Spent my day in OAuth hell. Brain melting.

Okay saw a IBM PCjr for only $150. Had to buy it.

Also I need to stop buying machines for a while.

Oops I bought a Compaq Portable 386 with expansion chassis. Hopefully it arrives intact.

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We caught a zero-click, zero day iMessage exploit used by NSO Group's #Pegasus spyware.

Target? Saudi activist.

We reported the #FORCEDENTRY exploit to @Apple@twitter.com, which just pushed an emergency update.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/jsrailton/status/1

I updated a bit of the Forth articles on AtariWiki this weekend based on some searches and pointers from good folks on Twitter.

An autobiography of my life would read entirely as a cautionary tale

I've figured out what my problem is with my current role - I care about us fixing what's broken, more than I care about writing new code. Because the broken things are costing a lot of time and effort, but no one else on my team seems to care.

I have my 9p account on SDF, now to figure out what to do with it. 🤓

That said, today had a blow that’s not going to help said depression or burnout. Blah.

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Someone emailed me to buy one of my domains I bought for a side project. Sorry, but no, I’m going to keep it. The site itself may not have anything on it, but I have done things under that GitHub org and I plan on continuing to use it. That is, once I get through this bit of depression and burnout I’m currently trying to pull myself out of.

Outlook sent all of the 9front mailing list into my spam folder. ProtonMail sends like 50% of it into spam. I guess I’ll try using my SDF email address for that mailing list.

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I'm writing my first sizeable Forth program. I've never spent this much time simplifying algorithms with paper and pencil before translating to code. Writing complicated Forth is so painful that I prefer to wait until I'm sure everything's as simple as I can make it. Is Forth always like that, or is it just my inexperience and lack of fluency showing? I find myself hoping the slow pace is innate because it's making my code quality much better.

So my Volvo was originally purchased by my dad for my mom. I took over the payments from them when it was a year old because it was too expensive. I just learned my dad bought the extended warranty which just saved me $1000 on replacing the hydraulic pump on the AWD differential.

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Separation of Church and State

Separation of Corporations and State

But I repeat myself.

Okay I’d like to set up a Plan 9 server on a Linux box. Any good pointers? This way I can drawterm into it from anything.

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Just a periodic reminder: Microsoft's VSCode is not open source. No more than Google's Chrome is. Both are based on open source projects (Chromium and the unimaginatively-named VSCodium are open source) but include proprietary stuff like fonts, integrations, and telemetry. If a software app isn't entirely FOSS, it's entirely proprietary. If you're using VSCode or Chrome, you're not using open source.

That Foundation trailer…. I am so ready.

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