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Just found this relic as I was organizing my office. So much for organizing now that I've found this timesuck. 😅 💻

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@robert588 @SDF aaahh awesome!! the one my dad had was the first computer I ever used. I should never have let him scrap it! I still have the processor from it, at least: ... I don't know what it is with people and throwing away perfectly usable stuff, especially such rare items like that. I didn't understand its value at the time, being a kid who was more into my Macintosh and playing games, so I didn't fight to keep the old thing :\

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@robert588 @SDF Nice.

I have a Panasonic Sr Partner with the cool thermo printer built in. But the keyboard is very poor and non-standard plug. On the TODO list is to see if its XT keyboard protocol so i can connect a usable keyboard.

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IBM 360 punch card nude art @robert588 the punch card decks were loaded into a punch card reader so that they could be printed.

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SDF on the 18th of November, 1999.

Two analogue USR Supra modems
One 3COM NT1/TA ISDN dialup
netgear ethernet hub
SDF-1 (left) w/ Exabyte backup
SDF-2 (right)

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Enjoying my two favorite toys this evening. The is way better than I remembered, between the built-in file explorer, built-in backup utility, mini port, hi-res greyscale , and nonvolatile storage on the Memory Stick. The of course is there being iconic, but that's a story for another day. @claudiom @nytpu @kelbot @robert588 @ajroach42 @goosey

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@robert588 looks like UUCP hosts dalnet, rwsys, europa, kesher, gnosis and many other machines that SDF talked to are not listed there. The telephone number was a voice number, the 4 line hunt group started at (972)436-3281 plus a dedicated UUCP link for adaptex.

200 Oak Knoll Cir #911, Lewisville TX 75067

We just happened to be in apartment 911 post-Operational Sundevil. Read Hacker Crackdown for more information.

sdf!iczer (Ted Uhlemann); Fri Jan 24 12:13:51 CST 1992

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The Chicago TI-99/4A Users Group will host a virtual meeting on Saturday, January 8th 2022 at 01:30 PM CST / 19:30 UTC.

I built a Z80 computer that runs CP/M and this is what I do with

Repaired the power supply, cleaned the whole motherboard and re-seated ALL the ICs. Found some bent pins and repaired them. Apple ][+ is much happier now!

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