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“It is so frustrating that we have one chance at life on this earth and humanity chose taxes and credit scores and pollution instead of floating in the ocean and eating fruit and hanging out.”

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“just stop buying avocado toast”

Average Cost of a Home:
2010: $224,300
2020: $358,700

Average cost of Rent:
2010: $810
2020: $1104

Total student debt:
2010: $845,000,000,000
2020: $1,700,000,000,000

Minimum wage:
2010: $7.25
2020: $7.25

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An overgrown miniature golf pavilion at an abandoned zoo

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"Soon, librarians will be reduced to customer service reps for a Netflix-like rental catalog of bestsellers."

Friday must-read from @brewster_kahle of @internetarchive.

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Be an ally, punch a misogynist in the face

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this is the best description of NFTs i’ve ever seen

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Maybe don't tear down @HotelPenn then. 2000 affordable rooms a day. Or an empty office tower. Your choice.

Found out about FreeBee, an emulator for the AT&T PC7300 3B1 UNIX computer, via the UNIX bulletin board on @SDF. All the instructions to download all the necessary bits and the source itself were included, so here it is running on my Raspberry Pi 4!

Yeah, so Facebook isn't rebranding because we've somehow got them "on the run." They're pivoting their brand into controlling the data flow of all of our future digital social spaces at the hardware level.

It's so valuable to them that they're willing to risk the obscene value and relative power of their existing brand. Don't misunderstand that: They're willing to risk one of the single most powerful and financially valuable brands in the history of human existence for this.

I know it feels great to think, but the idea of anyone having them over a scandal-shaped-barrel is a weird techno-utopian fantasy.

I don't mean to take the wind out folks' sails, but it's so much worse than anything they've done so far, y'all.

The core mistake that Facebook thinks it made is being a data collection layer on top of someone else's hardware. They're actively trying to correct that by leaning into the hardware that supports the future of digital social spaces (including those that exist withing workplaces) and defining the narrative around it to prevent external criticism of their business model.

The ramifications of this are profound, in a way the current narrative doesn't convey.

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Arabic Singles Going Steady | 7-10 PM EDT

Tonight on 's @GTDRadio Rare 1960s and 70s 45s from Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Syria, and Tunisia from our personal collection!

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Solidarity with Netflix workers who are courageously walking off the job today to demand their employer respect trans and non-binary employees and invest in trans and non-binary talent. You can read their demands here:

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