AnySoft Keyboard supports gesture writing and I am in a very happy "Fuck Yoogle" mood frolicking in a field of flowers forever now

harsh phonetic language, word games, lost in localization 

I was just reminded that some people think that the way to play Shiritori (しりとり) in English is to match the first letter of your word with the last letter of the preceding word, because we only have one Alphabet and it's "phonetic".

aɪ kɔl ˈbʊlˌʃɪt. pleɪ Shiritori wɪð ˈsɪləbəlz laɪk ɪt wʌz ɪnˈtɛndəd.


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“Your oppression is always natural and self-evident to the people who benefit from it”

"911 in reverse?"

I love it when even the documentation
translator has questions

Putting a few drops of rosemary essential oil in my mask for that plague doctor effect

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"you will not profit off our health"

Travel stoppages: edge firewalls
Safe habits: host firewalls
Involuntary quarantine: endpoint protection agent
Social distancing: microzones
Testing: code analysis

A full-stack bungled security deployment.

angry capitalism coronavirus thoughts 

I live in a nation where, rather than use the supplies we have on shelves in order to safely care for one another during this challenging time, we have hoarded them, all too eager to hide in our homes with our treasure piles, at most caring for those who are part of our direct social wealth.

I'm no brave exception.

Once enough people are greedy, not being greedy is just a stupid way to die.

This is not a safe way for a nation to live.

The algorithm was trained to promote relevant posts.

Peril is relevant.

The algorithm promotes peril.

The algorithm was designed to promote popular posts.

Panic is popular.

The algorithm promotes panic.

Global capitalism: a Monte Carlo simulation but if you don't find a solution in the first iteration everybody dies.

People who know me know that I'm no friend of our current economic system. But I'm even less of a friend of it when it's operated sub-optimally, because corrupt, inefficient capitalism is much much worse for the poor than the ideal, well organized system.

With this in mind, I continue to be deeply confused as to why, in our rush to eliminate all CAPEX from the technology budget, we seem to have forgotten that spending less money is better than spending more.

"We're choosing Azure because we think it'll make us look more attractive to acquire, because of the ease of integrating our systems."

I guess if you want to be attractive you can either be sexy or easy... 🙃

Smokiez Watermelon CBD gummies are pretty dang good.

Funemployment is over, now it's just unemployment :D

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