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Center for a Stateless Society » Sanders’s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left

US Postal Service running secret program that tracks people's social media and flags government agencies: Report

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"If the government was trying to build a police state, one of the first things it would do is to stamp on the enjoyment of the great unwashed and confiscate all mechanisms of dissent...The Government’s war on pubs is ticking both those boxes."

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If you had US$10.00 worth of on Dec. 31, 2020 (and never spent any of it till now) you have $578.72 rn 😮

2020-12-31: 1 DOGE = 0.5405 cent
2021-04-20: 1 DOGE = 31.2795 cents

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Last August, the excellent Gitlab forge migrated to Google Cloud : -(

As a direct consequence, the site is no longer accessible from several countries. Indirect consequence: sysadmin and developpers in these same countries can no longer download Gitlab's source code to install it on their servers.

@Framasoft provides a mirror of Gitlab Debian repositories: apt.gitlab.mirror.framasoft.or

Feel free to share the information (in other languages if possible).

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