of 90% FOSS. And will be hacked within 3 months.

@tbn97 @salixlucida 😱 (You have nailed the American military hehe)

It'll just be hacked by China or Russia though, who *probably* aren't our enemy... right? :)

@jebug29 :D
Of course - they are just providing pen testing and fortification services @salixlucida

@tbn97 @salixlucida They even set off a missile in the ocean just to make sure everything works! :~D What good friends!

@tbn97 @salixlucida We have to be sure to spend millions more to give something back!

Now then, what's something we make in America....

(I actually looked this up and didn't find anything interesting enough to attach looool. Apparently we make grills, lighters, and guns)

@jebug29 @salixlucida hey, you make (checks notes) edible (checks notes) highly processed meat products with (checks notes) low amounts of additives, hormones, pesticides and bacteria, except (checks notes) it is not accepted for import to (checks notes) Europe, Australia,..... ;)

@tbn97 @salixlucida Of course! We shoot things with our guns and load em up on our grills, which we have to use our lighters on!

Apparently we *do* make Crayola crayons, which like that's not a fine art product, but it's nice!

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