I've had this conversation with people before, and when I keep pressing them, 4 times out of 5 it comes down to "I have a right to more space because I am paying more money to use the road (car, insurance, registration, gas)"

1 time out 5 they live in an area without good public transportation or bike paths, need a car to go work, and look at cities like NYC and Portland and worry rich people in their town will want receational bike paths and fancy trains that don't go where they are coming from or where they need to go will make it take longer and make it more expensive to get to work

I should also clarify its their interpretation of cities like NYC and PDX

When I see the front page of Portland's bike plan saying "bikes everywhere" I get excited, they get nervous (to me, bikes everywhere means bike paths that serve people and not as a vehicle for gentrification, to them, bikes everywhere means bikes clogging up their commute which is too long to bike and for which transit doesn't serve). I guess I want to really emphasize that people have reason to be skeptical since most US urban planners don't think things through or half-ass shit and only focus on it looking nice and progressive, but at the same time, a bike plan that's done well and with care serves the purposes of equity, health, clean air)

If the number of cars in cities could be reduced by 4/5, it would be a tremendous achievement. For that, public transportation system should be developed thoughtfully.


@salixlucida image desc: a street scene viewed head-on. on the left, a bunch of people crammed into a bus stop. to their right, a cyclist cramped in between the stop and a bus. to the right, a small bus full of people packed in tight. to the right, a spacious car with one man sitting casually inside. he says "Damn those bike paths and bus lanes taking all the space!"

@7even @nepfag @salixlucida The only (burger) people using mass transport are too poor or young to own a car and therefore totally irrelevant. Cyclists are aware of the dangers they face and should have their own road network totally separated from automobile roads.
@dirb @Croire @salixlucida @nepfag I won $550 from Mazda for winning my race a few weekends ago :)
@dirb @salixlucida @7even @nepfag Its a truth of north america. Mass transit is a joke once you leave urban areas. Even in urban areas it pales in comparison to European and Asian counterparts. @tija hits the car on the grille here.
@Croire @7even @nepfag @salixlucida In the burgerland transportation network is a joke. For most people keeping a car is a burden, but they are forced to buy one because they often cannot get anywhere without it. See also: driving people into credit system and debts that can’t be paid off.

@salixlucida one of the possible solutions is trains. trains and subways. and other train-related things

@salixlucida So true. Every day I ride2work, I feel like the cyclist on the picture.

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