Oops I think we broke the SDF Mastodon instance

Fucking health insurance in the US. Found out my plan doesn’t cover PrEP. I’ll be having a fun conversation with HR / Benefits tomorrow.

“Visual Studio Code would like to write to your Desktop”

Ummm is this a Mac or Windows Vista?

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"Why are you so handsome?"

"My dad was a weatherman."

Okay The Lost City is cute.

Wow today has been a lot. And it’s only 3:20 pm.

Okay my bird site accounts have been deactivated. Permanently.

@SDF hey there, I’d like to sign up for the pixelfed instance but no one ever replied to my email 😢

I really should move my stuff off GitHub.

Me writing a open source OS doesn't feel like a fit for Microsoft owned GitHub.

This is what I've got so far... github.com/projectplaid/plaidc

Yes, I'm working on a Common Lisp interpreter / compiler I can embed into my hobbyist OS project.

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Trying to figure out how to add a separate test project in my Ada Alire project.

This is weird. I don't want AUnit to be a dependency of my main project file, only the test project.

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Ahhh my PowerMac G4 can't run MorphOS because it has a GeForce card in it.

Work is doing a "hack week" and I'm working on something in TypeScript and React with a colleague. This stuff is pretty new to me.

Ummm. TypeScript is a huge improvement over JS, but this ecosystem / tooling is... not so great.

Went up to moms and took her to lunch for Mothers Day. She made banana pudding. I ate too much of it but I’m finding it hard to complain. I don’t think I’ve had it for 20 years.

Finished season 1 of Julia.

That was delightful.

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