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I love technology and computers but I hate working in this industry. Nearly 27 years of it now has taken every bit of fun I ever had out of it.

This is part of why I’m having on to retro computing, trying to get back to when this all filled me with joy and wonder.

Too bad this is the only career I have any skills for.

Oops. Not all systems in No Man’s Sky have a space station. Note to self: refuel hyperdrive engine with two warp cells before going somewhere new.

Pour one out for Mars InSight having to abandon drilling into the ground on Mars. I have a friend who’s a scientist on that mission and it must be devastating for him. 😢

I decided to try running ArcaOS 5.0.6 in a VirtualBox VM last night, even following the Arca Noae instructions.

My conclusion: It doesn't work. Either the DanisS506 (IDE) driver will crash, or VirtualBox itself with crash.

I think I'll stick to doing it on bare metal on the T440p.

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"...tweaks for stability- DOS windows don’t work, and launching Win-OS/2 hangs the system entirely."

hey i have some good news.... someone *just* pointed out an OS/2 guide on Oracle Virtualbox :)


I’m working on some tweaks for stability- DOS windows don’t work, and launching Win-OS/2 hangs the system entirely.

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I seriously cannot focus on anything lately.

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Apple sees when you are sleeping
They know when you’re awake
They know everywhere you use an app

It’s like the more ominous Santa Claus

America is a fucked up place. Never underestimate racist white people.

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It’s time to seriously start looking for work in Canada or the EU. Enough with the fall into fascism here in the US. I’m done.

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OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

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politics / social media 

Either Twitter and Facebook are a "public square", meaning they cannot be under private ownership and must be controlled by the government, which makes your censorship argument valid, or:

in a free market economy, they have control over the content of their platform.

Also, it seems that "freedom of speech" is often confused with a "right to amplification", which does not exist.

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politics / social media 

I see the libertarian nutjobs on HN are stumbling over themselves to try and condemn Facebook and Twitter from removing blatant misinformation from their site

First 3D printed lower portion of a Gotek case done and working! I cracked the OLED display and had to replace it. Good thing I bought 10 of them and they’re inexpensive.

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