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Someone write me a bot which posts this link hourly until the complexity epidemic is over


Then all software developers see nothing but this until they fix their fucking shit

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Scheme: Babby LISP
Guile: LISP Jr.
Racket: Dr LISP PhD
Elixir: Android Number LISP (dragon ball)
Haskell: Friar LISP
EMACS Lisp: Pet magpie you call LISPie
Clojure: A traitor to our house and family. We do not speak of them.
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Google is apparently adding DNS over TLS support to android which tells me they are trying to put ISP's out of the analytics business and monopolise it further.

When you derail an uncomfortable conversation by enthusiastically talking about potatoes for 15 minutes straight.

I didn't ask for this (extended regular expressions)...

λf.λx.f x
λf.λx.f(f x)
λf.λx.f(f (f x))

Really should work on some of my shelved programming projects some time.

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