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TSA screeners allowed to molest and falsely arrest air travelers; watch list complainers

Michael Maharrey on City of Lexington Secret Surveillance Lawsuit

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Top White House officials don’t know what Trump promised Putin in private meeting: report https://t.co/tvX4qyKEm8 https://t.co/3lbCdYmmy8
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Featuring my trusty brown paper texture. I've been using this texture I scanned from a brown paper sketchbook for YEARS, and it never lets me down. 👌

Here, why don't you use it too?

You should be able to download it here: drive.google.com/open?id=162fT :cc_cc:

#freetexture #texture #resource #artresource #creativecommons

The Tenpō-Era (1830–1844) Map of Matsumae-no-shima and the Institutionalization of Tokugawa Cartography: Imago Mundi: Vol 70, No 2

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Maddow tells viewers to prepare for "worst case scenario" after Trump-Putin summit: https://t.co/ehZH4mZGql https://t.co/ZdZsbmjwYT
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Secret Service agent dies after suffering stroke during Trump visit to Scotland https://t.co/Ut5SG46M3u https://t.co/woAz5fSgeI