My initial work for aarch64-embedded was accepted into the Free Pascal compiler!

Unfortunately I found some errors in the linker script and origin address, so I’ve submitted a patch to fix that.

Moved everything from a QNAP NAS to a FreeBSD RAID-Z ZFS setup.

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In the continued spirit of giving, please feel free to use my IOS cheat sheet if needed. :)

I've got a bunch of stuff working in FreeBSD jails now (via Bastille)

That was complex, but not any worse than getting Docker working on Linux.

Okay replacing my old Linux server (i5 second gen) with my old gaming machine (i7 sixth gen) and just going with FreeBSD this time. Will move stuff over to Bastille jails.

Okay work on aarch64-embedded in Free Pascal is progressing. The compiler knows the target exists now!

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Totally forgot to post this. Some weeks ago I got kindly donated a PiStorm2k from MichaelK. It was designed by @madgrizzle and plugs straight into the A2000 CPU slot. Agehall helped adjusting the firmware to make it even compatible with Braunschweig/Rev4 A2000.

Anyone interested in a aarch64-embedded target for Free Pascal?

It has arm-embedded target, so I think I could possibly add the aarch64 target...

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@robdaemon They've been running with info available here you should use them.

Managed to find the Compaq 32 bit RAM expansion board on eBay for less than US$100! My Compaq Portable 386 now has 6 MB of RAM, which is great for multitasking with the DR-DOS multitasker now!

It’ll probably be OS/2 2.1 since it’s got 6 MB of RAM.

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Best way I can think of to get a reliable DOS multitasker on my 386 is to install OS/2. 🤣 Problem: it’s CGA - a Compaq Portable 386.

I need a non-ADB soundbox, keyboard and mouse for a NeXTstation Mono.

I'm having trouble tracking them down.

It’s difficult to take a photo of a gas plasma screen, but I just got a Genius HiTrak trackball for my restored Compaq Portable 386.

The only other thing I’d like to get for this machine is the 10 MB RAM expansion, but I know those are hard to find.

My plan was to use my eGPU to play some PC games. Windows 11 disagrees. So, now I’m wiping 11 off and going back to Windows 10.

Heh one thing with trying to learn Forth on a DOS machine… I can still cause one to lock up easily.

I put the effort in to having a Reddit feed that wasn’t terribly toxic, but with Reddit going face first into crypto, I decided to delete my Reddit account once and for all.

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Web 1.0: the web is for sharing information!
Web 2.0: but what if we could make money too?
Web 3.0: the web is only for making money.

I’ve been playing with 4th (a Forth implementation that runs under DOS and other platforms) and I like it. It’s very beginner friendly aka I haven’t crashed it or locked up my machine yet.

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