@salixlucida image desc: a street scene viewed head-on. on the left, a bunch of people crammed into a bus stop. to their right, a cyclist cramped in between the stop and a bus. to the right, a small bus full of people packed in tight. to the right, a spacious car with one man sitting casually inside. he says "Damn those bike paths and bus lanes taking all the space!"

@7even @nepfag @salixlucida The only (burger) people using mass transport are too poor or young to own a car and therefore totally irrelevant. Cyclists are aware of the dangers they face and should have their own road network totally separated from automobile roads.
@dirb @Croire @salixlucida @nepfag I won $550 from Mazda for winning my race a few weekends ago :)
@dirb @salixlucida @7even @nepfag Its a truth of north america. Mass transit is a joke once you leave urban areas. Even in urban areas it pales in comparison to European and Asian counterparts. @tija hits the car on the grille here.
@Croire @7even @nepfag @salixlucida In the burgerland transportation network is a joke. For most people keeping a car is a burden, but they are forced to buy one because they often cannot get anywhere without it. See also: driving people into credit system and debts that can’t be paid off.

@salixlucida one of the possible solutions is trains. trains and subways. and other train-related things

@salixlucida So true. Every day I ride2work, I feel like the cyclist on the picture.

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