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Center for a Stateless Society » Sanders’s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left


The City of Portland has created the Portland COVID-19 Household Assistance Program (CVHAP) to assist households experiencing a loss of income or increased health risks/needs due to COVID-19.

why do kitties all want to monopolize me

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Does paper recycling benefit the climate? It depends - Enlarge (credit: John Lambert Pearson / Flickr)
For many people, the most familiar way to “go gre... - #greenhousegasemissions #lifecycleanalysis #recycling #science

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Descript, Andrew Mason’s platform to edit audio by editing text, now lets you edit video, too - Descript, the latest startup from Groupon co-founder Andrew Mason, made a splash in the world of aud... - #artificialintelligence #andrewmason #descript #media

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Google Meddling With URLs In Emails, Causing Security Concerns

Despite the popularity of social media, for communication that actually matters, e-mail reigns supreme. Crucial to the smooth operation of businesses worldwide, it’s prized for its reliabili…

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Who is Google’s market power hurting? - Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Yesterday, the Department of Justice and 11 states sued G... -

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Seeing as it's #InternationalPronounsDay, I'd like to remind you that singular they/them are genderless pronouns by definition. These do not refer exclusively to any nonbinary gender identities, and do not belong to nonbinary people.

They/them can be used for anyone and everyone.

If you don't know what someone's preferred pronouns are, using they/them is always a gramatically correct choice, because these words refer simply to "this one person"

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the need: hello i'm tristan and i want to know some things about being a biologist (preferably a marine biologist) who does field work

the actions: would u be willing to dm/or email with me while i ask you some questions and get some pointers on where to do more research??

the Reward: i am poor But i can draw (digital&tradish) and i can make jewelry! i would be rly excited to work out a labor exchange for ur knowledge

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