People who know me know that I'm no friend of our current economic system. But I'm even less of a friend of it when it's operated sub-optimally, because corrupt, inefficient capitalism is much much worse for the poor than the ideal, well organized system.

With this in mind, I continue to be deeply confused as to why, in our rush to eliminate all CAPEX from the technology budget, we seem to have forgotten that spending less money is better than spending more.

"We're choosing Azure because we think it'll make us look more attractive to acquire, because of the ease of integrating our systems."

I guess if you want to be attractive you can either be sexy or easy... 🙃

Smokiez Watermelon CBD gummies are pretty dang good.

Funemployment is over, now it's just unemployment :D

Somebody please explain to me "raisin juice concentrate"....

Isn't raisin juice...just grape juice...but less of it?

Okay but fermented honey is really really good.

At moments like this I'm really glad I'm not a Zionist, and really mad that it won't matter when the lynchings happen.

Midwestern fundamentalist sexting opener:

"Send snoods"

Man. So stoked to get home after DefCon. Seeing all those cool people in one place always really lights a fire under my butt.

For the last 6 months my interaction with the birdsite was typically limited to a tweetdeck configuration where I only see DMs and notifications. I never see the feed. I looked at the feed today and was outraged within 30 seconds.

They have really polished all of the blemishes out of that primary gameplay loop.

high & emotional thoughts 

"introduce me to your tailor, because those crazypants *fit*"

The security guard here just asked if I played Pokemon. Because I always leave for lunch.

He did not think "Hey, this guy has friends" or "hey, this guy likes fine dining" or "hey, this guy is a stoner" (all of which are true).

He thought "Pokemon".

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The Linux Foundation’s Staff Uses Windows and Microsoft. Now the Foundation Outsources the Coding and Hosting, Too (to Microsoft of Course).

TFW a vendor uses the phrase "all aboard the service bus"...

TFW you get a notification because your hotel manager swipes right.

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