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Center for a Stateless Society ยป Sandersโ€™s Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left

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Google has deleted one of the best and largest left-wing media outlets in the UK. No warning or explanation was provided. Just zapped it out of existence.

Congratulations to online censorship advocates: this is the system of repression and arbitrary silencing you created!

Five points for anger, one for a โ€˜likeโ€™: How Facebookโ€™s formula fostered rage and misinformation - Facebook engineers gave extra value to emoji reactions, including "angry," pushing more e... -

Your browser can tell websites how to treat your data. But companies didnโ€™t have to listen โ€” until now - A special signal called Global Privacy Control is sending mass โ€œdo not sellโ€ requests on ... -

Amnesty International: "From successfully pushing for the full abolition of the death penalty in Hong Kong in 1993, to exposing evidence of excessive use of force by police during the 2019 mass protests, @amnestyHK have shone a light on human rights violations in the darkest of days.

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Amnesty International: "We will close 2 of our offices in Hong Kong by the end of the year. This decision has been driven by Hong Kongโ€™s National Security Law, which has made it effectively impossible for human rights orgs to work freely & without fear of reprisals from the govt.

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Hong Kongโ€™s new โ€˜Leave Home Safeโ€™ mandate could leave homeless, others lacking smartphones without access to key services, NGO warns

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